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  1. +1 on the strawberry wine! altho as strawberries are hard to farm id say make it high end wine
  2. I think bee keeping would be a nice addition to the nature skills. You could have all different types of bees which produce different quanities and qualities of honey maybe the harder bees could use animal husbandry to keep them. You could then use the honey to help brew beer,mead and ciders. Also would be good for healing covers and cooking. I doubt it would be that hard to implement and i feel it would be a nice platform to implement new things for other skills too. You could have protective clothing for bee keeping from tailors and deadly stings like poison in which you would have to visit a competent healer to cure you. Also you could add some nice new foods made with honey. Obviously there are some cleverer people out there with more ideas on this so please let me know what you think! Oswold