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  1. This is on herb dumpling, but similar problem. I have 91 hfc and use a supreme oven of 90ql. My cauldron is rare and 87ql. I also use a rare saucepan of the before it was enlarged type of 82ql. When I first started making herb dumplings, they all came out between 83 and 87ql no matter what ingredients I used, as there's lots of substitutions in the recipe. within the last month to 6 weeks though, half to all of the 5 dumplings I make at one sitting come out exactly 25.00ql. They still have the same 2 1/2 hour affinity rate, and still give high nutrition and fill all the food bars. You just have to eat 3 or 4 times as much to fill up. All ingredients except olive oil are between 65 and 90+ quality, but they always were. I think something happened in a recent update to cause this, as it was never a problem in the beginning.
  2. I'm in favor of this and other hats...chef's hats for cooks, straw hats for farmers, sweatbands for blacksmiths.... many possibilities
  3. That works then I needed the ore for normal player with no GM abilities, but was afraid it didn't work after the GM tested it and it popped. Thank you
  4. new question: Is it possible to create an ore vein inside a mine? I attempted to 'change terrain' iron vein on a wall inside a mine, and it seemed to work, but only the top layer was iron, so when it was mined, the iron vanished on the first action and it became a rock wall again. Can the wall be completely changed to iron?
  5. This is so frustrating. Finally found how to priest, but now the Fo statuette doesn't work. I have it activated, but when I right click the altar, no spells come up so I can bless it. I do get the spell list from the altar, and an option to pray which says I can't pray here as the altar isn't dedicated, but no way to bless. Also found a sheep and right clicked on it, but no spells for animals either.
  6. Another question...how do you priest? I have raised faith to 30 and am a follower of Fo. Standing at the Altar of 3 but finding no priest option. Is there something I'm missing?
  7. On 10/22/2015 at 11:14 AM, zaaephod said: Welp, this is kind of dumb, but, in fooling around spawning items in WU, I created a 2000 weight Altar of Three in my inventory. I'm not able to drop it, and if I try to destroy it, the game says "You can only use that item while it is on the ground." How do I get this thing out of my inventory? lol This has been changed so altar of 3 can be destroyed in inventory now. I did the same thing, Keenan apparently changed it and it works now.
  8. for some reason, bind [KEY] "flight" is not working for me. I put it in the console and it said it was saved (used the z key), but nothing happens and there is no actual message in events saying anything happened when I hit the z key. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Is there any way to set the deity on a metal altar besides turning your player into a priest?
  10. good suggestion about the Amazon card, and yes, I can install it myself. Weirdly enough I have no problems understanding hardware. It's the various software codings that turn my brain inside out Again, thanks for all y'all's help!
  11. omg! The game opened! Thank you ever so much!
  12. the update tool found nothing it could update. Guess it's too old. Only about 2 years since I bought it.