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  1. sounds fun, and seems not to be big problem to implement, some RGB work maybe problem will be to add those in existing worlds, but im not sure how it was done with sandstone
  2. dont know what about other ideas, but watering is to much, some people have quite big fields, and i think they dont want to x2 daily actions
  3. we must find out what disease cause infinite love for tundra xD
  4. next time it will be real alarm but no one expect a thing, stupid reasons to test every week
  5. 6k mortar - 10s 6k sandstone bricks - 10s Free delivery and bsb, pm here on ingame
  6. i thinked of DNS ban in my region, but this topic confirms that it isnt only my region after all and no packet loss bc i pinged it, and no packet loss occur
  7. i found solution by turning on VPN for connecting to update server, then you can turn it off when in game but i hope this will be fixed, dont want to use "Crutch" to launch the game
  8. i enjoy myself for being able to locate myself without this features, so i dont like the idea. not going to put -1 here, neither the +1
  9. As title says, PM here or ingame. Free delivery and BsB
  10. this sounds nice, but im not sure if it will be usefull. Maybe undertaker wagon - can hold alot of corpses (can be used when hunting) for others i have no idea, and it must be insane amount of work to implement that much
  11. thats what i thought about, nothing fancy, just aestetically cool
  12. didnt knew wagon can hold now 65 felled trees still would be cool to have new vehicle, maybe with 200 felled trees capacity as you say, or maybe some would suggest other cool and not weird characteristics also never bad to have new aestetically cool model
  13. would be cool to have vehicle able to hold 100 felled trees, (same as creature transporter can hold only cages, woodsman wagon can hold only felled trees)
  14. its not proven he was back then in medieval times. They are gone 10k years ago
  15. oh ok, you are silver seller enemy guy, whatever then
  16. dont get line about "gold sellers generally scummy" seems you dont get what happened this week with "suspicious silver" thing
  17. i clearly said im delivering things, dont tell me "try living on xan" when actually right now im delivering to inner xanadu with light breeze in my face. This is part of the game, i will waste 2-3 hours for it. About wife, its your own thing, my wife knows why im staring at monitor for hours when winds are bad.
  18. im not forcing people to waste time traveling, im delivering things for free myself, which means wasting my time but why we need so much automation in wurm, ive seen suggestions to make sawmills and such, so if sawmills will be added, and "wagoneer ship transport" also, why would we just not add auto loader and not come online?