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  1. Mask of the shadow, CoD to Malicarth please.
  2. Doing a bit of Re-enacting as a fur trader at last weekends camp.
  3. #4 Rare large shield, oak - 1.8s CoD to Malicarth please.
  4. Sent in my supreme maul for imping and casting. Very fast service and very professional, I would highly recommend these services to everybody interested! I will definitely be back in the future! -Malicarth
  5. saddle, leather 70ql WOA66 - 50c COD to Malicarth if possible please.
  6. Yeah, drawn by doorlord way back when. Really like that picture!
  7. Good to see the name Oakheart resurface! I was the mayor of a village called Oakheart way back in the day on the Pristine server under the character name Malicarth. Still have a lot of fun memories from those days and I wish you all the best of luck with the new village!
  8. A very helpful bunch! Highly recommend this as a place to live for both new and old players!
  9. cheese drill, oakenwood 5ql COC71 - 30c COD to Malicarth please.
  10. Grimsdalr : [2074, -5988]