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  1. I like repairing, was a shame when it became a deed perm and I could no longer help/hlep, ho hum.
  2. Its weird how you (and others) are making out that playing this game post RMT removal will be pointless, because there's no material gain. [hyperbole]
  3. They stated fairly early on that the servers will only merge if steam is a complete flop.
  4. Well, gotta be Littlest Lambs Ginger beer, strong flavour, bit of a kick though. Otherwise I'm happy with dry cider.
  5. Would this give many mind logic ticks? Or is that no longer a thing.
  6. Its strange coming from other games where, when you stop playing or they essentially shut down, you can look at your account and say: I enjoyed my time here, look how much I achieved and be satisfied you got all that you could out have from that game. Especially ones which have associated costs, paying for the entertainment so to speak. Yet here some people are going on about how they put time and effort into playing this game and therefore they are owed an equal return. I'm thinking along the lines of sunk cost fallacy, but its not quite applicable due to the past encouraged(?) account selling.
  7. I read most stuff on the forums but hardly ever post because my view has already been stated by another or I have nothing to contribute; quoting a post and saying nothing is just spammy. There are quite a lot of lurkers and like most games with a forum, the active portion are only a small percentage of the actual population.
  8. At 18 Cloth tailoring with a 2ql needle and a 6ql piece of wool cloth, I have a 13% chance
  9. I really like that Wurm has not become the "instant gratification machine" common of more recent mmo's. Also no login rewards or daily's or any of that manipulative stuff. And like others have said, being able to carve out your own chunk of the world and having it last.
  10. Thanks for the headsup and the instructions, will get my other half to have a go at it.
  11. It was explained by Retrolf recently that they have tried both broad and targeted advertising and its simply not been financially viable. I'll add the source link when I find it. Edit, Could've sworn it was a post by Rolf, my mistake, was Retro and covers this.
  12. Like dropping it straight into upkeep? Or a percentage reduction to it.
  13. Right, thanks for the reply.