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  1. Strange, most of my archaeology is done on the sand of a long dead deed on xanadu. No issues getting frags.
  2. Any chance you have a lingonberry shaft or branch? If so please cod one to silentsmith, thanks.
  3. Its quite likely that due to the sheer density of deeds, there is no where suitable for them to spawn
  4. Looking to buy one of the open backed pmk wagons. appears to be from Dreadnaught Dynasty
  5. Gee, I hope those chaps don't try other mmo's, they'll never find a game to play with that reasoning (Trade isn't the be all end all of the game)
  6. Its generally up to us the players to replace this, make a sickle and get them sprouts
  7. The close and minimise buttons at the top of the settlement size change screen are non-functional. If you do manage to hit the X, the window can no longer be moved around and only close-able by the cancel button. Also occurs on the deed perimeter and naming screens.
  8. Awesome to hear, keep at it!
  9. Fan bloody tastic job, looks & sounds awesome!
  10. But where are you getting this hot scrap from? All I'm pointing out is that to get another flint and steel requires the ability to light a fire. And the line in the wiki doesn't make sense because of this. Edit: oh, well for the blind like me, maybe append the line to this If you have lost your steel and flint, light a campfire (with a woodscrap & kindling) and place a wood scrap inside. When the scrap is hot, remove it from the campfire, and right-click on your forge, oven, or other fire container to light it.
  11. The following pages hotlink to the wrong page in the line "Main / Resources / Gems / Emerald" (clicking Gems takes you to the Ores page, whereas on the four star gems pages, it takes you to the main gems article) Black opal Diamond, Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire
  12. You're a bit stuffed if you lose flint and steel, only way to get that back is other players