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  1. Hot dam, I'd get behind legion of Anubis, that'*s some rad gear
  2. Supreme corn day 1 of xanadu opening
  3. Quite content with my 1s a month.
  4. Interesting, I'd like to be able to get more ground decorations to spawn, liven the place up a bit.
  5. Going out on a limb here, I highly doubt you will get any, you aren't entitled to it. It was a free event and it sounds like swapping to old client avoided the issue. Also they can't really tell who had the issue, be realistic. Wonder what was I doing on the 24th? Well lets see, we had 8 cows calve + the usual milking morning/afternoon, so not much wurm time there, what about the next 3 days? We then had 16 more cows calve, so obviously I was quite busy and didn't get much out of this event. Efluent happens
  6. Strange, most of my archaeology is done on the sand of a long dead deed on xanadu. No issues getting frags.
  7. Any chance you have a lingonberry shaft or branch? If so please cod one to silentsmith, thanks.
  8. Its quite likely that due to the sheer density of deeds, there is no where suitable for them to spawn
  9. Looking to buy one of the open backed pmk wagons. appears to be from Dreadnaught Dynasty
  10. Gee, I hope those chaps don't try other mmo's, they'll never find a game to play with that reasoning (Trade isn't the be all end all of the game)
  11. Its generally up to us the players to replace this, make a sickle and get them sprouts