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  1. I used to enjoy riding Unicorns. They run at their fastest at a constant speed unlike horses. The ability to carry a passenger in a pinch was nice too. However with having them to be tamed in order to ride, I have had a troll kill one out from under me so fast I could not pull the agro fast enough. That was a long walk home. I still raise them but now prefer either a horse or hell horse.
  2. Hi Roysta,  

    I was tired when I logged in. I may have sent them back. I do want them. Please resend. I am so sorry for the trouble.



  3. Roysta, if still available, please COD both picks to Fineal. Thank you!
  4. I didn't see anything compelling to buy at this years Steam sale. And I was really wanting to find something new that I would enjoy but seems I have all the ones I want for now. Not looking forward to yet another Windows release. If not for gaming, I'd probably get off Windows entirely since I've always seen MS as somewhat evil and have been a Linux user since the 90's. My work is supporting UNIX applications but even my company uses windows for user machines.
  5. If you got any left, please COD to Fineal
  6. Need only 1 charge. PM me. Thanks!
  7. There is a geared traited horse swimming in the south of Deli's border. [16:28:21] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Eriador. [16:28:21] It is being taken care of by Aryana. Probably forgot as you crossed the border.
  8. COD Stone Chisel to Fineal please. Thank you!
  9. If still available, COD both satchels of Source Crystals to Fineal. If you'll take 8s for the satchel with all the shoulder pads, you can COD that as well.
  10. compasses

    COD your remaining 3 fastest to Fineal please.