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  1. What a mess. The normal client wasn't updated and I logged in at Haven. Saw a bunch of others as well. So guess these toons won't be able to go to Steam.
  2. Would the mayor please PM me here on the forums? Thank you!
  3. PM me when you get a chance. I'll help you to get a convert and move to Desertion if you wish.

  4. I have always made it a practice to repair guard towers, mailboxes, and wells and fountains that I come across. I agree it's a good thing to try to preserve public facilities and landmarks.

    It is gorgeous. Looking forward to games using the engine. Wonder what the system specs would be to run it in all it's glory. Didn't see anything about terraforming or changing the world in the demo. Not sure it could do what Wurm does.
  6. pls close

    COD to Fineal please if you still have it.
  7. COD a pair of elaborate leather to Fineal please. Thank you!
  8. 1s per each compass? If acceptable, COD to Fineal.
  9. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!
  10. How are they not good for the financial or economic health of Wurm? Those who buy an account commonly have multiple toons premm'd at the same time. I know people who keep 10+ accounts prem'd at a time. Compare that to the guy who is in it to make money and simply converts the silver he makes back to real world cash. How is that helping Code Club? How many people don't pay a cent to the shop and merely use what they make in game to pay their premium and deed upkeep? Not that there is anything wrong with that, that is by design. I don't think the market is monopolized, there are just too few players to buy everything that is produced. If you want a bigger piece of the pie, grow the pie larger. I know, with the upcoming Steam release, that's not a likely scenario.
  11. When I switched LlamaCity from a normal 2K map to a 4K map, I did an intensive search based on features versus price. I settled on a VPS from contabo The 2 data centers are in Germany, but I've had zero problems with the service even though I'm in the US. I could have gone dedicated server, but since the VPS has been performing just fine, I saw no need for a dedicated. They don't seem to be overselling their VPS at least not in my case. I'm sure my package could run an 8K map easy enough which cost just a few dollars more than the game hosts I had used previously. They have many very affordable packages actually better then when I signed up. Llama City has been up since October 2015, and the current map has been up on Contabo since June of 2017. I set up auto pay through paypal and never give it a thought. You can also use Skrill if you prefer.
  12. I've been through that area in the past. Nice work!
  13. -1 The cost to keep a server going is negligible. And each server is a home to many people. You don't push people out of their homes to move into your apartment. Also, who said PVP was a failed experiment? A lot of bugs, mistakes made, and downright broken things sure. But we had years of pvp on both chaos and epic, much fun was had, and many good memories created in spite of all that.
  14. I watched all of his wurm videos. Was very entertaining. Of all the things I've done in Wurm the newbie experience is still one that I enjoy, and continue to do on alts from time to time. He also spoke about how relaxing the game can be while mining and listening to Youtube on the side. Seems he stopped playing after building his house. Of course his next step was to build a boat. Could also be that these videos of his did not generate the traffic that he was looking for. Anyway, I do hope he continues to play for his own enjoyment at some point.