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  1. WTB 20 horseshoes 80ql

    Got 2 offers. Can close this topic.
  2. WTB 20 horseshoes 80ql

    PM me on forums if you can provide.
  3. Place feature on chaos

    -1 Mobile hops are fair game if left unguarded.
  4. Wanted to say Hey!

    Hey Wulfgar!
  5. WTA rare mask of the shadow, leather [CLOSE]

    Was going to bed so threw out the offer. COD to Fineal please.
  6. Any game like Wurm with pvp?

    Saves me some money then. What got me was running in the field with a bow and of course vikings. I don't care for future or space games either.
  7. Any game like Wurm with pvp?

    Been looking at this game. Looks primitive/vikingbut in certain trailers they also show some kind of shooting weapon and I haven't learned enough about the game yet. But take a look.
  8. My old gamer which still sits next to my new one has a 9590 with an R9 290x Video card. Was a beast to keep cool. I had often considered dropping down to one of the 8xxx series cards to lessen the heat. I have a Ryzen3 with 1050Ti now. All AMD runs Wurm just fine though.
  9. 89ql Rare Forge - 4s

    I'll take it Angelklaine. Will get with you in game.
  10. Looks interesting Brash. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  11. Hello Independence! It is Time!

    Welcome to Indy Angelklaine! I've sent you a PM.
  12. WTS WU Kingdom Flag

    If it fits in a mailbox, COD it to me. Thanks!
  13. Shout out to Fineal - Thank you!

    I was more than happy to be of service. It was quite the adventure. Adversaries we may be, but even in war, there is respect for ones enemy.