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  1. You didn't notice if you suffocated in the event tab did you?
  2. You are an elf. Who's to say? it's up to your imagination. Train the skills and get the bonuses an elf should have? Specialize in archery perhaps? Elves also use swords. On the other hand, I agree with your numbers 1 and 3 suggestions.
  3. As a kingdom member, I did like the old design better even though I called it mustard and love purple.
  4. Bloodscythe, you and I have spoken from time to time in discord and in game. I think we are very similar in playstyles. We wander, we do what we feel like at the time, we play both PVP and PVE on both Epic and Chaos. We've been on opposing sides as well as the same side. I still remember how you made my heart stop when I was sailing my alts to another server on Epic and you showed up with a boatload of your own and I didn't yet know we were in the same kingdom. When I feel like it's time to leave the game, I go play WU or other games such as Gloria Invictus, Fallout, ESO, Runescape, etc. Though I did leave for 2 years when WU came out, only coming here to put in upkeep in my Indy deed, when I made my own server which is still running today without a break except for June 2017 when I loaded a new 4k map. That is the same month I came back to WO and woke up on Chaos in a deserted village. I find I can never really leave as there is always some other mountain to climb, cave to explore, goal to achieve, friends to visit with, or battle to fight. The community is not what it once was, but there are enough individuals who are special to me that I still enjoy socializing with. You speak how I speak, you delineate the subject you are discussing. Today's world forces many to always be in a rush, hence tldr. But I think people who do so are robbing themselves. Your proposed project sounds wonderful. Perhaps that is the thing that could keep you from leaving for awhile. Myself, I would love to visit but would not commit to the time to see such a project through to completion. I'm sure the wanderlust in me would make me want to leave before much time had passed. My hope is that you remain in WO. I have enjoyed our conversations together and hope to have many more.
  5. Moderator delete this post. Entered in error. Thank you!
  6. Number 5 to Fineal please. Thank you Nordlys.
  7. Went 2 years once. That was when WU came out. Does that count? I've been back in WO for 2 years now.
  8. I never knew that Wurm was part of Mojang at one point. I had always thought Notch left to start Mojang. From the source of the page. <html> <head> <title>Wumonline Ingame</title> <link rev="made" href=""> <meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Ingame text for wurm online"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="ingame wurm mmorpg wurmonline code club ab"> <script type="text/javascript">
  9. You are correct Brash. The code was to prevent people from creating alts to run down and repair a tower during pvp while an opposing kingdom was trying to bash the tower.
  10. Dem Capes!

    Bloodscythe, I could have posted the exact same thing. I also clicked the button, and always try to look around in pvp videos.
  11. Sold

    COD Fineal if Loink doesn't buy.
  12. The Llamatown PvE server is out of date / down!

  13. Nothing like staring into the flames of my forge while smithing late at night when it's dark outside. Haven't done it much in awhile now though.
  14. WTS compasses

    Please COD 79ql 76woa 1.25s to Fineal. Thanks!