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  1. There is so much open prime space, especially in the north, why not plunk down your own deed?
  2. I've been playing it all week. So far single player, but some family members also plan on playing it so we'll do co-op. Quite a fun game. Well worth the $20 it cost me on Steam. For an early access game, it's quite complete.
  3. I'd say that was 85 RL FC skill. Nice work! Did you turn those support beams on a lathe yourself? Oh never mind. I noticed you mentioned stair rails. Good repurpose!
  4. COD the 3 fastest you have left to Fineal when you get a chance please.
  5. Medieval Dynasty I really like this aside from the distances you have to travel at times necessitating not being able to make it home and having to camp in the forest. Just starting on; The Guild Kingdom Come
  6. Want to buy steel chain armor sets 85+ QL. PM via forums.
  7. What a great and generous offer. This is a win-win for any who would take Ace up on his offer. I agree with the idea that more people would find that they enjoy playing on a pvp server if they would give it a try.
  8. Annalise

    It's been awhile since our paths crossed, but I am sad to hear this. Condolences. I hope she is in a better place.
  9. What a mess. The normal client wasn't updated and I logged in at Haven. Saw a bunch of others as well. So guess these toons won't be able to go to Steam.
  10. Would the mayor please PM me here on the forums? Thank you!
  11. PM me when you get a chance. I'll help you to get a convert and move to Desertion if you wish.

  12. I have always made it a practice to repair guard towers, mailboxes, and wells and fountains that I come across. I agree it's a good thing to try to preserve public facilities and landmarks.

    It is gorgeous. Looking forward to games using the engine. Wonder what the system specs would be to run it in all it's glory. Didn't see anything about terraforming or changing the world in the demo. Not sure it could do what Wurm does.
  14. pls close

    COD to Fineal please if you still have it.
  15. COD a pair of elaborate leather to Fineal please. Thank you!