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  1. Incentives to live on PVP servers: I HATE the fact that skills transfer, and the fact that they do causes the situation in which people can “live” (Grind) in complete safety and added convenience. We all grind when we aren’t pvping, it’s the Wurm way. Those of us that stay on the PVP servers to do so are at a detriment. The choices here are to either make it so skills don’t transfer, or make it more worthwhile to do it on Defiance. Period. Ideas on how to accomplish this: +5% skillgains on Defiance across the board Double chances to gain affinities from normal activities on Defiance You mentioned wanting to improve shield skill gains. Implement a system on Defiance ONLY, that cannot be done afk on deed. This will get you a two-for-one of bringing people to Defiance to shield train, while also encouraging off-deed activities and thus more potential pvp encounters. PVP Encounters: The core of the problem is nobody wants to be blobbed without any way to escape by the 97 people hiding in a mine as soon as you commit to a fight. There are a few ways to help here: Enable a mechanic to sense how many nearby enemies there are This allows someone to have a better idea of if the 5v7 is actually a 5v7 and thus more likely to take the fight Vehicles - In Eve Online, it is possible for savvy players to fly a ship that is frail, but does enough damage and fast enough to effectively kite out large blobs. It takes skill, and often results in death, but it’s possible to fight the blob. The one situation I have been able to create this in Wurm, which doesn’t seem very possible atm, is back in the day in 2014 we would take a 5 man sailboat of priests out when the wind was a gale (yes Wurm has wind levels). A 5 man sail heading into a gale was faster than any other boat, so when the knarr full of enemies on JK Home came after us, and another 10 were waiting on their shore to replace any losses they had, we were able to risk it and with some extremely careful piloting and priest spells (don’t think they had any priests onboard their knarr) we were able to get multiple kills. This kiting went on for 20+ minutes, threading the needle of death. If we turned any direction but N, they would catch us. If we ran out of runway to the N, we died. We were fizzling out on our spells and out of gems when the enemy gave up chasing. Little did they know, had they pushed the attack one more time, they would have wiped us. We also didn’t have any available backup. Essentially, If you can make a way for a small roaming group to be as fast/faster than the blob, but also inhibit the blob from utilizing it for whatever reason, you enable LOTS of roaming parties. Create a new vehicle. The chariot: It can have a driver + 1 passenger If it has two hitched horses, it is as fast as an unhitched horse, enabling one to have a chance at escaping the blob. No animals can be led by the driver while on a chariot. This makes it suboptimal for a large battle, as being horseback + a barded backup for every fighter is MUCH more effective. The passenger can shoot a bow while moving. This gives the chariot team a chance to bow out and slow down pursuing parties by hitting their horses, but it’s playing with fire because as soon as a chariot horse gets hit, it’s gg for the chariot team. A blob might still have 1-2 chariot teams to catch enemies, but at the cost of more effective 2-4 people each with 2 horses, at least one being barded most likely, if a large battle ensued.
  2. On Things Current

    Any update on this by chance? I am personally really hoping for an announcement soon that it will be happening this weekend to allow me to grind out 5.5h of that in a day so I can sleep in my bed at the end of the day
  3. Doesn't the pool drain only when your favor is full? Was the intent with this sentence to be simply "The pool will drain significantly more slowly"? Or does this mean the drain rate will be related to the amount of excess pool you have at the moment? So for example +50 bonus pool will have a different drain rate than +350?
  4. The best solution for this is to make it so you DON'T degenerate favor while casting. This will negate the drawback for it's intended use of channel grinding while still keeping it useless for building up favor for PVP encounters.
  5. FYI I just tested the bonus favor to see how quickly it degenerates. 50 bonus favor was gone in about 4 minutes. 50/4 = 12.5/min. It also continues to degenerate while casting. This results in the loss of about 6.25 favor for every 30s cast. For completeness, sucking a gem while not at max favor did not put me over my max. It only used the amount of the gem to get me to my normal max. TLDR: New system is extremely inefficient, and I personally won't use it at all.
  6. I agree with Zeke and others. So, the specific method being used here is to mount as "passenger". This bypasses the BC requirement to actually drive it. There are a few options here: 1. Remove passenger seat from pets. Pro: Solves current problem easily. Con: This will just cause the problem to re-manifest once people get the BC to actually drive crocs etc. 2. Make it so you have to lead pets to mount, even as passenger. Pro: Solves current problem easily and permanently. Con: If you want to retain the ability to mount as a passenger, if someone is already riding the pet and wants someone else to get on, would be weird to have to unmount, lead, then let friend mount as passenger, THEN get back on as driver. Seems like a super minor issue (Do people actually mount pets as passenger for normal riding use?) 3. Make it so pet cannot be mounted in combat. Pro: Solves current problem. Might be much more difficult to implement code-wise to separate pets and generic horses. Con: Pets would ONLY be viable as a combat companion and not really as a backup mount. Even though crocs etc are slow, they could still be useful vs being on foot in combat. 4. Make it so pets NOR horses can be mounted in combat. Pro: Solves current problem easily. Con: OMG this would be a massive change that would extremely impact all wurm activities. Imagine how many times you would end up off your horse, leading it (like woodcutting etc), when a mob starts to attack you and you CANNOT MOUNT IT! Literally any activity you do off-deed that you cannot do while mounted will be a much larger risk. Lots more deaths.
  7. Are they banned? Because there isn't anything listed in the forum specifically designed to bring attention to banned people: Are they "dealt with" already? Seeing as every other time the devs have openly stated they are rolling back a skill when they do, I don't think they have been "dealt with" at all.
  8. Every other issue like this (Look at archery just a few days ago even) the devs nerf the skill of those that "exploited". Many of us also spent money on these alt priest accounts and have literally nothing to show for it because we were a few days behind the trend. We got zero skill gained from it, our money goes to complete waste since those accounts are essentially worthless now, AND we know there are people out there that are LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of us. And this isn't just oh noes they have 5 more archery skill than everyone else. No, this means they have great CoC/WoA/BotD casting for faster skilling universally across ALL skillgains and strong casts on weapons for pvp to even further compound on their lead on everyone else. The only logical explanation I can come up with for not nerfing channeling skill gained from this "extreme exploit" is "extreme favoritism". EDIT: Because I hate presenting an issue without a suggested solution, here is my proposed fix to all of this: Step 1: Nerf channeling skill of players to a level you as devs feel is a rational skill level if this method had not been in place (I can only guess what level that might be. 70? 65? 60? 50?) immediately. Step 2: Limit the amount of linked chars to just 1-2, and have anything more than 2 apply this insane regen debuff etc that is live now. By making it still beneficial for 1 linked char, and maybe 2 at later skill levels, you can still have a couple legit priests come together to help cast those higher favor spells. You can also still benefit somewhat for having a battery in this way, and one single linked battery isn't going to give you gamebreaking favor regen for channeling spam. And for those 300 favor spells, you will just know you have to incur the temporary favor regen penalty etc when you link 3+ priests together and cast it. Hope this helps. I tried to convey my extreme distaste to the current state of the situation and how it has been handled, while also offering up what I would consider a happy medium to resolve the core of the problem. ~Bregga
  9. I actually found this one that I have been giving to some of my friends that are new to wurm. It is more geared towards beginners. It might not be the absolute top way of doing some things, but it helps get a new player started with a lot of important areas: Edit: It looks like the vast majority of this guide's contents were copy+pasted (or vice versa) into the link Baloo provided.
  10. @badvoc The answer you are looking for is we don't know. One of the devs talked about this exact idea on another thread where he states he does not know what the outcome will be of attempting this method. I personally have an email waiting in my inbox unverified with a name I am ok with if it works, but I have another backup name in mind in the event it doesn't work that I have not done any form of registration for (it might not even be available as far as I know).
  11. @DarklordsJust want to say thanks for all you guys do man. I haven't been this excited for a game "launch" in a long time! At the end of the day you do your best and realize it will never be perfect or please everyone. You guys do a heck of a job trying though, and people like myself notice it and are greatly appreciative! Thanks for hearing our concerns on this and your quick response, regardless of the outcome! (Pretty please don't delay the PVP server launch)
  12. I have been messing around on a new char lately and I ran into this EXACT thing lol. A pelt would be an absolute nightmare on server start considering all the people killing every mob in sight.
  13. Does the whole starting zone have influence already, or just a small area caused by the starter town?
  14. I am also really curious about this. Many of us have experienced some colossal Steam release fails recently with other games. I really hope Wurm will have a system in place to at least let a limited number of people play the game at launch, if not everyone. Also, there may very well be thousands of people trying to log in/download right at release.
  15. Post a screenshot of /played and your skills. Until then, I don't believe your claim. I have been doing the exact same thing with a brand new char with prem doing a bunch of skillgain tests etc, and I flat-out don't believe you.