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  1. I actually found this one that I have been giving to some of my friends that are new to wurm. It is more geared towards beginners. It might not be the absolute top way of doing some things, but it helps get a new player started with a lot of important areas: Edit: It looks like the vast majority of this guide's contents were copy+pasted (or vice versa) into the link Baloo provided.
  2. @badvoc The answer you are looking for is we don't know. One of the devs talked about this exact idea on another thread where he states he does not know what the outcome will be of attempting this method. I personally have an email waiting in my inbox unverified with a name I am ok with if it works, but I have another backup name in mind in the event it doesn't work that I have not done any form of registration for (it might not even be available as far as I know).
  3. @DarklordsJust want to say thanks for all you guys do man. I haven't been this excited for a game "launch" in a long time! At the end of the day you do your best and realize it will never be perfect or please everyone. You guys do a heck of a job trying though, and people like myself notice it and are greatly appreciative! Thanks for hearing our concerns on this and your quick response, regardless of the outcome! (Pretty please don't delay the PVP server launch)
  4. I have been messing around on a new char lately and I ran into this EXACT thing lol. A pelt would be an absolute nightmare on server start considering all the people killing every mob in sight.
  5. Does the whole starting zone have influence already, or just a small area caused by the starter town?
  6. I am also really curious about this. Many of us have experienced some colossal Steam release fails recently with other games. I really hope Wurm will have a system in place to at least let a limited number of people play the game at launch, if not everyone. Also, there may very well be thousands of people trying to log in/download right at release.
  7. Post a screenshot of /played and your skills. Until then, I don't believe your claim. I have been doing the exact same thing with a brand new char with prem doing a bunch of skillgain tests etc, and I flat-out don't believe you.
  8. @Malenayou and your son have made quite possibly the best Wurm showcase video ever developed. I have been searching for a Wurm video to truly capture what Wurm is to my friends in prep for the steam launch and failed to find anything even remotely close. This captures everything so well, and the music truly compliments it perfectly. This video will be used for years to come I am sure, and it alone will probably be what convinces some of my friends to come play it A sincere thank you for creating this! ~Bregga
  9. Thanks Darklords for the clarifying words! ~Bregga
  10. Sure seems to me to mean 6% at lvl 7 and no scaling after that, since he says "no scaling". Do you have a source zentil by chance? I only ask as I am really curious also.
  11. I am concerned about entering enemy territory only to have an alt log in behind us and popping up an invincible wooden fence behind us on a deed that blocks a major chokepoint. Or, a river that gets a bit of dirt dumped in it and an invincible fence built across it behind us. Without any teleporting, there will be no way out. Or say you successfully lockpick your way into an enemy deed, only to have an alt log in behind and toss up a couple fences around the area you came in. No way out now. This is just a couple examples of how you could get completely screwed with this kind of instant invincible fence play. I know we could just not ever enter enemy territory out of fear of this, but that seems like an extreme. My suggestion: Simply add a time for new structures to "cure" before they become invulnerable. This will remove people's ability to just instabuild invincible fences behind you etc. (My apologies if you have already stated there will be something like this. Lots of new info to pour over since i played last!). Thanks for your time Devs, and great work tying to improve this amazing game! ~Bregga (Edited for spelling)
  12. Since I didn't provide a name suggestion, I don't feel I have the authority to complain . I am just excited to have a fresh go at a new PVP server with some balance iterations.
  13. Man I hope these devs that are in charge can get this game in a better pvp state and drop a new pvp cluster/server.  I would be back in a heartbeat :)



  14. Nappy, Every time I read a post of yours about this server you guys have created, it surprises me how level-headed you seem to be and how much effort you are putting into the Wurm community. I haven't had anything even remotely give me the urge to buy WU until I came across this thread Best of wishes with the server and who knows I may even give it a shot! ~Bregga
  15. Seriously, this is so ridiculous. Fix it or disable all.