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  1. There are bat wings and flying broomsticks! This picture is perhaps a little unfortunate, but you get the idea.
  2. Server Update – 25/08/2020 Added “Divine” title for 100 Channeling – grats Elof! Added “Dai-Sojo” title for 100 Meditating – grats Psycho! Uncompletable missions requiring shoulder pads will no longer be generated Crystals of Permafrost can now spawn in treasure chests on Nysa Spirit templars have been instructed to not receive any donuts untill they deal with Gorillas attacking players on their deeds Added tree and bush planters Tree planters can be made in 8 materials – brick, clay, marble, pottery, sandstone, slate, stone and wood Bush planters can be made in metal or wood There are 6 stages: sprout, young, growing, mature, old, very old Planters will grow by a stage and can be harvested every ~20 RL hours No overaged/shriveled, once they get to very old they will live forever Planters can be harvested once the plant reaches Mature age – older plants will produce more Harvesting isn’t controlled by normal seasons, can always do it Saplings can be picked at Old or Very Old age Planters can grow in buildings, caves etc. Posted on behalf of the Otherlands community
  3. Harmony looks a bit like Cele to me... (grumbles)
  4. So did I. We still get the bragging rights though.
  5. Hey, I suggested Defiance for PvP too! Do I get a prize?
  6. There's another reason not to have a Wurm Rumble server:
  7. "It's the peasants, my lord. They don't like the name of the new server."
  8. Or lose "in the eyes" altogether. Ammar suddenly has a haunted look.
  9. My deed on Celebration. I've taken many screenshots of it in the past, but this is the first time I've seen these colours.
  10. They could name one after China Mieville's fantasy world, Bas-Lag.
  11. Or make new ones, perhaps using actors this time.
  12. I think the event message is the wrong way round. When I've switched it ON: [16:06:26] You have switched off dirt always digging into pile.
  13. With a few changes Wurm could have writers, publishers and bookshops! Let us write question marks, line breaks and other characters on papyrus and paper sheets. When a book page is renamed, use that name. So instead of "inscribed paper sheet, walnut (Introduction)" it just says "Introduction". This already happens with the book title. Allow more books on bookshelves. 11 (low bookshelf) and 15 (high bookshelf) look a bit pathetic. Let merchants sell books with pages. Some of these suggestions have already been made in other threads.
  14. Bump for more books on bookshelves.
  15. Bump for letting us write question marks, etc. on paper/papyrus. These characters are accepted: !#'()+,-./:;_ These (among others) are not: "$%&*<=>?@[\]^`{|}~£ Also you can't include line breaks
  16. I have to confess I tutted a few times. But as I had completely run out of sleep bonus and now have 5 hours, I withdraw all my earlier tuts.
  17. This old bug, which had been fixed, seems to be back. If you are swimming then embark on a boat, the splashing sounds continue until you are on dry land.
  18. Foundation

    This game might interest one or two of you, if you're not already aware of it. "Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development and monument creation." It's a bit like Wurm, except that you're Rolf and the players are NPCs. You plan a medieval village and they build it. They spend much of their time trotting sweetly along paths, bearing crates of planks, hops, berries, etc. The game is in alpha and mildly buggy, which is not like Wurm at all, obviously. And it does get repetitive after a while. But it's a restful way to spend time if you're cooped up indoors. Some of the mechanics are a little opaque. I sent my soldiers off to certain death before I realized they, er, needed training and weapons. There are some mods. The two I tried didn't work. What I'd really like is a mod to rename the villagers after annoying players my friends in Wurm.
  19. Now we want to know what you did wrong.