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  1. Priests of player gods will soon have to convert to one of the old gods.
  2. Even worse: [17:03:01] A mooring anchor crumbles to dust.
  3. Well, after 2½ years of not playing WO, I've just bought a year's premium. And, astonishingly, I'm not drunk. Mind you, I am an idiot.
  4. This animal appears in medieval bestiaries. It really ought to be added to Wurm, perhaps as a unique. It defends itself by expelling a fearsome fiery fart. You can read more about it here.
  5. How about allowing non-premium players to ride a horse, but every 10 minutes they fall off?
  6. Fashionably attired in scavenged dragon scale, hand-crafted pumpkin helmet and matching pumpkin shoulder pads, Skitterbrook - pictured here on his faithful worg Packbleeder - is all ready for tomorrow's dragon hunt.
  7. Dragon hunt on Sunday 24 November Meet on the Otherland server at 1900 UTC Everyone welcome!
  8. From today's What are we all playing this weekend? on Rock Paper Shotgun:
  9. Don't do it, Drid! You've already sold him and bought him back once...
  10. I met a player of an antique game Who said: Twelve vast and empty servers Sit on the network. Near them, much the same, Defunct, a forgotten forum lies, whose murmurs Of dissent and derisive sneers Tell that its members truly read the signs Of coming doom and voiced their fears In mocking protests and futile whines. And on the splash screen appear these words: 'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games: Log on to my network, ye Many, and have fun!' Nothing else remains. The endless roads, The houses and gardens, boats with amusing names - Have decayed and crumbled every one.
  11. Otherlands - going strong since February 2016.
  12. Oh, if only that were true... (Sobs at wasted life.)
  13. I know absolutely nothing about this development apart from what I read here, but I'll post something pompous anyway. As an expert in business, gaming, IT and the universe in general, I can see important clues which may have escaped some of you not-quite-so-intelligent people. Game Chest Group is a Swedish company. This is significant. Sweden is also the home of legendary 70s pop group ABBA. With all the money they made from hits like "Dancing Queen", they would be well placed to take Wurm to the next level. Game Chest Group is an anagram of Got Cheaper Mugs. Could this be a hint about the new owners' marketing strategy? On the other hand, Game Chest is an anagram of Gem Cheats. Uh-oh. Game Chest Group's initials GCG are also the initials of the Global Church of God. Has Wurm been bought by some sinister religious cult? They are also the initials of the Grilled Cheese Grill. This may be significant, but I haven't thought of a reason why yet. So there you have it. This development could indeed be a great opportunity for Wurm. On the other hand, it could be a disaster. Or it could make no difference at all. Remember, you read it here first.
  14. Not sure if this is what you want, but here are some stats from Bdew: