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  1. [Fixed] Grammar in beehive message

    Same mistake in The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive.
  2. [Fixed] Grammar in beehive message

    Also The sounds of bees disappears in the distance should be either sound or disappear.
  3. WU server name

    Well, I did wonder if that might be so. Still, they could have written back to say "Sorry, we can't help" or "Try complaining to Steam". However, I suspect that servers with other offensive names - say, antisemitic or racist ones - would vanish fairly quickly.
  4. WU server name

    Is "Fags" an acceptable name for a WU server? In Britain it can mean cigarettes, but there is another, offensive meaning, of course. Before this server appeared, there was one (the same one?) called Fags Only. I messaged Wurm staff twice about this, but have never had a reply.
  5. Feature Creeping Ad Nauseam

    In 2011 it was in their 100 best PC games of all time (as number 56):
  6. Camels

    Bump for camels.
  7. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    Have you tried a lower border weight?
  8. How is Wurm?

    Here's a thread of people worrying about the death of Wurm: It's from August 2008 - ten years ago.
  9. Silly things you have done in wurm

    On Chaos, leaving the safety of the deed to help a newbie in distress. I agreed to take him some cotton and food. He even said, "You won't kill me, will you?" I did vaguely wonder why I could hear the sounds of tower guards dying. Of course, it wasn't a newbie in distress. It was Rolandt, using an account I didn't recognize. He was quite nice about it. Left my keys behind after he had looted my corpse.
  10. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I don't think so. According to Professor Bdew, sandstone and rocksalt veins are autogenerated by the server. There's no need to include them in your map. He says it takes around a day after you first load the map for them to spawn everywhere, replacing rock tiles. For orange trees, etc. players could botanize for saplings and plant them manually. On Bdew's servers he seeded them on the maps with a script.
  11. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    He's far too expensive.
  12. I keep trying to quit Wurm for good, but it isn't easy. The latest obstacle is this cluster, which provides a faster game with fewer restrictions. There are three nice maps (one HotS) and some interesting mods. While I just roam around pointlessly as always, I hear that people who aren't hermits do stuff together, like kill dragons.
  13. If you need a horse, try northwest Otherland.
  14. Haha, there's no escape from Wurm, Puertorro!

    1. Puertorro


      Never said im coming back.  I was just asking if its worth it coming back.  There has to be a major change in the game in order for me to spend money on the game again.