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  1. Harmony looks a bit like Cele to me... (grumbles)
  2. So did I. We still get the bragging rights though.
  3. Hey, I suggested Defiance for PvP too! Do I get a prize?
  4. There's another reason not to have a Wurm Rumble server:
  5. "It's the peasants, my lord. They don't like the name of the new server."
  6. Or lose "in the eyes" altogether. Ammar suddenly has a haunted look.
  7. My deed on Celebration. I've taken many screenshots of it in the past, but this is the first time I've seen these colours.
  8. They could name one after China Mieville's fantasy world, Bas-Lag.
  9. Or make new ones, perhaps using actors this time.
  10. I think the event message is the wrong way round. When I've switched it ON: [16:06:26] You have switched off dirt always digging into pile.
  11. With a few changes Wurm could have writers, publishers and bookshops! Let us write question marks, line breaks and other characters on papyrus and paper sheets. When a book page is renamed, use that name. So instead of "inscribed paper sheet, walnut (Introduction)" it just says "Introduction". This already happens with the book title. Allow more books on bookshelves. 11 (low bookshelf) and 15 (high bookshelf) look a bit pathetic. Let merchants sell books with pages. Some of these suggestions have already been made in other threads.
  12. Bump for more books on bookshelves.
  13. Bump for letting us write question marks, etc. on paper/papyrus. These characters are accepted: !#'()+,-./:;_ These (among others) are not: "$%&*<=>?@[\]^`{|}~£ Also you can't include line breaks