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  1. Bump for more books on bookshelves.
  2. Bump for letting us write question marks, etc. on paper/papyrus. These characters are accepted: !#'()+,-./:;_ These (among others) are not: "$%&*<=>?@[\]^`{|}~£ Also you can't include line breaks
  3. I have to confess I tutted a few times. But as I had completely run out of sleep bonus and now have 5 hours, I withdraw all my earlier tuts.
  4. This old bug, which had been fixed, seems to be back. If you are swimming then embark on a boat, the splashing sounds continue until you are on dry land.
  5. Foundation

    This game might interest one or two of you, if you're not already aware of it. "Foundation is a grid-less, sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development and monument creation." It's a bit like Wurm, except that you're Rolf and the players are NPCs. You plan a medieval village and they build it. They spend much of their time trotting sweetly along paths, bearing crates of planks, hops, berries, etc. The game is in alpha and mildly buggy, which is not like Wurm at all, obviously. And it does get repetitive after a while. But it's a restful way to spend time if you're cooped up indoors. Some of the mechanics are a little opaque. I sent my soldiers off to certain death before I realized they, er, needed training and weapons. There are some mods. The two I tried didn't work. What I'd really like is a mod to rename the villagers after annoying players my friends in Wurm.
  6. Now we want to know what you did wrong.
  7. Some colleagues said we should use Microsoft Teams, some insisted on Skype, others wanted to use Zoom... In the end, I took an executive decision and we all logged into Wurm Online.
  8. Icicles glisten like Diamonds; the thaw Heralds the spring and the sound of the Saw, Farmers are Digging and ploughing the land, Trees are in Leaf and the summer's at hand. Stranger, beware of the bellicose Bear, Skirt round the sneaky old Snake in its lair; Sailor and swimmer should shun the White Shark; Monsters are drawn to your Fires in the dark. Autumn approaches, the Raven recites, Dancers and priests perform magical rites, Soothsayers grumble the Omens are glum. Then there is Silence, for winter has come.
  9. Originally called Adnams Best Bitter, or just "Adnams". Some waste their lives on whisky And some waste theirs on wine But I waste mine on Adnams beer And years of Wurm Online.
  10. It's all right, my love, we can manage without a trader. We'll find a way. If you'd just wait a few more minutes, I could imp it to 80. I'm sorry, it may be more "modern", but I'm not playing Life is Feudal. It's such a drag whenever somebody founds a PMK. Enki, are you coming to the impalong or not? "I thought you said he had a knarr." "Shh!" He's getting a bit old and set in his ways. We really need a younger dev with your skills. ... and so on. (Lots more paintings here.)
  11. For centuries the mysterious Voynich manuscript has baffled experts. Many hypotheses have been proposed. Today I can disclose its true nature for the very first time. My painstaking research has revealed that the Voynich manuscript is actually a computer program. (Contrary to what you may have been told in school, computers were already in use by the early 15th century.) Detailed analysis of the program suggests it could be a primitive "game". As far as I can tell, players were required to spend years standing around doing things like "mining" or "improving". Clearly this is not what we would nowadays recognize as a game. However, in the earliest days of computing, it might have entertained people slightly. The game code is extremely complicated, chaotic and often wilfully obscure. It was probably written by an unknown madman. If we decoded the entire manuscript, which would take years, we might even be able to get the game into a playable state. But perhaps some things are best left alone.
  12. Hearken unto me, oh brothers and sisters. For in these perilous times the lands of Wurm are afflicted with a great pestilence! It driveth the farmer from the field, the smith from the forge and the merchant from the market. Dwellings are open to the sky, the land laid waste, streets unpeopled, crops rotten, cattle straying, and savage beasts roaming without check. And wherefore is this desolation? I shall tell ye. The fickle children of Wurm have turned away from the true gods. Seduced by the wicked wiles of heretics, they have forsaken the faith of their forbears. For evildoers have of late brought alien idols into our realm, false gods with outlandish names as Nahjo and Paaweelr, that are but puffed-up men from the Epic isles. The old gods have looked upon these trespassers and been sore vexed. And in their wrath they have ordained an abomination to dwell upon the lands of Wurm till the citizens renounce the false gods and throw down their altars. Thus I have spoken. Repent of your damnable heresies, oh children of Wurm, and embrace the blessed Fo, Magranon and Vynora - nay, even she that may not be named - for the hour is at hand!