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  1. i vote no we Need that not first we Need fic bug on pvp sever than work on freedom server
  2. is a good idea but in this game exist 1 warhammer so not all guys can amke the titles and that is not fair
  3. lol what for Settings ever when Server make restart we must set the Access new for lockpicks that is a bug
  4. why we become not a Gold,silver copper plate set that Looks sure nice
  5. LO Time

    why you would go off on a enemy home server sail to server make pvp and sail back or die and rolf or other ppl must nothing fix
  6. server lags

    please rolf fix the server lags now when the server can manage 100+ ppl than take a better server
  7. now have all priest the option from a mag priest when become now mag priest the option to make coc, woa or botd
  8. lol what would bl more now lose champs slower points, and now would make bl locate is enought now wake up that is not a dream where bl can have all i am sure is enought that bl can make fungus trap behind iron fence and stone walls, mag cant make that
  9. that is correct and that is correct
  10. why take gms not away the champ points from cap a tower so must champions make pvp for points and not cap towers
  11. and what bring that for wurm nothing when you guys spend not so many time in chat and play more wurm than we all have more fun
  12. lol than you must make that we have tabards aslo why we cant have wagon
  13. the wagon from KOS looks jk or mr but not KOS please fix that
  14. oh amn we all lose so amny skill what we can amke when the server that stay on hope we all become 2 kill points in all skills for the not play time
  15. the best in civ 5 but not the last on ele in wurmonline
  16. when you pay more you found ever in all country 24/7 support
  17. 5h sb bring us all more as 1 day prem