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  1. Another horse killer

    Maybe he was "rescuing" those horses.
  2. Feedback is a precious, priceless gift.

    The problem is a lot of people seem to think their feedback and ideas are the best and the developers should do what they want. Thus when the developer does something that does not fit with their idea of how the game should be they throw a hissy fit and we get post along the lines of "Revert this now", "The developers sucks / don't know what there doing" and "The developers don't listen to the players". Happens almost every time. They forget the game is not just made for them and the overall is more important than any indiviual player.
  3. Nerf sea serpents

    -1 No, stop removing all the challenges from the game.
  4. Alt-F4 still bound to exit.

    ALT-F4 closing the window is likely a feature of the OS rather than the wurm client. You need to disable or change that ALT-F4 is the short cut for close window in your window manager.
  5. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 50

    So you have decided what is timely fashion despite not knowing anything about what is involved in implementing them?
  6. Traders and the freeloading elite problem

    I agree, never understood why the option to buy prem ingame with silver was added or why traders function as they do.
  7. The separation of Chaos from the rest of freedom cluster has been debated numerous times before. There are arguments either way, but ultimately Rolf decided to connect it and then keep it connected. No sure on the player base opinion on it now though.
  8. What does ISIS have to do with it?
  9. Tablets and Wurm.

    Wurm uses LWJGL 2 which has a separate native code component for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. The native code is only x86 or x86_64 using specific operating system functionality. There is no native component for Android on ARM which would be needed for it to work. Also Wurm uses OpenGL where as android devices only support OpenGL ES, which while similar are not the same.
  10. Wurm Nvidia Shield Tablet

    Wurm won't run on ARM based devices.
  11. Hey I, know I, hope she don't crash.

    The operators of the network nodes including and between you and the problematic node are the only ones that can provide data to diagnose the cause of the data lose. None of these are under Codeclubs control, however one or more is under your control so you are the only one that can provide that part of the diagnoses data. Edit: They can tell when you loose connection and that is about it.
  12. Probably removed because they are posted in a rude an insulting way like you do. Your post is exactly the type of thing that should be removed.
  13. Wurm crashes as soon as I try to log in

    Two issues noticed in logs: - No graphics drivers, need to install the ones for your card. - Using 32-bit JRE instead of 64-bit.
  14. Unplayable Lag

    Could be a problem with a node on the particular route to the wurm servers. Would be good to run a traceroute when it happens and post results here so it can be looked into.