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  1. Lancaster's Enchanted Skiller Tools

    Rake, iron QL 10 CoC 97 1s COD to Dups please
  2. Pickaxe Iron 3 98 - COC 1.00 Silver Cod to Dups please

    pickaxe, steel 8ql COC97 - 1s70c Cod to Dups please
  4. 34ql 98coc oak rope tool cod to Dups thanks
  5. 1,90ql 99coc sickle cod to Dups please

    crystal rune of Libila, bronze 6ql - 12c crystal rune of Libila, bronze 8ql - 16c crystal rune of Libila, bronze 10ql - 20c cod to dups please
  7. [Everything sold] WTS random woa/coc items/tools

    25c 86coc rope tool and 50c 92coc rope tool cod to Dups
  8. WTS High Vyn / Nahjo Enchants (updated)

    Can I get Hammer, iron QL_83 CoC_96 2,2s COD to Dups please
  9. Could I get, cod to Dups please Shovel (Iron) 71 Q - CoC 86 0.70 Silver Pickaxe (Iron) 3 Q - CoC 87 0.70 Silver Thanks
  10. Hota Statue creation Code

    I have been looking through the code, and have been unable to find where it actually creates the HOTA statue after Hota is won. I am wanting to add items to what is spawned inside the Hota statue. If anyone can just point me in the right direction to what file this is in. Thanks
  11. Clients not adding to server population figures

    I have noticed this also at first thought it was just peoples alts and it was only counting unique IPs. This is usually the case most times but either it does not update regularly so the launcher as see the updated population or its broken. I did find a way to trick the launcher into showing whatever number players you want it to but it requires de-compiling and code and altering it.
  12. Economy breaking BUG!

    This is in the code and the likely hood of them changing it to be a DB side change is very slim. We have changed it back on Dagfinn server. Removed the 30ql leather and 50ql longsword and changed hachet and other tools back to 10ql. It has to be done in the code though and its huge pain cause anytime there is an update have to change it in the code again and recompile.
  13. Server is awesome, best 1X server Wurm Online like that I have found. Community is great.
  14. WTS 3gold 250 euro if you take it all otherwise 1g=90 euro USD Freindly Paypal Verified