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  1. Congratz Gonzopl If you want to pm me here on forums or I will try to contact you in game to arrange delivery
  2. This auction is for Rare KJ pmk wagon with non-rare Tent, 2 Tall banners, 2 banners, 2 flags. Wagon is walnut wood type, with 5% size and 5% speed rune. Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 100 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted Timer
  3. I support a new 16x16 now only because I think the old servers need to be shutdown at the time of merge. I think 2 more 16x16 need to be made at time of merge and the old cluster should be killed completely, they will never come back in population unless intensives are made for them. I think the plan needs to be put in place now and a soft date set for merger now so that people on the old clusters have time to plan and know what is coming. Xanadu is so large that the Devs have stated that they pretty much cant fix the lag.
  4. Vinnydiesel for ROS 100 faith 89 channeling
  5. Happened to me about 3-5 days ago while place/moving a wagon inside a mine. Wagon appeared on side of the mountain but only after re-log. Before re-log it still appeared inside mine but was unable to interact with it
  6. All stonecutting potions and Troll kIngs blood please cod to Dups
  7. Rake, iron QL 10 CoC 97 1s COD to Dups please
  8. Pickaxe Iron 3 98 - COC 1.00 Silver Cod to Dups please
  9. pickaxe, steel 8ql COC97 - 1s70c Cod to Dups please
  10. 34ql 98coc oak rope tool cod to Dups thanks
  11. 1,90ql 99coc sickle cod to Dups please
  12. crystal rune of Libila, bronze 6ql - 12c crystal rune of Libila, bronze 8ql - 16c crystal rune of Libila, bronze 10ql - 20c cod to dups please
  13. 25c 86coc rope tool and 50c 92coc rope tool cod to Dups
  14. Can I get Hammer, iron QL_83 CoC_96 2,2s COD to Dups please