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  1. Bump, got a few offers already, making final decision today in 5-6 hours, so if you're interested in buying this toon, now is your chance!
  2. Bump, added expected price range into the post.
  3. Updated the description to add more info about the toon, feel free to ask any questions.
  4. Bump, still looking for more offers
  5. Priest sold, looking for offers on main now
  6. Then Locath's calculations in his mining example are correct and mine were based on the wrong assumption. However I'm still not sure how skill checks work for stats, is it the same with skills and you have 10 different skill checks on every mining action? If so, then 5 actions within 15 seconds of affinity window make it 10% chance of getting the affinity in one of those skills.
  7. This is only correct if all actions within that window yield mining skill gain which is not true even for optimized pick ql and difficulty. For 90 skill mining sandstone, optimal pick ql would be around 30-35 which would bring timer up and only yield 50-60 skill ticks per 100 actions. Assuming 4-5s timer hitting window 3 times and 60/100 chance of getting skill tick on every action, brings us to 1.8/500=0.0036 chance of getting exactly mining affinity every 2 hours. It's not as grim if you remember that affinity window affects every skill gain within that window. It depends on the target skill, but usually you get 2-7 different skill/stat gains per action. Let's assume that on average you get 5 skill tab updates per action. In the example above, we would have 15/500=3% chance of getting random affinity(misc items, pickaxe, body, body str, body stam, etc.) every 2 hours with 5s timer and no affinities in any of the affected skills. But 5s timer is very optimistic estimate and you'd have to expend your resources much faster using woa tools(e.g search for new vein, make new set of low ql things to imp, etc). Most of my skill grinding timers are very close to 15 or even 20 seconds so I have ~1% chance of random affinity per 2 hours of grinding. *when I say "random affinity" I actually mean "affinity in one of the skills affected by current action"
  8. This is a great change, but to me it seems that now you have to either effectively grind the skill with very little chance of getting useful affinity because of longer timers(most of my grinding timers are close to 15-20 seconds so hitting the window even 1 time can be problematic) or grind the affinity itself with shorter timers. more resources spent, more burnout from clicking one button like crazy, etc. And in most cases, 10% or even 20% skill gain increase is not worth it. Also, keep in mind that useful skill ticks are usually listed last. so, to my understanding, it will be more likely to get soul, rake or nature affinity before farming affinity. Another caveat is that, at least in theory, it's much, much. much easier to get stat affinities, since you can just spam 2s mining actions which give you no mining skill gains, but still reward with body, body strength, body stam, mind logic, all with a chance of insanely useful affinity.
  9. Great, thanks. Thread can be closed now.
  10. Hey guys. Recently I logged in Wurm on Chaos planning to move my character to Freedom Isles for now and found myself in an awkward situation: middle of nowhere, nothing useful in my pockets and none of my old contacts currently planning. Kingdom seems pretty dead as well so I can't even buy a boat. To the point: I need some 50ish ql lockpicks mailed to me so I can lock pick a boat and get out of here. 5 lockpicks should do fine. These are probably not worth much, so I'll pay CoD price and add a small tip, like 5c for each lockpick. If price is OK, please just mail them to me and post in this thread because I will be gone for a few hours. Thanks. Upd: only need 5, please don't send if someone did that already
  11. Wyvern

    From what I know about that: there is no proper way yet to actually edit client-side "wurm" things(like meditations timers, creatures AI, items, etc.). For that you have to add your patches directly into source code which also gets overriden on each WU update by steam(not sure if that's true). And it's not a good thing - hacking into source code of such a large project you're not very familiar with yet, might(and most probably will) lead to various bugs. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.