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  1. +1 this is a great idea!
  2. Thanks Brash Uninstalled everything and reinstalled 64 bit Java and got it running with the JLNP version wouldn't work with the windows installer for some reason. Thanks for the assistance! Cheers
  3. Hi Guys I've updated Java and the Wurm launcher runs normally however when I press "Play" nothing happens... no wurm window appears. I've tried both the normal launcher and the steam version with no luck. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks all for the advice disabling the onboard chip worked a treat Wurm is running like a treat now and at higher settings. Miss ya too mate! Cheers
  5. Haha love it. trying to think of another funny option. Raking it in Muck rake Snake holder
  6. Hi Guys So I've just ran the latest update for Windows 10 and now Wurm is no longer working as normal. It appears to be defaulting to using the onboard GPU rather than the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. I've gone into Nvidia Control panel and added the Wurm launcher under Manage 3D settings and Program settings to use the graphics which it does for the launcher however after clicking 'Play" in the launcher it defaults back to GPU 0 - 3D (Intel(R) UHD Graphics from GPU 1 (NVIDIA GeForce). Any ideas or suggestions would be great appreciated, my other option would be to restore Windows back to a previous point however it seems to work well with every other game except Wurm. Here's what it looks like: Cheers
  7. +1 to having both and the choice to choose which one you feel like doing at the time.
  8. If it goes ahead give me a shout and I'll be happy to pop back over and help on Nathan.
  9. I dunno it's a tough one, leaning towards either Fo or Lib at this stage since I can't follow myself anymore .
  10. Bump, this needs a good home ?
  11. Bump still for sale 150s
  12. For sale or interested in trading for Black Tome or Libram of the Night. Cheers