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  1. Dammit thought Janitor was 100, there might be hope left lol
  2. Come on fix the game! Last time I checked 10,800 was > 6000.
  3. [16:40:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Cheers
  4. On it's way...
  5. Having a clean out, all shoulder Pads as follows. 25ql = 25c 75ql = 50c Rare Boar = 1s
  6. Still looking for one green drake set. Quality or enchants don't matter or alternatively will look at enough hide to make as long as one piece is green to make the set. Cheers
  7. Wanted to buy a white drake cap or 0.33kg / 0.34kg in white drake hide. PM me on forums or in game on Gregory or Nathan. Cheers
  8. Looking for a full set (including cap) of white or green drake creation quality drake. Will also look at buying drake in bulk (white or green). Pm me here or in game on either Gregory or Nathan. Cheers
  9. Nice, I'll have to swing by and check it out.
  10. Wow! I'm excited to see what Nathan and Gregory look like on freedom!
  11. Started Epic at launch and have played ever since through the high's and low's. I think its great these changes are being looked at and given the history I think a 1:1 transfer would be fair due to the many reasons previously stated by long term epic players. I don't care about gear/tomes/karma etc I just want to play my character/my identity that I haved worked on in a populated community environment.
  12. Just looking at the Valrei map and as per the changes to the existing player gods at the time (Nahjo, Tosiek, Nathan and Paaweelr) all had their starting stats lowered closer to the existing original gods i.e 6/7, 6/6 for balance. Seems the new player god stats (Smeagain and Gary) haven't had their started stats adjusted yet, which I'm sure is just an oversight but haven't seen anything posted and it's been a while now. Also who's cannedjack on the Valrei map? I know no-one gives a crap about Epic and Valrei but its still a bug.
  13. Goodbye DNPA, sad to see yet another peice of Epic history crumble into dust.
  14. A dye-able cloak!