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  1. A dye-able cloak!
  2. +1 was suggested a while back due to the reason they are also a pain to kill for no reward I.e can't butcher for a chance at seryll or potions on epic.
  3. +1 I play both, would be nice to move more freely between the 2. + 1 to enemy stopping you on the side your porting from - 1 to enemy stopping you on the side your porting too
  4. A great update! Thank you to the Development team and everyone involved in the planning/testing and release! Lots of new content to explore and wrap my head around, many hours/days of sand-box style fun to be had. Cheers
  5. It's a tricky one but I think Darklords reply clearly highlights an issue exists. From a personal perspective as a player that is active on both Elevation and home servers since the release of Epic and has done over 500,000 karma worth of missions something needs to fundamentally change with the mechanics. Home server players should not be removed from earning scenario points (they are a part of epic) but missions done on the home servers should be weighted less. They are low risk / same reward. my suggestion would be to decrease to SP value of home server missions and increase the SP value on Elevation and add a further bonus to enemy home server missions. Split the type of missions per server type. Allow tamed mounts to use the portals as I believe this would allow more exploration/interactivity by home server based players on Elevation.
  6. I figured some maths wizard would come to the rescue with some incremental calculation adjustment for both Mining and Digging. 0 to 10 Skill = x% 10 to 20 Skill = x% 20 to 30 Skill = x% A flat 10% is probally a bit low, 15% too high, 13% might be the sweet spot for both looking at a few accounts. Thanks guys and thanks Retro for the response. Cheers
  7. Did some pondering and it seems an easy fix to correct the Body Stamina issue on Epic would be to increase Body Stamina by 10% each for Mining and Digging. Had a look at several characters and this would seem to bring it up to an acceptable level if raised inline with leveling the skills naturally. If you had 90 skill in both your Body Stamina would increase by 18. Thoughts?
  8. Inb4 Avatar milking...
  9. To add new unique content to Epic that provides Quality of Life improvements using existing code or easily tweaked code ( I think) here's a couple of suggestions that won't imbalance PvP. EPIC ONLY (Draw Cards) Faith Changes Priests can swap gods once a week, whilst keeping their current faith level. This allows for pvp flexibility and fits in lore wise with the new and ever changing deities on the server. Meditation Changes Paths can be swapped once a month keeping the same level. You still have to grind the skill however this allows flexibility between PvP and PvE. Got a few more idea's around travel, affinities but still fleshing out the details. However I think it's important not too distract or lessen the importance of skill gain on Epic. Cheers
  10. +1 Also +1 to Body Stamina Also add plot course, adding that to all epic servers would spice things up! no-one like sailing for hours.
  11. PvP issues aside from a functional perspective just throwing this out there as a potential starting point for the Devs to look at the differences between Epic and Freedom/Chaos and why new/existing players are choosing to play on Freedom rather than Epic. Looking at the starting list below from a pure content perspective new players are really missing out on a lot of content by choosing to play on Epic, over time Epic has been bleed dry of unique content. EPIC Has Increased Skill Gain Curve Scenario's Epic - Does Not Have Underground housing Plot course Sermon resets Drake and Scale Leather imping Skill-gain from vesseling Working Rift Jewelry Cheaper Templar costs Safety from terra-forming events Access to uncapped non-iron ore on all servers Unique titles for 100 skill Body Stamina gain from Mining Body Stamina gain from Digging Easier skill gain at higher levels (try woodcutting on Epic) Some of these have not been added due to potential PvP balancing which remain unresolved long after implementation. Well you get the idea, please shout out any I've missed or flagged incorrectly and I'll update the list.
  12. Congratulations Sme! I think I can honesty say you are the most deserving to ascend with all the missions, time and effort you have invested over the years.