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  1. Didn't get an email, shame as it looks interesting, especially after watching the videos.
  2. Used Xallo's link Here's mine:
  3. test server is fun too, I was walking along the shore and suddenly the combat window flashed up, when I checked what was attacking I saw "You have bitten yourself" or words to that effect. :
  4. All three priests types available, also all three altars. Mimisbrunnr x21, y18
  5. tbh I would be suspicious of Microsoft files anyway
  6. Norton 360 doesn't like rtp_splitter.dll form the path and has deleted it. Threat name: Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP
  7. Replied on your last post, offering again ;D

    I'll buy at 7s, let me know which server you are on.
  9. Put me down for this event as well. Fo priest.
  10. Tintin, if you can't find anyone on Deli to help, I can do it for you. Currently on Exo and I can do 3 tiles a day (3 chars obviously).
  11. Supplying Enchanted grass service - 1s per tile, can currently do 3 tiles per day. Mag priest available for mine tile collapse - 1s per tile. contact via pm/forum or in game (Nithhogr)
  12. I have three altars on my deed: Gold - not moveable, same as always Stone - moveable, same as always Wooden (oak) - cannot push/pull. I thought this used to be possible? I have tried as deedholder, priest of sane faith (Fo), priest/follower of another faith nad also someone not aligned to the Gods, all with the same negative result - [16:36:47] The altar of Fo won't budge. It is stuck. The altar can be turned clockwise/anti-clockwise though.