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  1. Considering all Accounts at the moment. Please PM me any info you can with a price range Deed must have at least a few buildings and a bed. PM Photos details
  2. Closed

    Posted in wrong place >< Oops!
  3. Update** Added Map links, discord link, and a few more details about mods.
  4. Deeds are not free, but the bounty mod should help you get the minimum size pretty quickly. (We are working on a method to include a bit of credit towards a deed as well.) Map is 2048x Priests can cast whichever spell they want. (Unlimited faith gain is being added soon as well) And yes there is a map. You can use Miretta's forum link for the original map posts, or you can view our Mapviewer
  5. Hopefully that has done the trick!! All new server info has been posted, and a discord link for anyone to join Come on by friends! We are waiting for ya!
  6. Greetings fellow Wurmians! I am pleased to announce that Nocturnal Kingdom RP has gone fully live! There have been many changes since my original post and I will try and fill in as much information as possible, it is very likely I will forget some things, so please do not hesitate to ask below or send me a PM if you prefer. We are using the updated version of Miretta's beautiful Riverlands map (Which has received tons of positive feedback.) Check it out here. Mods that have been activated (so far): Betterdig Bountymod Bulkmod Meditate mod (no wait time on medi gains, no move requirement between meditations.) Spellmod (no wait time on faith gains, and no requirement for linking.) *Coming soon: Treasure Hunter mod *Other mods will be added over time, and may already be activated by the time you read this. As we are trying to implement them slowly on our test server to prevent any crashes/bugs. Notable server settings: Max Creatures: 35,000 Characteristics Start: 21 (Please note, for the 21 Body Control to apply for riding horses, you must complete at least 1 action that contributes to BC, such as creating a shaft.) 2x Skill Gain 5x Actions 40(ish) actions to break a mine wall. If you are interested, keep an eye on this post as I will attempt to update it as often as possible. Though the best method for news will be our discord server We are currently still looking to fill some staff roles on the server, so if that is something you enjoy doing, please PM me either here or on Discord with your experience and what you would be interested in doing.
  7. Hi friends! I was wondering if anybody knew how to make it so that a player can follow Libila on a freedom home server without being converted to Horde of the summoned, essentially I want everyone to be Freedom isles, but without removing the option to follow Libila, I have tried a number of different settings, but whenever I convert someone to libila it will convert them to HOTS. Also I have to do this through GM, as reading the inscription does not work (since its freedom isles)... Any tips would be much appreciated. I feel like this has been done on other servers already.
  8. Nevermind! I found it myself haha. But I will leave this up for anyone else curious. The second comment in by Keenan explains how to do it.
  9. So a while back I remember a discussion about trading characters on WU to other players, and it had something to do with the database and steamid. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would appreciate all answers. Cheers!
  10. Offering Dziku (Dump sent privately) for 34E and a referral.