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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Friends with Xandaros, would appreciate a room nearby if possible? So excited for Impalong, missed it in the past. I can do some BS.
  2. Deliverance Community Map

    @YagaNew Deed founded "Amethyst Wharf" @ 318, 1424
  3. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Whispering Pines Marina (~G2), is currently misplaced, too far to the left. Pink is the deed extent. Many thanks
  4. close

    Bought 37 Silvers for 34 Euros from Kurson. Excellent smooth exchange

    Willing to buy the whole lot for 29 EURO. I've also sent you a PM.
  6. WTS 12 silver for 12 euros

    If Zaymin doesn't take you up on the offer, I will. ( Time allowing )
  7. Christmas Impalong Discussion! [Freedom Isles]

    I've not followed this Impalong thread much, but the general consensus from people is that people are becoming sour because they want their deed to host impalong. If things continue down this line, the whole purpose of impalong will no longer hold true, and when we come to that road we won't have impalong to argue over. I applaud the people who are willing to help out other deeds, even if theirs is not selected. If we can't have a civilized discussion of the pros and cons and can't be diplomatic, then perhaps Impalong will no longer be a global event, but rather be fractured into local communities, then the same will happen again, fighting over rights to hold an 'official' event. Soon we'll all break off into factions who don't trust each other and all have hate towards each other. Notice where we're heading people, fix your ways before it becomes too late. Sorry for being a little dramatic here, but some people are being so selfish and are clouded to the impact of their actions on the community as a whole. We're all family, start acting like such.
  8. WTS 50s for 50e

    I'll buy 10s for 10Euro if willing to break it up. I reserve the right to back out of the deal until money is sent, depends how long it will take between posting this and transaction being completed. I'm out.
  9. WTS 2 gold

    sending PM Second thoughts, nvm.
  10. WTS 1 Gold

    Want to buy 25s, how would you prefer to be contacted, feel free to message me through forums or ingame @ gmsf.
  11. Deedplanner 2.9.6 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Noticed a bug when building a design for my keep. A certain 3x2 tile area was unable to be added to a writ via the application, this was also confirmed by my friend. After examining your save file and determining how it worked we looked up the problem tiles and found nothing wrong, they were clearly defined by a type ( eg ro for rock ). In the first version of my plan it was tiles x: 4, 5, 6; y: 7, 8. Upon resizing 1 to the left, and 1 up. They then became x: 5, 6, 7; y: 8, 9. The problem was fixed by manually editing the writ entry at the bottom of the save file. Still unsure why you have the number of tiles as the first entry when the entry is delimited by a newline. I tried the problem tiles in a brand new file, and launch of the application. There was no issue, I then proceeded to load the earliest version of the map where the problem existed before, and it still persists. Somehow these unwritable tiles are linked to the save file, but I don't know the save file well enough to figure it out yet. Any ideas what could cause this conflict?
  12. WTS/WTT skiller tools

    small anvil, coc 74, 28.42 ql. to Gmsf please. Thanks
  13. WTS/WTT skiller tools

    pickaxe COC74 - 1.37 ql. COD to Gmsf please. Much thanks. Nvm Found cheaper @ market place. Will still look at your tools for future skilling stuff.