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  1. Location ~x 26 y 32~ Jacobs Ladder, Release Contact Pokasittinghorse or Nev either on forum or ingame Vegies: 900 pumpkins (56 QL) 900 garlic (52 QL) 450 wheat (53 QL ) 500 corn (51 QL ) 900 onions (53 QL ) 900 potatos (53 QL ) 1k strawberries (53 QL ) 2k cotton (58 QL) 1k wemp (62 QL) price: 1silver per 1k Sprouts: 1k grape 900 pinewood 600 birchwood 70 lindenwood 100 oakenwood (5c per sprout) 20 willow (5c per srpout) 30 apple 100 chestnut 250 maple 150 firwood 250 oleanderwood 300 cherrywood 150 olivewood 50 walnut 100 rosewood 300 lemonwood Flowers: 240 purple flowers 440 orange red flowers 850 yellow flowers 10 greenish yellow 10 blue flowers 100 white flowers 2 white dotted flowers (1 s each) Price: 1c per sprout unless noted differently Horses: Rosegolden (white/ F / 5 speed) Piewart (white/ M / 5 speed) Flashstrong (white/ F / 5 speed) Rosenorth (brown/ F / 5 speed) Raidsouth (white/F/5 speed) Walkingrun (brown/F/5 speed) Oblivionsouth (brown/M/5 speed) Heartflea(black/M/ 5 speed) Sweetkiss (white/F/5 speed) price: 1.5 s each Armour: 2 sets of studded leather (70QL) price: 1.4 silver each Enchants: steel pickaxe 20QL (67coc)-1.5 s steel pickaxe 20QL (69coc)-1.5 s steel pickaxe 20 QL (75coc)- 2 s steel huge axe 20QL (89 frost brand)- 3 s oak spindle 40QL (66coc)- 1 s oak spindle 40QL (75coc)- 1.5 s iron needle 35 QL (74coc)- 2s set of horseshoes 88QL(62/55/51/57woa)- 6s steel hatchet 1QL (66coc)-1s steel huge axe 22 QL(63coc,77 nimbleness)-3.5s steel huge axe 23 QL(93nimbleness,41coc,51 frostbrand)-5s iron butchering knife 16QL(87coc)-3.5 s birchwood fishing rod 12QL (69coc)-1.5 s gold ore: 30QL- 50 c per 100 40QL- 1 s per 100 50QL-1.5 s per 100 60QL-2 s per 100 large gold brazier bowls: 20QL for 30 c Possible orders on cooked meat and sprouts/flowers
  2. Yeah, i know it's been suggested , maybe they actually give us the option. If it came with higher skill it would be awesome
  3. I keep getting 'you are blessed with some mind logic' but it's not showing skill gain anywhere. I had 5-6 of those in past few days and my mind logic it's the same. Also in the skill tracker if i chose 'soul depth' to show why does it go green for every soul and soul streinght tick? somebody told me it shows even the slightest skill gain but it's going green for all the wrong skills. Also every other time i get on the cart i get the glitch when it wont move an inch, but that has been reported already. Thanks in advance
  4. 1. Enchanting flowers cause we won't have worry about trees growing out of there(where we don't want them) 2. Different clothing for priests, maybe different colors for each kind of priest, would make them recognizable 3. Also, planting trees in the middle of the tile not in the corners, like a permanent fix or maybe just available at higher level gardening 4. And, uh oh, more types of flowers ! (pink for example )