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  1. #2 815 Cochineals 27ql 2s plus/and delivery to deli if won Amiti
  2. 4s but if won need delivery to deli, will pay fee Amiti
  3. Pickaxe W80c41 1s Hammer w73 1s to Amiti please
  4. 70.27ql Iron File 53 Coc,98Woa 2s 31c 69.64ql Iron Awl 60Coc.78Woa 1s 68c to Amiti, Thanks
  5. 3s if you deliver to deli, waterfront Amiti
  6. #3 1s #6 50c Amiti/ Deli
  7. #1: 81ql rare butchering knife: 10s to Amiti and thanks
  8. 61ql hammer, iron (WoA 76) = 75c and 35ql grooming brush, oak (CoC 84) = 1s 30c to Amiti please
  9. What a Wonderful idea and such a nice thing to do! Congrats!