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  1. Well thry can always make it a drop when u kill them. And the drop can vary on special items.
  2. Why not have these two run amuck on St. Paddies Day and if caught per say, the lepricaun gives silver that can b used towards the game time and the fairies grants a time bonus on an item or xtra sleep bonus. That is if u catch them. They would be non-tameable and disappear after the prize has been awarded for being caught. And yes the fairies items can be traded and sold but not made.
  3. You should expand the animal breeds a little more. Like adding in ducks that lays eggs for cooking (along with the chickens), sheep for wool, goats for various things, moose for the same thing as a bison or horse ( maybe even mounted antlers for candles or what not. Male deer with antlers that can be made into knives or other things. You should add more variety for the places. Make it to where they are maybe rare to other islands but not other certain islands. For example; a moose is more for mountains and swampy places that has a cold temp to it like Alaska. But you won't see a moose in England or Russia (I think). So it'd be interesting to have for a merchant ship sailing from one island to another selling their goods.
  4. and lets be able to pick feathers from feathered animals for fly fishing. pheasant + carving knife/ butcher knife = feather/s, meat, animal fat. Chicken + knife = same as above.
  5. It'd be cool to make digging more worth while rather than to just level, raise, or lower the area if you impliment worms or grubs or something like that and add towards bait so the fishing seems more realist like most of the game. It shouldn't take that much data like a waterfall.
  6. If you're able to make more than one charater on an account then why not have it that they all are on the premium account. Why would we need to buy the prem. for all the char. under that said one char. you have it for. And there should be the option to change char. that has prem. only one time ordeal. Make a token for changing homestead deeds locations or what not.
  7. Then don't do rivers just make a pond with the waterfall.
  8. Wooden spikes are a long age old custom to defense from enimies stealing others stuff. There should be some wooden spikes especially for the beginners so they can defend their homestead before the walls are built. Let it only be movable by the creator of the spikes.
  9. It would be nice to see a waterfall in-game and be able to build around one, maybe mine behind one.