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  1. Goblin leader slaying

    Thank you for sharing.
  2. What's your favourite Wurm skill?

    My favorite skill is waiting for what's next. Love the change to find in wiki that really takes you to the page. Fantastic help tool And blueberry pegs, all the cool dyes from archaeology, those are aces so that gets a vote Spear fishing if you turn the HUD off and stand there with a spear waiting to stick a fish
  3. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    If you still have this cod it to rapidron please. Trowel C99 1-10 1s 72c 25% 1s 29c
  4. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    Nomadikhan is correct. Their is nothing quite so hard as self motivation. If you need a game that tells you go here do this then Wurm is not for you. On the other hand if you see a mansion on a hill where there is only rock Wurm is your game.
  5. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    Praying is my favorite skill grind
  6. Replace global cast on journal

    If dev's are not going to remove it from the journal, then how about upping the favor required to 1000. All priest linked would get the achievement. One thousand favor would force the spell to be a community event.
  7. Meal and Pizza generator

    found it
  8. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest name: Jakesully (Nahjo) Main contact: Rapidron Location: Port Heidiho, F-24, a little north of Summerholt Time: retired so on most days EDT Gimmicks: mailbox, highway, horses and food available. Notes: NEXA
  9. Mountain Naming?

    Looks like a zombie chicken to me.
  10. Get you pottery valentines here!

    thanks Niki
  11. Achievements

    Since I have given up all hope, my stress level has dropped. WTS grapes
  12. Looking for Grapes n Maple

    I have 5k grapes I will sell for 12 silver.
  13. WTS 5k grapes 12 silver

    Xanadu NE corner
  14. WTS 5k grapes 12 silver

    Pick up at Port Heidiho F24 Contact rapidron or jakesully total amount is 5372 selling all as 5k 81.52 ql