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  1. Make Whetstone icon easier to see

    That would be a welcome change.
  2. Do you have +75 WS?

    I am closing in on 80 and planned to stop but well maybe. Who am I kidding it is going to 90
  3. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    You have to go to the meeting to be a member of WA, or so I heard. I was planning on attending but my horse is sick.
  4. Rift June 7

    Thank you for the location
  5. Missing Keybinds

    If we can't have mixing natural substances in the crafting bar how about a mix key bind
  6. Do you like the new fishing system?

    thank you much appreciated and needed
  7. Do you like the new fishing system?

    Thanks Flubb, stare intensely at your screen waiting for the game to tell you to click ruins fishing. I have Wurm Assistant so I will use that to get the 10kg fish for journal.
  8. Do you like the new fishing system?

    So I crafted all the new stuff that was ok wurming Found the different baits again ok wurming Went fishing oops I double clicked on the cast and stopped fishing. Oops I moved while waiting for a fish one ping only Vasily. Oops a corp mate asked me a question and the fish swims away. Well that was fun so I put my stuff up. I'll put the fishing line in the bsb with the bow strings no no they have to rot ok well I'll put the tackle box on an alt. The bait rots so I can't even put the chopped fish with the minced meat, the cut up cheese with the cheese? Can't even put it in a larder? Fishing is to the exclusion of any other activity like chatting in alliance. Having to go out and forage for bait every time you want to fish because it rots oh my exciting. I'll jack with this to catch the 10 kg fish maybe even go marlin hunting for the journal but fun no it is not fun. Thank you for trying to make it better. that was a lot of work.
  9. Other options to get kindling as priest

    they should add corn chips and make them a kindling for nahjo priest? Seriously it is a pain to not have the ability to make kindling at a basic level.
  10. Remove the cap on sleep bonus from missions

    sleep powder for missions should be the way the bonus is granted. Had many corp mates that said, My bonus is at 9 hours 45 minutes I am not making a piece of junk.
  11. Big cleanup sale, rares and silver

    rare scythe to rapidron please
  12. Archaeology Woods for Sale !

    cod the branches to rapidron please
  13. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    I like Finne baker the best
  14. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Please send me a 93-95 coc grindstone cod Rapidron
  15. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Started with a Timex "computer" playing a flight sim Evolved to an 8088 and player a star trek free ware sim don't remember the name it was back in the late '80's. Moved to a SX 486 and played Wing Commander until I discovered Panzer General 2 It was one of the first modable games After that Pharaoh & Cleopatra Civ 3 Discovered Morrowind & jumped down the Elder Scrolls rabbit hole. I still love the music. Hard to believe that was sixteen years ago. Knocked around with a lot of city builders & RTS games. Shout out to Mass Effect series. My first online game was Granado Espada then I went to Eve. I stumbled onto Wurm reading a review by a guy who was hung up about making pottery bowls. HMM I might like making pottery bowls. Loved the tutorial on Golden Valley. Their were people that stayed in the wood cutting section for days lol. The server choice back then was Indy or Chaos and being a fledgling potter I choose Indy. Next favorite game was the Pristine release I still remember Lisabet riding up and saving me when the spider targeted my horse and killed it (or did I accidentally target it?).