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  1. Lost two HOTA statues!

    Hope you get em back. Same thing happened to me, and the GM's once again showed how much control to help they have.
  2. Cuddly new staff model!

    Pretty sure there are a bunch of diffrent models you could have done besides the "GM" team. (I use GM loosely because anytime its something difficult to fix it gets shuffled around till forgotten.)
  3. Inactive players on deed

    You have mechanics in place to deal with your problems.
  4. Wurm needs a /twerk emote.

    Huge +1. But we need green tights back as well.
  5. new creature/NPC Bandits

    Pretty much, people help themselves to anything not nailed down, we don't need NPC's we need all servers PvP.
  6. What is your favorite thing about Wurm?

    Paying to waste my life watching timers and getting shafted when I make support tickets.
  7. Just what exactly is griefing now ?

    \So it is up to the GM looking at the call to make a Personal Decision? Cause that has worked for the two years I have played this game. Best to make friends with a few so they always rule on your side. Cause that has never happened ever.
  8. Take Back Mood Colors!

    3 years later mabey.
  9. OAuth for Wurm Accounts

    Dat fatigue limit doe
  10. WTA Small magic chest

    buyout +1
  11. 2nd client

    1) Double click the Wurm shortcut, log in. 2) Double click the Wurm shortcut, log in. 3) Double click the Wurm shortcut, log in. 4) Double click the Wurm shortcut, log in. That is how to run 4 toons, you only need the top 2 instructions.
  12. Of Doughnuts And Doghouses

    Force PvP on freedom. that is all
  13. Also, Load overrides Plant.
  14. A Vynora priest important skills

    Strongly advise 30 in Black Smithing and Carp and stone cutting, you'll thank me a few weeks in when you decide your main account has much better things to do than make 2000planks while the priest sits afk pressing space bar on an alter. Edited Blacksmithing