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  1. I have a solution for you. Make separate wagon just for the signs. Problem solved. You don't have to thank me
  2. Someone placed a merchant on the bridge. As far as I know you can only place them in finished house or market stall. Now he's floating above the bridge.
  3. /fatigue is the command
  4. Remove it. I beg you. LET ME PLAY
  5. 30 moments of inspiration during botanizing and foraging and not a single clue.
  6. It's weird cause in my experience PVE players were more toxic than PVP ones.
  7. [19:24:14] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Lundu'. Colors: R=80, G=214, B=15. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid: 30s Minimum increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Pickup at D22 Pristine Screenshots: