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  1. On Things Current

    Road map is not a new content
  2. What do you mean? He quoted whole sentences. And how about you stay on topic
  3. Most people that say "if you lose 20-30 horses per fight you're bad" probably never been in legit pvp fight in Wurm. +1 for the idea
  4. How did you manage to get 1-1-1 RGB?
  5. Another server? Are you serious?
  6. bought, can close
  7. Looking for 2x human skull shoulder pads
  8. Can't put affinity token into inventory group.
  9. Just stop. At this point I think you don't understand or don't want to understand how expensive PVP is in this game. Just read what Votip posted. Money from PMK merch doesn't go into our pockets but for deeds, res stones etc. Also there's similar topic about it so I don't know why make a 2nd one.
  10. Really bad idea. Just come to Chaos and make your own PMK.
  11. [23:33:01] <Votip> ive been noob for years and now i am most famous pvper in the game
  12. [18:46:06] <Nacholibre> Should bring a cage for miket [18:46:10] <Nacholibre> and make a sign [18:46:17] <Yaga> DO NOT FEED [18:46:18] <Nacholibre> Do not feed the Miket
  13. As the title says character named Miket is back in my hands thanks to @zeafaw