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  1. little bump cause I still think this is a great idea!
  2. Who would have thought, with the response of crickets chirping and the sight of rolling tumbleweed.... sold via PM
  3. Good to see it's so well recieved! Surely hope there is a chance this will be implemented ^.^ Hours of fun!
  4. There is no skillgain in sparring/dueling
  5. Sure that's a fair skill comparison, but sometimes you just want to try out that new set of equipment and see if you are the thougher person
  6. Hey Everyone, Perhaps as many of you, my friend and I enjoy ourselfs a duel for fun. Checking which one of the two is a bit stronger and/or luckier at the time. Though with getting increasingly expensive equipment it's taking the fun out of having a friendly brawl to repair that said equipement.... Guessing our suggestion is pretty clear by now: Remove damage done to equipment while in a duel/sparring match. This would open up a new activity for people to enjoy without it being very costly. Kind regards, Gido
  7. Congratz Will COD to you as soon as I get back from work.
  8. Hello Everyone, Have been lucky enough to make a Rare huge axe! Quality 60+ Asking for 8s, will COD to the buyer.
  9. Hello Everyone, I would like to sell the plate set I've been using for a while now, it served me well As the title says the set is all QL 85+, though some items have damage on them. The damage is to little to mend/repair, in my opinion that would be a waste of quality. Plate gauntlet (1): QL 85.97 with 0.55 dmg and Aosp 89 Plate gauntlet (2): QL 85.86 with 0.36 dmg and Aosp 85 Breat plate: QL 85.44 with 7.68 dmg and Aosp 80 Plate sabaton (1): QL 85.24 with 0.29 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate sabaton (2): QL 85.54 with 0.10 dmg and Aosp 84 Great helm: QL 85.24 with 2.00 dmg and Aosp 86 Plate vambraces (1): QL 85.96 with 1.77 dmg and Aosp 85 Plate vambraces (2): QL 85.66 with 2.81 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate leggings: QL 85.93 with 5.95 dmg and Aosp 82 Set total Aosp: 753 (average of 83.67 an item) Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 9s Reserve: 6s Snipe-protection: 1 hour
  10. As title says, looking to buy rare plate leggings
  11. Will do! give me a couple minutes to get to my mailbox