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  1. Make An Offline Mode

    While the other reasons this would be a bad idea are also true and valid, no one has really touched the main issue. The absolute #1 biggest reason this will never happen is that if there was an offline mode, you'd never have any reason to pay for wurm, which would mean that a lot of players would no longer do so, which would mean Rolf wouldn't be able to afford to keep the game under development, which would obviously be a terrible outcome. While the idea isn't all that awful in a vacuum, it'd be a pretty terrible move on the part of the development team. Also it would be a ton of work that would be better spent doing something even more important like improving the game. The good news is that there already IS a survival sandbox game with offline capability. Many would even go as far as to call it fun. If the servers go down and you're jonesing for survival, launch that little gem and get your fix while you wait.
  2. A good way to combat people playing on test in lieu of real servers as a primary thing would be to have scheduled rollbacks. I know I wouldn't want to spend all my time playing on test if I knew that nothing I did would last more than a week, for example. That way, the people who wish to actually test are much more likely to be the ones logging in. If your goal is to test, you don't care as much about your fancy enclosure poofing every few days.
  3. Open Interiors For Multi-Story Buildings

    To confirm, additional levels require more skill to build, but the floor/ceiling tiles do not add to that, correct? Is the formula for skill requirement the same as current, (1 skill per wall), or is it more for higher levels? Edit: This is asking Zcul's opinion, and not a request for a hard CCAB response to which we should hold them when 1.0 comes out =P
  4. Butchering On Deed

    Would it be possible to make this a permission-based action? I'd like to be able to get maximum productivity from my guard. She's my primary source of food/pelts/etc. I know many other deed owners would like to see this as well. My deed tends to get littered with corpses butchered with carving knives by passing new players who can't even pick up the loot. Thanks for your time in reading this. =)
  5. Celebration Community Map Project - Discontinued [Close]

    Furthermore, the dump map doesn't have deeds and all the other nice things DM included. Also, the server was open for over a month I think before the dump was released. Please troll elsewhere. That said, I'm loving the new map and the new coordinate system. Having a separate set of values for X and Y is a great change.
  6. Looking For Grizzly Hollow

    I logged in today and discovered I'm on the KoS list for a place called Grizzly Hollow. I can't think of anyone I might have angered, and I'd like to talk to the mayor thereof and get the situation resolved. If anyone knows the name of the owner or the location of the deed, please let me know. Thanks. =)
  7. Naming Features For The Cmp

    Ahh. In that case, I apologize. =)
  8. Naming Features For The Cmp

    While I think you've done a fantastic job with the map and have a fine set of rules set forth for naming things, I feel like I have to point out that the island in the west, on which lies Cydonia, Horizon, Westbrook, etc (the round one due north of your island) is the largest island on the map, with the possible exception of your own with which it is most likely tied for largest or a close second at worst. =)
  9. Naming Features For The Cmp

    I both like and agree with Garis's suggestions.
  10. *close Please*

    I'll do it.
  11. Need Worker (Not Hiring At The Moment)

    [edit: herp derp. This job's on Indy and I'm on Cele.]
  12. Wtb 1K Bricks Any Ql

    I'll do it. PM me here or in game and we can talk pricing and what not.
  13. Naming Features For The Cmp

    6) I'd like to suggest Skjaldborg Marr (which, in Norse, translates to shieldwall sea). The alliance I'm in lives on it and is called The Vikingr. Skjaldborg Saer would also work, since saer is an inlet of the sea, which this sort of is.
  14. Celebration Community Map Project - Discontinued [Close]

    Actually, both people were me and I just got my East/west confused. lol It's in 39x,18y in the top right corner. If you zoom in, you can see the paving and such. Sorry for the confusion (which wouldn't have existed at all if Ash knew where he bloody lived. =P )
  15. Naming Features For The Cmp

    A bay seems more like the sort of thing that would be off the open sea rather than some interior body of water, so I'd like to propose we think of a more correct term for 6. I'll sleep on it and see what I can come up with. It strikes me more as a cove or a firth. [edit: I know that lakes and other interior bodies of water CAN have formations called bays, but generally when most folks think of a bay, it's facing open ocean. e.g. the Hudson, Chesapeak, and Montego Bays]