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  1. The sermons hosted by Eberhelm and the Chicken Knights alliance at Sand Asylum are private. We are not taking in any more priests at this time. Thanks
  2. Extended downtime

    How about that lifetime premium? And i believe for complications like these, players are awarded sleep bonus.
  3. *googles games like wurm online*
  4. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks again Triv
  5. Room for more mining help. CoC/WoA picks available for use. Per tile wage determined by mining skill. Great for new players. PM Eberhelm or Mooji in-game
  6. There will be room for one more priest tonight while maintaining preach @ 3hr cool-down if anyone is interested. PM Eberhelm or Mooji in game
  7. Looking for 1 or 2 more helpers, preferably newer players. Mainly mining, digging and masonry. PM Eberhelm or Mooji
  8. Curious about that 5 speed bison. Send me a PM in game if you wouldn't mind
  9. Looking for helpers for various projects at Sand Asylum x9 y23 Release. Wages negotiable by hour or task. Food, drink, tools and beds provided if need. PM Eberhelm or Mooji in game