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  1. now it just puts the shutters inside or outside seemingly at random on the window sections
  2. First step is to create a visible database of known bugs, followed by a priority list, but this is wurm where you get threatened with sanctions by CS for using a bug report!
  3. only thing wrong with it atm is that hitched carts fall though it! Adding new patterned floors using more materials and a slate 'slab' floor I'd be happy to see!
  4. I know it's Hertzner, I've known it was Hertzner all along, now is it going to get fixed? Cos it aint yet!
  5. Time to dispose of Hertzner & get a carrier that doesnt ditch more traffic than it carries!
  6. +1 How about both size and position memory for all windows
  7. Wurmepidia server issues (504) or extremely slow has been since mid evening Sat.
  8. As the title says there is no news update showing in the Launcher
  9. It would be nice to see this furniture in game, how hard is it to skin a cube and call it a bed?
  10. [Release] WTB 2x Nimbleness, CoC & maybe Mind Stealer casts on my Long Spears (78 & 80 QL) at my deed Reply here, PM or PM in game, with price (with your expected ql) & availability (UK TZ - UTC+1), please.
  11. +1 tried the "drop a large anvil" the altar ended up 2 pushes further away and in the wall! wogic !!!