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  1. Personally, anyone who is able to communicate effectively (even if not perfectly) in 2 or more languages has my respect. Anyone capable of communicating effectively in two or more languages where the alphabet ( probably not the correct word) like Russian and English has my absolute utmost respect for the mental gymnastics they must go through. So salute to all you multi-lingual people.
  2. Forgot to mention another suggestion that has been suggested and suggested again and again ---- Pack Horses or Mules with Panniers
  3. Thank you for both the Saddle Bags and the Changes to Lurker in the Dark.
  4. -1 Simply, I don't think that a reset at this time will be beneficial. They have effectively eliminated the need of home servers on epic with the recent changes by making Freedom the skilling location for Epic. Epic is dead as it was originally conceived, may as well eliminate the home servers, join Ele to the Freedom cluster the same as Chaos is now. It'l make the crafters happy to have a bigger consumer base to sell their wares. Perhaps, after the religion/priest stuff is done and the dust has settled from the death of the home servers then revisit the issues around the pvp island resets, reboots, combining or other options. But tearing everybody's stuff down now, and then possibly doing again possibly in 6 months isn't going to help.
  5. A long time ago, 4 or 5 player god ascensions, I made a post basically stating that player gods should never have been full gods. They should have been placed on the Val map as ascended mortals, if they survived they should have ascended as demi-gods and granted 2 or 3 spells. Lore Priests could then pick one or two of these Player demi-gods to worship along with one of the lore gods. The priests can in this way round out their spell list, the main priests of the lore gods wouldn't be eclipsed by the new RNG created god spell lists, you wouldn't have the domain issues you have now. The Lore would still be intact as to the reasons the gods and their faithful fight. At this point, I don't know if anyone even reads the lore or if the lore is even still available to be read. It probably doesn't even matter anymore. I really can't wait to see how the devs are going to balance all of these gods, and then keep them balanced as new gods are added. For myself I believe that the Devs have heroically set before themselves tasks which are "Sisyphean" in nature. I wish them all the best, as the World of Wurm rests on the shoulders of these Atlas Devs.
  6. While the Gods seem to like our prayers, they also seem to have an affinity for our worldly goods. Libila has smiled benevolently on me many times during my many falls from high places, when I have sacrificed worldly goods that she likes. Generally when I have been overly generous with my sacrificing she has graced me with kindness, healing my wounds, giving me favor and food. Gods love gifts, something to try the next time misfortune befalls you. Grumpy
  7. Yes as a long-term Epic Player who has never set a pixel created foot on Freedom I recognize all of what you just said. Keeping a badly conceived and implemented feature which will only continue to destroy any temporary balance achieved by the devs is not a long term benefit to the game. This would just be one more addition to the game, that once implemented, was determined to not be in the best long-term interests of the game.
  8. I agree with the removal of Player Gods from Epic. Leave them on Freedom. There is no place for player Gods in the lore regarding the reasons the groups are fighting each other. On Freedom, it simply doesn't matter. If someone wants an item enchanting priest they can choose the one with the spells they want. If they want a priest with spells for helping with Unique battles they can pick the one that best suits their needs. The same for breeders. There is already the precedent of banning Libila from Freedom due to the perceived incompatibility of her characteristics with the Freedom play style. This change would not be inconsequential to me, as I have a Lib Priest and two Tosiek Priests (one for a battery). But I believe it would be much better for maintaining PvP balance on Epic.
  9. I would like to see the number of altars needed to support all of the priests reduced. My deed is littered with altars to all of the various gods. It would be nice if altars necessary for faith gains and sacrificing could be reduced to the two main altars BL and WL. All priests could pray or sacrifice at one of these two altars, depending on their base alignment. Altars for determining the prominent domain of a given area could be current altars, but I'd prefer that domain only apply to the original gods and not the player gods.
  10. Congrats on the announcement of the update coming on Nov. 2nd. Along with that announcement it was also stated that the Priest / religion situation would be looked at with an eye towards balancing etc. I thought that it might be good to start a thread to discuss what players would like to see looked at. I know that there are numerous threads, but thought that maybe one thread of things to be looked at might be beneficial. My areas of concern are: PvP / aggressive casts should have some form of visual or text based indicators of the strength of the cast. Currently all you get is a succeed or fail notification. Some casts have visuals Fungus trap or Ice pillar are examples of that. Some casts like Drain Health or Fireheart you can see the targets health bars move. But Tentacles and Pain Rain visuals seem to be completely missing or sporadic and no indication of the strength of the cast. If I hit something with a maul there are text based notification of the damage I've done, not so with casts. Phantasms No indication of power of the cast, Target should not be able to click "No Target" to escape the cast, The illusion should be visible to both the target and the caster. Currently visible only to the target, having it visible to the caster also, would allow the caster to attempt to steer the opponent to keep it in range of the phantom. Scorn of Libila needs to be balanced better with Light of Fo Rotting Touch and Venom need to tick more often then once every ten minutes. Both are very quickly healed with one Light of Fo cast. Granted I'm not a pvp'er, but from what I can tell neither of those casts is particularly useful, beyond the immediate damage of the weapon hit. With the advent of all of the player gods, linking between Priests as become almost impossible. This is especially true with the low populations we have seen in the past couple of years. This may change if we get a large influx of players, but I think there should be some form of linking between Priests who share the same spells.
  11. Fortunately I don't think you speak for all of Freedom in your expression of empathy for others. Bold emphasis mine And, shows again why this thread is done.
  12. No because all of these issues have been batted back forth now for some time. In my opinion freedomers just want a one way street to come over at no cost themselves with full body stats (even though epic was hamstrung for years and the stats patch that was done was admittedly not fair). To be weekend warriors with no investment in Epic other than to destroy and go back to Freedom laughing all the way. With Epic having no ability to return the favor. But in all honesty my opinion doesn't mean squat. It is up to the Devs to balance all of these issues. They have plenty of information at this point to make their choices. The continued existence of this thread just continues to drive the wedge between Epic and Freedom even more than it already is. So it is time to stop the hemorrhaging, let them make their decisions on how they want things to proceed. At the point they have had an opportunity to review and decide what in their opinion is the correct course for Wurm they can re-propose for further comment. So what pithy meme are you going to post now?
  13. @Galatyn Thank you for making my point for me.
  14. @ Budda and the rest of the Dev. Staff. I compliment you on putting forth your original post, and the fact that you have listened and adjusted some things. At this point it is my personal opinion that the thread is no longer casting light but simply a forum for pet peeves. If at some point prior to the update you have additional comments post them and receive relevant comments. You will never make everyone happy. Put a fork in it, its done! Close the thread.
  15. Well since my first character some 1700 plus days ago I have always played on epic, never had a desire to stray over to Freedom. Since I have no desire to play on the new Weekend Epic Adventure Park for Freedomers I have already started turning the lights off. I'll be gone in 24hrs. So Freedom doesn't have to worry about me bringing over my current four accounts and my nasty Lib priest who wouldn't be allowed anyway. I wish everyone, and WURM, the best of luck with the changes.