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  1. Yes +1 agan and again.
  2. I have had similar problems. My system has Intel graphics on the MB and an Nvidia graphics card. The system defaulted to using the Intel chip, I had to go in to the Intel graphics control panel and tell it which GPU to use. I am not at home right now so don't have the exact screen to reference. I couldn't tell from the information you provided if the AMD graphics chip was on the MB or a separate card. So my suggestion is to make sure that the system is using the GPU on the card rather than the MB Intel chip if you have a card. Good Luck! These issues can be exasperating.
  3. I can't see this having any impact on the game at all except the creation of a few less smokers. But neutral on its implementation.
  4. I love dogs. They are better than most people I've ever met. Give them a purpose in game other than early FS targets. I still have a hard time killing dogs in game. So +1
  5. Before I start, kudos to those players who have achieved godhood. It was a lot of work to achieve and they deserve a hearty well done! The whole player god system looks to be something thought up in a pub after the 3rd pint, sketched on a napkin by the 6th and code written by closing time. Player gods should never have been equal gods. Should never have been added to the Valrie chess board without thinking through the inevitable grid lock that would occur as more gods were added to the same size field. It would seem impossible to me, to ever be able to have a balanced epic system or to keep it balanced when more gods are being added. Player gods should be assistant gods with two powers that a priest of one of the main gods could also pray to and utilize their spells or enchants. For example a Lib priest being able use Genesis. So my vote is for a complete do over of God's and the game of the gods.
  6. I plus 1 the Thanks
  7. Returning the BL player gods to BL eligibility is a single step in the correct direction. Thank you!
  8. I need to get to work right now, but answer me this. If I play the game and I become a god like you did do I get to play him as Black Light? The answer to that is NO! According to the Dev's BL can only have Lib. So what is the point, the end game, of playing the Game of the Gods from a Black Light perspective?
  9. As we haven't had the players to do the Rifts (until very recently), I have no experience with Runes. But from reading Wiki it seems that only Vyn can do Reveal Creature Runes. Libila doesn't get that option. The last time we tried to do a Rift (about a month ago I think), MR brought over 10 players, including 3 champs to try and ambush us. I don't believe that your spies are any less active today then they have been in the past. A bunch of noobs playing the foraging lottery game would make a bunch of nice points for your champs. That would be reason enough for MR to log in. And if one of us should actually reach godhood I expect that MR would welcome them with open arms so that the BL player could play their WL priest without having to mess with anti spy measures and actually have them on deed without the guards trying to kill them all the time. So to sum up MR & JK each have 8 gods to choose from along with their spells and passives to choose from. BL as 1 with no passives - Yeah that's fair. MR & JK can walk out their front door and start foraging and they can do it a little bit at a time and store stuff. BLH has to - Ah never mind your right it's all fair and equal.
  10. If you take a look at this map you can easily see the amount of grass that affliction has left. Basically small islands offshore of the main areas. And myc is slowly approaching these areas through the water. Some mountain tops are likely safe from myc. But, honestly there is not enough grass left to support a large foraging effort. I keep a couple hundred tiles at my deed foragable by constantly absorbing the myc as it encroaches. I have never claimed that you got a free ride. Or, that you haven't organized to be able to do missions quickly. Something that BL needs to do. At one point, each of the two kingdoms, and that group of illegitimate children that follow Liblia had our gods. Each god got different spells and powers. Each had their strengths and weaknesses - balanced for their purpose. Now, WL has all gods and all spells and all powers available to them, save one. It must be assumed that when a priest seeks to move a god in a given direction, the god listens to followers and priests with more favor than someone from another religion. So WL can control all gods better than BL, If we work hard and win godhood we have to switch to WL in order to play our priest. We are not asking for favoritism, a free ride, or anything other than a reasonably level playing field. In all honesty, if the Devs and Retro had said: "Black Light has never been able to promote a player to godhood, that is why you don't have a player god available to you". I would have had to accept that, Wouldn't have liked it, but would have had to accept that. But saying, you don't get anything but Lib because of Lore! That is laughable and inexcusable.
  11. I cannot disagree with you there. But it won't happen. There are too many people who have monetized their accounts. My understanding is that the original concept was for epic to be reset every couple of years. But that discussion is really a separate debate.
  12. First I would like to request that the discussion regarding ship speeds have it's own discussion. That is not a BL Libila problem, that is a seperate issue. Secondly, the issue surrounding inability to effectively pursue the Valrei game effectively are from my perspective twofold: 1. Any of the foraging missions simply cannot be done in a timely matter due to myc having to be first removed and then wait for 24 hours to have a chance at foraging or botonizing. Some of that can now be done via planting of herbs, but not all. 2. Finding traitors is the second issue. Without reveal creatures it is very difficult to find a specific creature in many of the wooded or mountainous areas. We spent literaly days of manhours looking for some of the traitors. I have two accounts that are POK and I can check an area of 50 tiles once every 18 hours on each toon. But most people have POI as their meditation path, like I do on two of my other accounts. So in order to become more competitive I restarted an account that I was going to make Tosiek specifically for the repeatable (40 sec cast time) reveal creatures spell. But now I can't and stay within game rules. I have some ability to move members of BL to do things like stockpile various supplies for making things for some of the missions. But there is no point when you always have those missions that require finding traitors, or foraging a specific item that can't be foraged. Where you end up having to wait out the move time and hopefully a better mission. WL has none of those issues with endless green grass and limitless spells.
  13. In reading the Official Responses from the Dev. Team, I have gathered that: 1. We know the current stituation is unfair. 2. The current situation will continue until we have developed the Perfect Solution in 6 months or so. 3. At the point the Perfect Solution is completed we will release it and all will be Balanced and Fair. Therefore, my forcast for my game play is: 1. For the next 9-18 months I can expect to see fewer and fewer Lib Players. 2. During that time period I can expect to continue to receive continued deliveries of Terraforming events as I can't compete competitively in the Valrei Game and there is no point anyway. 3. During that same period I can expect that my enemies will continue to accumulate Tomes and special armor materials unapposed, as well as add more WL & BL Player Gods to their menagerie. 4. At some point in that time period the Balanced and Fair system will be released. I will be told that all is good now. The fact that my enemies have had several years of unapposed play is irrelevant get out there and compete. As a special reward we will provide you with a new New Affliction to rebuild your deeds on because the New Affliction looks more like a moonscape than Old Affliction. Wargame: "A strange game, the only winning move is to not play."
  14. I'm asking myself the same question. I was starting to feel more positive about the direction that things were going. I just restarted an account to be Tosiek to be able to play Valrei game better. Now I am told that not only that I can't, but even if I won godhood that I wouldn't be eligible to play it as BL but would have to switch to WL. How am I supposed to react to that?
  15. +1 Except it should be for all lead animals. I've lost all kinds of animals in walls. Although I did get a chain barding once cause a raider got his horse stuck in a wall.