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  1. deleted

    Deleted cause I figured out that the mission was completed while I was trying to complete it. I assume that's the reason for the trouble I had. Can be deleted.
  2. BL still needs a way to do genesis. Horses (fast horses) are extremely important. Horses are almost always the first thing to die in battle. So a horse born with 1. It has malformed hind legs, 2. The legs are of different length or 3. It has some illness are destroyed immediately. WL has among it's many combined spells Genesis which removes bad traits making a horse that would be destroyed upon birth by BL, instantly perfectly good for WL. If horses are so important to battle one would think that the Battle Goddess would enable her warriors with a way to have war horses.
  3. From the source linked I see 4 Source Totems and 3 Charming Spirits. Source Totems aren't required mission items. Source Totem enters Scary Old Trees Source Totem enters Loft Despair Source Totem enters Rusty Daggers Source Totem enters Brittlerock Mountains Charming Spirit enters Bloodsucker March Charming Spirit enters Nogump The Dirty Charming Spirit enters Mount Creation
  4. Current scenario lists a total of 3 items available for completion of the scenario in the twitter feed for the scenario. Valrie map shows a total of four items with two of the items on the NoGump the Dirty tile. Twitter feed lists only 1 item for the NoGump the Dirty tile. Libila gathered one Charming Spirit and returned to her home tile which meets the win requirement for the 3 items listed in the twitter feed but wasn't awarded the win. Graphical display & win conditions are different than what is defined in the twitter report.
  5. Does this apply to NEVER PREMIUM accounts only? Or, to any account that stops paying premium? Bluntly, will non-premium storage alts, who had been premium at one time, be deleted after 90 days of non-premium status?
  6. So I had a Nahjo, who is now a Mag (which I didn't want) but he is cool with being in HOTS on Epic. I also had a Lib and Tosiek Priest. My Lib and Tosiek Priests are now both libs and can't be transferred to any WL gods. If I transfer my Nahjo, I can only transfer it to Lib. So now I have 3 Lib priests. Two of which have completed the Benediction section of the journal. I can't transfer them to Freedom. So what you have done has taken several years worth of subscriptions, leveling and effort and turned them into totally worthless appendages. I argued against player gods years ago but you said they are here to stay, and now they aren't. I was good with the player gods being removed and transfer of the two accounts to WL gods even if that meant they had to stay in a cave in the forest. Sadly, I am not surprised by the way this has gone. In all fairness to players who have taken you at your word over the years that we should just suck up the fact that there are player gods and they are going to stay. Then oops we have decided we were wrong, now we are going to remove player gods, but you can transfer to a god of your choice, of course what you didn't mention is that for BL your only choice is Libila. Many players converted from the old gods to player gods to move in from out of the woods. You should suck it up and clean up your mess properly, convert player gods to the god of the player choice, if that means giving that character a kingdom transfer you should do that as well. Yes, unfortunately this would likely mean having to have players submit support tickets and having GMs make the change which will mean a lot of work. But it is the only fair thing to do, rather than just saying we know this sucks but it is what we are doing, which is what has been said to date.
  7. You will need to get people to come from Freedom due to the fact that the borders are closed to sailing from one epic server to another. On Affliction we have similar problems with not enough players to kill uniques. People coming from Freedom won't be able to take anything back with them except experience and journal goals if that is one of their journal goals. Good Luck, I hope you find some help.
  8. Just a reminder that you can tame a horse with foraged items. Horses aren't hard to tame even for new players. Once tamed you can right click the horse and select ride, no rope needed. Now tamed animals are subject to being attacked, so once on the horse you can untame the horse by using the animal management screen obtained by right clicking on the character screen. Or, even a quality 1 bridal will allow you to activate anything in inventory and ride the horse without taming it. With that said, I agree that it is time to either open the borders again or reset Ele again with open borders this time, which I think was the original plan. But sadly I expect that Epic is so far down on their list of concerns it is going to stay the way it is for some time.
  9. The Essence Drain page lists (in error I believe) AOSP and Web Armor has being able to be cast on a weapon with Essence Drain Enchantment. These two enchants are armor enchants and are not eligible to be cast on weapons and therefore should be deleted from: This spell will stack with Aura of shared pain, Blessings of the dark, Circle of cunning, Demise spells, Mind stealer, Nimbleness, Web armour, and Wind of ages. The page is located at Respectfully
  10. On Jackal, my templars are stuck in the mine. One is stuck inside a Marble Vein. They are not responding to Aggressive Creature alarms, it has been this way since the last reboot. I made sure that the aggressive creature box was not checked to prevent them from responding. I submitted a support ticket #160045. I did not have a mine door on the mine when this started, but do now. They would have been helpful when I had a Champ Rift Beast visited me. Grumpysmith
  11. I have long argued against player gods and haven't changed my position on it even having two PGs preists plus her awesomeness Libila's priest. So +1
  12. RT exchanges 10% of damage for "The hope that the wound isn't healed" and that the wound will kill the player after 2 or 3 server ticks. Server ticks are every 10 minutes for wounds, so hopefully someone is so incompetent that they can't make a healing cover or find a priest to heal them in 20 or 30 minutes. To make RT even close to the equivalent of FA/FB the tick rate needs to be reduced to every minute or two. In order that the wound can hope to out pace the ability of WL priests to cast LOF, cure light, cure medium etc. Alternatively, RT wounds could be imune to priest cast heals and require healing by covers only. Possibly the heal cast immunity could be tied to wound severity similarly to the way Farmer's Salve works on bruises. I ask Has anyone ever died from an RT wound server tick? I highly doubt it. If no one has, then the RT "HOPE" is an empty promise with no value.
  13. I would have been happier with a complete wipe of skills, tomes, meditation and faith, so yes I say get rid of these unbalanced abilities. I lost SOTG because it was deemed as too overpowering, without any recompense (unless the fall damage is it) on two toons. I'm not real sure, all I know is I no longer have a SOTG icon. And, I won't be able to get a new mediation ability until close to the planned Re-restart of Ele so no real reason to head down that path again. Knowledge of the game mechanics already put long term players ahead of new players.
  14. According to Wiki, you can use an axe, carving knife, saw. I've used a hatchet to make kindling as well.