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  1. Well since my first character some 1700 plus days ago I have always played on epic, never had a desire to stray over to Freedom. Since I have no desire to play on the new Weekend Epic Adventure Park for Freedomers I have already started turning the lights off. I'll be gone in 24hrs. So Freedom doesn't have to worry about me bringing over my current four accounts and my nasty Lib priest who wouldn't be allowed anyway. I wish everyone, and WURM, the best of luck with the changes.
  2. As much as I would like to think that it would be possible to ban the sale of accounts, it simply isn't feasible. If I remember correctly for a very long time EVE would not condone the sale of accounts. But, they eventually gave in and now have a site to allow for the sale of accounts. Having the sale of accounts out in the open is better than having it hidden. At least now, sales are posted, people generally ask for people to remove any permissions that that account may have had extended to them. And for the record, I've never sold or bought an account.
  3. My initial reaction is that most of the proposals/changes I see being discussed are all headed in the right direction. As Elentari mentioned I hope that new players spread out among the various groups. There is the potential for a group of 10 maxed Freedom players to come and destroy everything, particularly on the home servers which have basically been a PVE environment for last several years, is quite large. For a long time during US prime time I was the only person on Affliction. It has only been in the last few months that Affliction has seen an increase of players from the 2 or three players max to the point we have 15 sometimes now. My understanding is that most of these have been Freedom transfers, instead of true noobs. Due to the PVE nature of the server most of these have built there own deeds with 1, 2 or 3 players. I would anticipate that these Freedom transfers will transfer their existing Freedom accounts over, but the population will still be spread out all over the map making them easy pickings for an organized group until the players reorganize. So I believe that the changes are headed in the correct direction, but we will have to see how these transfers treat Epic.
  4. I had this happen to one of my characters a few weeks ago. NG engaged with Tower guards, me running away still taking significant damage LOF and healing kept me alive long enough for the guards to finish killing the NG. I was well over 5 tiles away when taking damage, at approx. 15 tiles when healing and I believe I was still taking damage. Be interesting to look at your combat log. Should have looked at mine when it happened.
  5. +1 But, for the short term, the easiest solution would be a transmutation liquid. They already have the code enabled, would just need to figure out a combination of materials. This would resolve most existing needs for convenience. Water sources in Wurm are artesian in nature. If you build a house on one you can have fountains on every floor above it. My 40 years in the business of running public water and wastewater systems would love to see piping, and wind powered pump systems. But I expect that would take a lot of coding. Sealing could be done with Jute (plant fibers, think wemp) with hot lead or tar poured on the fibers. We already have survey equipment so they could even be laid to grade Lead wasn't a real problem back in Medieval times, people mostly died from water borne diseases long before the lead would kill them.
  6. Since you have an Epic Account, you may want to read this recent thread
  7. You've entered the trial zone. People want to see if you make it for a couple or more weeks before they will spend much effort on you. Most new players only last a few days to a week. Secondly, many won't invite you to a village until you buy premium time, showing you have commitment to the game. Regarding the trader. Yeah, sadly the trader system is a mess, you do need exact change. You will make some money through various activities like butchering, killing animals, etc. There will be a drum roll and lights and you will get a notice in the event window saying you've had an inspiration. Not all of these will give you money. Another way is to activate an item you forage or butcher (as well as many other things) right click a token or trader and if they want it the will give you a few iron or so for it. That way you can earn change to make up the difference. If the trader has a few coins they will also make change. Also, if you click at the top of the trader window, on the various columns it sorts them based on the column if I remember correctly. And yes everyone is a spy, suspected spy or worse a griefer, especially f2p players. And if you decide you don't like where you are, start a new toon come to epic/Affliction everyone there knows who I am. I'll make sure you have a relatively safe place to live, while you figure out the game. Unlike most games, this game doesn't normally come to you, you have to go to it. It's a great game if your a self-starter, willing to learn, and can establish your own goals. But, it is not a game you can play for free for very long, especially on epic.
  8. Yes +1 agan and again.
  9. I have had similar problems. My system has Intel graphics on the MB and an Nvidia graphics card. The system defaulted to using the Intel chip, I had to go in to the Intel graphics control panel and tell it which GPU to use. I am not at home right now so don't have the exact screen to reference. I couldn't tell from the information you provided if the AMD graphics chip was on the MB or a separate card. So my suggestion is to make sure that the system is using the GPU on the card rather than the MB Intel chip if you have a card. Good Luck! These issues can be exasperating.
  10. I can't see this having any impact on the game at all except the creation of a few less smokers. But neutral on its implementation.
  11. I love dogs. They are better than most people I've ever met. Give them a purpose in game other than early FS targets. I still have a hard time killing dogs in game. So +1
  12. Before I start, kudos to those players who have achieved godhood. It was a lot of work to achieve and they deserve a hearty well done! The whole player god system looks to be something thought up in a pub after the 3rd pint, sketched on a napkin by the 6th and code written by closing time. Player gods should never have been equal gods. Should never have been added to the Valrie chess board without thinking through the inevitable grid lock that would occur as more gods were added to the same size field. It would seem impossible to me, to ever be able to have a balanced epic system or to keep it balanced when more gods are being added. Player gods should be assistant gods with two powers that a priest of one of the main gods could also pray to and utilize their spells or enchants. For example a Lib priest being able use Genesis. So my vote is for a complete do over of God's and the game of the gods.
  13. I plus 1 the Thanks
  14. Returning the BL player gods to BL eligibility is a single step in the correct direction. Thank you!
  15. I need to get to work right now, but answer me this. If I play the game and I become a god like you did do I get to play him as Black Light? The answer to that is NO! According to the Dev's BL can only have Lib. So what is the point, the end game, of playing the Game of the Gods from a Black Light perspective?