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  1. Other options to get kindling as priest

    According to Wiki, you can use an axe, carving knife, saw. I've used a hatchet to make kindling as well.
  2. Other options to get kindling as priest

    I feel your pain. I have a Nahjo priest. So the only way I've been able to do rat on a stick is to find two branchs. Make kindling from one and use the other for a skewer. Real life example would be a cotton ball and petroleum jelly or some other flamable greasy substance. In wurm we can make a candle from a string and fat. So why not a cotton and a fat to make kindling?
  3. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    So what your saying is: that when I started playing this game many years ago, and was killed by a noob griefer within 20 minutes of starting the game, I should have been banned from playing? This was before the ability of noobs to even keep their gear on death, it was stolen and disposed of somewhere. How is that supposed to help the game add players? I was attacked by a Noob Griefer carrying a Troll Club at the starter town - by definition that is PvP I wandered off into the wilderness and survived by searching the wiki, learning about crude tools and making them. I got lucky and found a fire starter. The rest is history. Sorry but this is a really, really bad idea.
  4. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    I'm old - Zork - Text based game. Harpoon - Medal of Honor Series Pirates of the Burning Seas - Been going 11yrs, most fun pvp I've ever had in a game. New developers, hopefully a return to her glory days. Eve Patrician Series Risk - I know its a board game, beer and chili with friends. Bridge - I miss the face to face game play.
  5. Lockable Trapdoors on Ladder Openings

    Yes I agree, would be great addition +1
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    A new question that I haven't seen asked before: How will becoming a priest actually work now? In the old days when religions were fighting it made sense to only allow WL priests to become priests at the WL altar and the same for BL priests at the BL altar. Now that kingdoms are at war (rather than religions) and priests are no longer tied to the associated kingdoms and can be part of any kingdom without fear of the guards, will all priests be available from the WL and BL altars? Possibly only the PG demi-gods with the template gods tied to the template altars? Will we be able to use existing priests to make new priests like currently on Freedom? On Epic its not really a problem due to population at the current time, but hopefully in the future there will be a higher population.
  7. Valrei Creatures and general difficulty question

    Spirits can be killed with bows as long as the arrows are enchanted. Have tower guards engage and fire away from a safe distance. Generally used Rotting Touch to enchant the arrows, good channeling. Now it has been a long time since I've killed them with arrows, but I don't think it has changed.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    @RetrogradeWhile I'm sure your plate is already full, I believe that it is in everyone's best interest if you were to redo your original post with all the things that have been changed. There have been many, many changes listed in these 18 pages. Unless someone is keeping detailed notes it is, as Rhianna said, "hard to keep up with". Whether it is better to just edit the original post, with a notation that it deals with the first 18 pages of comments, or start a new thread I don't know.
  9. Valrei International. 073

    @MalenaI closed the thread and then reopened it, as I would have been remiss in not complementing you on the new horse skins. Very nice work
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    @Sindusk Thank you for your long post, and I'm sorry for your recent troubles. My sincerest wish for your full recovery in all respects. My Monday morning issue would be the need for some attention to the Truehit/Nimble issue regarding BL. Accuracy is an important issue and I didn't notice it in your most recent post regarding the work you've recently completed or in your upcoming work effort. As others have said, the real test for balance will be when these new and/or reworked spells are actually used on live servers. The times I've been on the test server I've been there alone and it is difficult test group impacts alone. Would it be possible or even advisable to hold a event on test or challenge with just cosmetic rewards prior to going live? I will keep my Lib priest, but I'll have to decide what to do with my two Tosiek priests. My main Tosiek is currently my Mission Runner/Healer with reveal creatures, goat shape, refreash and Light of Fo - changes to the pendulum range may force me to review that one. Not sure what to do with my battery Tosiek.
  11. Gold mirror???

    I'm in agreement with those that say it really doesn't matter if a name changes or not. You never know for sure who you are talking with. Even if it is a name you recognize, there is absolutely no way to know if it is the same person you have dealt with before without playing 20 questions. I have a couple of toons that were made for a spur of the moment need and then ended up lasting to long with too many skills to throw away. So wouldn't mind changing their names, but probably wouldn't anyway. As far as changing appearances, I simply don't understand the issue. I assume it is some kind of coding issue, but other than that I can't fathom a reason not to allow it. Of course on Epic we all pretty much run around with armor on all the time so nobody sees what we look like anyway. Perpetual case of helmet head.
  12. Magic tables

    @MalenaVery Nicely Done!
  13. Magic tables

    +1. It would be nice if meals looked more like the Christmas Dinner Buffet, rather than the 1960's horror movies Blob. I don't expect that each meal needs it's own graphic. But, roasted Turkey, Pig, Bowl of Mashed Potatoes, and corn on the cob could make a nice picture. This in place of every one sitting down in front of there very own steaming pile of Blob.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    First, TY you for all of your responses to questions/comments. Your statement quoted above indicates that I may not have been clear in my question. Prior to the advent of player gods, WL priests would be attacked by guards and Templars of BL and vice a versa for BL priests on WL servers. So it was common to keep priests in caves off deed. With the advent of the player gods that did go away. My concern was in looking at the way things seemed to be going, I was concerned that we would return to the old ways and that God Alliance would supersede kingdom alignment. . This concern is partially driven by that fact that Truehit is becoming a WL only cast (unless the currently undefined Gary has that ability). Both my Lib and Tosiek priests lose this and Tosiek loses LOF as well, but gets scorn. While priests get a CR boost that may counter that, BL non-priests lose the ability to receive that from their priests. This means that BL priests cannot provide either nimble enchants or Truehit, both of which are accuracy enhancements which are especially important when fighting champs or at PVE events (rifts and unique hunts). Regarding Libila farming, my comments were made before seeing @Wargasmtable (TY Wargasm) showing that the other gods were losing Alchemy saccing. While I'm still concerned with a Lib Priests ability to feed itself - without having to forage for every non-meat item), the concern for materials for sacrificing are receding slightly as everyone will be on closer footing. Although to collect materials for sacrificing I will always have to take a cart and crates to collect materials when hunting. I am still working through all of these changes, so my opinions may change as time goes along and I hear other comments. And last but not least, my complements on all your work. As, well as to all of the other devs, data tables are hard to make sexy.
  15. Priest overhaul testing

    Adding to my list of questions: Already Asked - Farming for Libila, without this Libila is at a significant disadvantage for the generation of favor due to saccing. New Question - 1. With the update, will WL template demigods be attacked by BL guards regardless of their being a BL village member, and vice a versa? If true this will eliminate the current ability to have opposing template demigod players in the opposing template's villages and eliminate the ability to, for example, have a PAA priest in a BL village to cast Nimbleness. As none of the BL template priests can cast nimble, or for that matter lurkers in the deep or lurkers in the woods. NOTE: this may change once GARY is added to the BL template list. New Question - 2. With the addition of Sleep Bonus to Rite of Death, its to be expected that it will be cast more often. This will cause the spread of mycellium. BL players should have the ability to harvest from trees, shrubs and bushes without the need to absorb the mycellium first from infected tiles. Couple of years ago, the ability to perform forage and botany actions on mycellium was added, but harvesting from trees, shrubs, and bushes was left the way it was. So we have to run through a thorn bush, take a lot of damage, and then go absorb myc from each tile, wait 30 seconds, do it again and again and again. Takes at least 3 times as long per harvesting action. Farmed fields don't have this problem due to cultivating, harvesting and replanting activities. This would even the playing field between WL & BL homeservers. This severely hampers the ability to complete Personal Goals (for example 5000 wine) as well as Transmutation due to the significantly greater time commitment. Comment - I haven't fully digested the inability to arm Rebirthed Trolls. On the one hand if charmed and dominated trolls can't be armed it seems like a leveling of the playing field. On the other hand rebirthed creatures only survive 24 hrs, whereas dominated and charmed creatures can be kept literally forever (unless killed). So rebirthed creatures have to be replaced, at minimum, every 24 hours. Only corpses with less than 10 dmg can be rebirthed, so no real storage option. However, in combat, corpses can be rebirthed, but without a weapon is the expenditure of favor worth it? Maybe for a Croc or similiar which retains its teeth.