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  1. Another question for the devs

    I was a forum moderator (and CA) before becoming a dev, so I'm not sure I count as a normal player per sé, but being a dev has actually made me enjoy the game more. Digging around in the code, I found some really silly easter eggs, which I then had to try, and seeing how people use or experience bits I've created is fantastic. Also, most of the small changes I've made were things that really annoyed me as a player (and I still have a list of those I haven't gotten to). I do occasionally hit something, and wonder how it really works, and have to go digging in the code to figure it out. But being able to really test stuff as a player is hugely helpful - a bunch of stuff in the cooking update got changed before launch because although it seemed like a good idea in theory, once we actually tried using it (without using GM spawns, etc), it just didn't work. The challenge as a dev is to avoid implementing in such a way that only fits my personal play style. But I do feel the pain of not enough documentation (this was my main complaint before joining staff), so I do try to make sure stuff is usefully documented. Eventually.
  2. Fair game play hits a new low

    Folks, please try to keep to the facts of the matter. You're welcome to debate, but whatever your personal opinion of someone, let's lay off the personal insults - this isn't the place. Thanks.
  3. My Food Addiction: Update 3

    Seek help. Or a better cook book.
  4. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    Memorial service for the ex-Indy server hamsters will be held next Tuesday. They died valiently, amid the smoking wreckage! Donations to the Wurm Retirement Home for Knackered Server Critters instead of flowers, please.
  5. Sleep bonus?

    If you've managed to scrub off the bonus SB from the last round already, then you're doing better than I am!
  6. What happened to the Wurm Uni Kingdom Graphics?

    There is only one entry per PMK for graphics, so any item that uses that will use the latest version. If the PMK chooses to change their graphics, then all items of that type will update. Unfortunately, the game does not make any provision currently to 'freeze' the graphics of an item - essentially, the old graphics no longer exist in the game as they've been replaced by the new ones. This probably won't change, as I can see some issues it would introduce. Ultimately, it is up to the PMK as to what their graphics look like, so there's always a chance that a kingdom-specific item will change appearance in the future.
  7. You are free to use the mod or not. Please take discussion of what should or should not be ok on a WU server elsewhere. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  8. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Folks, please keep KvK posting to Theatre. This is not the place for attacks, PvP banter, etc. Thank you. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  9. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Go on, what's your stable list like these days?
  10. Bulk Junk Meats

    If you don't mind FSB'ed meat, we generally have multiple k of random meats; usually charge 80c/k collected from South Release. They can be filletted, but you only get 1 fillet per meat. Could do 7k straight off what we have now, all sub-50ql, and it's generally not terribly hard to convince the deed to go hunting if you want more. I'm open to offers if you're taking more than a few k. We also have crops at the same price if you need any.
  11. Bulk Junk Meats

    By whole meats, do you mean non-FSB'ed meats? And are you picking up or delivery only?
  12. Achievements

    That personal goals would be going away was announced here: And the final date was announced here (and has been repeated elsewhere): While we do appreciate that there will be some folks who are almost, aaaaaalmoooost finished at the cut-off point, that will be the case no matter when we set it to, or how far in advance we announce it. At the time of posting, there are roughly 2.5 weeks to go, which should be enough to get your goal complete. There are no plans to extend the deadline, given it was telegraphed significantly in advance (roughly 8 months and again at 6 weeks). Good luck to everyone working to beat the clock!
  13. Old fishing system back!

    Moved to suggestions. Even though it's vanishingly unlikely to happen.
  14. Release Community Map

    Updated map. Added: Drifters Rest Great Northern Canal Removed: Calico
  15. Release Community Map

    I have taken over management of the map from Akaryd. If you'd like your deed added, please post here with your deed coordinates (with an image of exactly where your deed is if you wish). Map: map.png?dl=0 (updated 10 April 2016) General Instructions Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads, bridges or tunnels then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods).
  16. Skilling should be less boring, at least, if you choose to utilise the new system.
  17. close

    While comments on value / pricing are ok (to a point) in auction threads, other issues are better explored elsewhere. There are better places to explore what you think of how the bone was obtained. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  18. Actually, we may be able to do the fluffy fetlocks (think that's the right bit of horse) as optional sub-meshes. That's how we do things like saddles, etc. From memory, I think the code will handle there not being the right sub-mesh automagically, so there may be some saving in effort only adding it where needed, but I have no idea how much work is needed on the graphics side - Saroman always makes it look easy, so I assume basically none
  19. Release Community Map

    Apologies, I haven't forgotten you, I'm just in the middle of a house move. Update coming soon...
  20. Stage Coach Service - more highway features

    Moved to suggestions
  21. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Tich was why I became a dev, and I'll always remember how much she cared about the details of everything she did. Whether it was discussing the finer points of how some new piece of Wurm would work or talking about model railways (a shared interest), Tich leaves a hole, and I miss her immensely. She gave so much of herself to Wurm, and the game is what it is in large part due to her efforts. Farewell, my friend.
  22. Cookies

    Locked on OP request.
  23. Bugged rare metal lump, iron / electrum

    We aren't going to tell you what to spend your money on, but don't complain if you knowingly buy a bugged item that later gets fixed.
  24. wurmpedia needs added too!

    You can post updates or errors in the Wurmpedia here: You can also join the editors team if you'd like to help out more directly - instructions on how to apply are in the same place.