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  1. Well there is a whole server where you can freely get affinities if you pvp probably going to see the number of macro bans go up in the next coming months too
  2. People ask for a way to gain affinities outside of pvp, a system is created and people still complain. Wogic
  4. I’m about to remember when ya’ll so be patient. 2005ish I started playing and at that time beta was just winding down because everyone was prepping for Gold 1. I remember walking for 2 hours with Wintersolstice to West Haven from Newtown. Before boats and horses this was the biggest time consumer next to grinding skills. We stopped along the way at Fathertimes deed which I can’t recall the name of his town which the town had just been under siege by a group of Black Lighters the night before I started playing. After getting a steak and some water we continued on through trees in which I never thought would end until we came out in front of the white light. This was similar to me like the scene in Star Wars where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker look overtop Mos Eisley, it was epic. After looking at the building that had been destroyed by Black Lighters and dodging 10 bears and a wolf we continued through the woods next to the ocean. Back then “bear sharks” were terrifying for a person to solo unless you were a baller like Winter. A mountain climb and a few rags later we were at West Haven. At this point the coolest thing I had seen in a video game was probably the city in GTA San Andreas, but seeing trenches an actually player made in real time along with walls and wooden houses was literally the most epic thing I’ve seen and nothing has topped that wow factor since. Fast forward to June 2006 and Gold 1 released with a home server and Wild server. After a short break from Wurm due to not having a PC i was introduced to more of the game. Beowulf and Lokedott who lived at the base of the Mountain I think NW of Newtown invited me in to their village. I later met Mudbucket and Sye who told me stories of epic battles on Wild and how I should go join up. Sye showed me a great deal of the home server map along with Whosville which had a crazy fountain chain under water that lead you the whole way there. Ohh and a pretty cool sloped hill with “Whosville” in sand on the side. Then we made a long swim to Troll Island where I met the now famous Spider.. Along with his “you maek not kill my troll” speech I found myself at the mercy of an island filled with trolls and spiders. Trolls and spiders at this time were probably the most terrifying thing next to a dragon to encounter. Sye with two sickles killed 2 trolls by himself (herself? had a female character but I think he was a dude) and a spider later on. From that point on just from a 12 hour day of doing absolutely nothing but seeing landscape and meeting arachnids with terrible English skills I was absolutely hooked. Unfortunately I never got to see the first Wild server due to the server host or hard drives not having proper backups or something, so all was lost. Gold 2 launch happened and this time you had the option to be F2P on Wild so you could spawn there instantly. There I joined Whosville and experienced my first PvP ever and died to the hands of Shortass. I was a little discouraged so I stayed on deed with Haraldstern and Equinox who were quiet but pretty cool. Kissmyaxe was the first person to purchase my premium for me, basically Wurm was like that cool demo disk you would get in the old PlayStation magazines without premium time. To shorten this up I’ll use the example that got me hooked to Wurm for probably the rest of its exsistance. After playing for awhile I realized if I wanted to pvp I needed to surround myself with people who were good pvpers. I joined up with the most active pvp deed at the time on Chaos called Idependent Settlers. I was introduced to some of the finest pvpers and personalities in Wurm history such as Kingen, Peo, Robert, Tehheretic, Gavin, Toni, Rhapzody/Zoe and the list could go on. After learning the ropes from them and pen training for a month or so we took a trip to Nexus and another small deed that I can’t recall the name of. There we encountered the probably one of the scariest groups to me which consisted of Zeno, Shazaam, Atom, Fuel, Kabill, Eddy and Crimsonwolf. They were at that time to make people understand the TC of Wild, they never lost a fight or if they did it would cost your deed. When we rang the doorbell it was an instant fight with templars which were actually scary then and some of the best players at the time flying at your head. This is where I experienced my very first pvp shake, if you don’t know what this is it’s like having the cold chills while you have the flu but weirdly satisfying lol.. I was hooked like a crack addict, I couldn’t get enough of it. Really not sure what point I was trying to make there.. but I can tell you now if I started this not knowing what Wurm was on a PvE cluster it wouldn’t keep my interest. I’d rather go play Pubg or Fortnite. PvP needs to be advertised as the full Wurm experience in the future, I think the game would turn in a better direction. Most of you will disagree with me and think I’m crazy but meh, I’m just trying to help people see the buffet Wurm has to offer.
  5. Or code it to where tower only shoots so many arrows in a minute. Even at that there is nothing for the animal to agro so it could just walk away and regenerate health.
  6. I just laugh @Yiraiaat this point... I respect opinion but some of these are just awful and a huge stretch on PvE and PvP.. which he/she knows very little about both.
  7. I’ve seen the same posts in here 9 times now.. seems a bit recycled and not going anywhere.
  8. Always said if you’re going to make uniques drop tomes, make uniques waaaay harder to kill. Only reason Freedomers wanted tomes in the first place was of the different titles and it wasn’t “fair” for Epic to get exclusive content.. Just last year on Chaos 7 people killed a white dragon hatchling that shouldn’t even be possible. Fix tome rarity or make uniques actually hard to kill again.
  9. Interesting lol setup a 1v1 tournament
  10. This is true..
  11. Seems like a knee jerk reaction for the affinity fix.. Cool update for digging I guess, can’t gank people digging off deed anymore that are weighed down..
  12. #3 is on point.
  13. “PvPers need to get on board with change” Where have you been for the past 8 years? PvPers want change and every time suggestions are brought up to even the playing field and a good percentage of the player base who pvp agree with it immediately get shot down. Hell the biggest overhaul to PvP was the fight fix that happened over 11 years ago and to be honest it hurt how many ways the game could be played from the combat aspect. Developers are the ones who need to embrace change and figure out how to fix broken systems and extremely overpowered end game items. I wish the developers would say something more then “we have plans for pvp” well boats were also coming out next month for 5 years.
  14. I find that PvP servers are the most rewarding because you actual build towards achieving a certain goal that can literally turn the tides of a whole map or era of Wurm. Yeah it’s neat and cool to see Freedom ruins and you say “yeah Tich built this colossus and it’s cool” or when you go to Chaos and you see a ruin you hear “ yeah this is LO landbridge, 35 people fought here for 2 hours to fight over the troll spawn region and is probably one of the most memorable landmarks in Wurm history”. I think if people quit reading what they see on forums and actually get suited, booted and catch the noon sailboat to Chaos they’d form a whole new view of what Wurm actually has to offer. Seeing some of the posts people make about PvP in general shows me they have no clue what actually goes on and they have a narrow minded 2nd hand experience of Wurm PvP.
  15. Bump