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  1. Congrats @brattygirlpm me who you would like it COD to
  2. COD that qt of a brush to Dridmar please
  3. Well that was fast thank you @tronnI will be in touch!
  4. sold! Thank you @tronn!!!! Starting bid: 1g Buyout: 3g private bids: buyout only sniper: 1 hour Good luck and Bugasu!
  5. Come one come all, see the finest knife sold at your local mall. Starting bid: 40s Buyout: Make a hefty betty Sniper: 1 hour Good Luck and Bugasu!
  6. can close

    buyout offer made can close
  7. sounds like you died a lot if you played with Tonygreen. No one cares go away.
  8. It’s basically just what you want on PvE if you use a 2 handed weapon outside of champ animals you’ll 3 shot everything so DPS doesn’t matter. Your preference
  9. rare barrel, fruit press to dridmar thanks