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  1. the future of pvp mechanics

    Kind of my insinuation
  2. the future of pvp mechanics

    You just need to have a server that is reset yearly, new map and skill wipes and content updates will keep it fresh. If people know they can jump into a PvP server with little to no risk they’ll do it and you’ll even have people who are strictly freedomers try it. I feel like the challenge server went fantastically and you hear that brought up constantly. What keeps a Challenge like server from happening? Too much work? Not enough resources? Please enlighten someone like me who has spent thousands of hours of playing and invested countless dollars just into premium and store bought silver who is waiting for a new alternative of pvp besides a map reset on a server where characters are stronger then NPC dragons.
  3. Wurm April Fools 2019

    Yeah, valuable time that could’ve been spent on pvp fixes... jk don’t ban me
  4. Is it legal?

    Wurm, the only “sandbox” game that requires you to grind for 10 years to actually play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.
  5. Set 1 or 2.. the rest look like cows
  6. Let's Play A Game: Where Have You Seen Rolf?

    He lived across from us on The original Elevation and his deed got plowed by the mongols
  7. Sold - Please close

    Thought about tossing an offer but the game is too crap rn. Hope you got a fair amount for it!
  8. Rare Golden Shield [SOLD]

    Would’ve made the buyout more. Steal of the week!
  9. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

  10. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Damn.. this makes the game less appealing to me. I had huge hopes that there would be a big pvp rewrite and something viable for new and old players would come up. That has just been shattered. I hope Sindusk leaving will open certain eyes and appropriate changes will be made.
  11. WTSOLD pvp account

    This account is sold. Thank you to who pm’d me inquiring about the account! I’ll be back once the direction of pvp is sorted out! I will return to my cave and appear when the time is necessary my sons.. until then, may your immies stay untustled and lawnmowers stay afloat..
  12. WTSOLD pvp account

    Bump! Selling this character to the public for one last day, get your hands on an ace pvp account!
  13. WTSOLD pvp account

  14. WTSOLD pvp account