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  1. Either way its the same game. Same people sharking the market on NFI that are on SFI. Just depends if you want a "fresher" feel, if that's the case go NFI. If you like to explore and see a bunch of maps and plenty of opportunity to see cool stuff, SFI is your place.
  2. What's sad is that everything he said is what we as a community have been saying for years... It takes a semi popular Youtuber to make a video and get nearly 500k views for it to finally strike a cord and get an official "we know things aren't great" response.
  3. @Yggdrasileverything you listed happens on SFI lol… I see more drama on GL-Chat in 5 minutes then I’ve seen on Chaos in 15 years. @Yggdrasilhave you directly had a conversation with anyone from Chaos? I feel like everyone is pretty knowledgeable and kind to most generally everyone. Hard to put a label on an entire player base with a handful of bad players. There are a lot of “we, we’ve” in your statement, yet everyone seems to be posting positive things about PvPers in general. There are rules in place that keep players in-general from doing anything extreme in the grief department and if someone is grief’n they are usually dealt with fast(on the Freedom islands). Regarding the market, it’s player driven… capitalism is a ###### ain’t it?
  4. More like one champion who is OP. Can’t blame him though, he is a hard grinder and a respectable player. We’ll say three for the sake of conversation though. Should also give a free meditation path change to effected players.
  5. Go back to 2008 and advertise!
  6. yes… one can learn these powers if the look up emulators of Wurm. It’s an ancient Dark Side study that once should be careful.
  7. tbf the game hasn’t changed that much since then mechanically other than the fighting system, boats and horses.
  8. Part of the grind, welcome to everyone else’s pain.
  9. Me waiting for meditation balances and pvp fixes https://youtu.be/dUIn95xZuJw
  10. A rare one with decent ql and enchants just went for 30ish silver. I'm sure you could get double that if you improved and enchanted it.