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  1. you should probably add coins to your deed?
  2. I agree with bringing them back but Jesus tone down the spawn rate. There was a path called "nogump road" when TC was first founded and it was terrible. I got ganged by over 10 and it was the most depressing moment of my wurm life.
  3. Made a post in the update thread and sent a pm. I purchased Dridmar 3ish months ago and the account has 99.999985 skill and I've yet to gain a tick and I've fought 200+ trolls and too many hellhounds to count and haven't gain an overall shield tick or LMS shield tick. Used aff pizzas and sleep bonus for it all. Not only does it effect shield skill gains but I also stopped gaining BC as well so I don't know if it scales to body stats as well. +1
  4. 1-20 skill are going to be domestic mobs, bulls, hell horses, dogs etc. 20-50ish are bears, spiders, crocs. The 50-70 you can start fighting young-mature trolls, hell hounds if you can find them at a younger age. 70+ is troll and hell hounds all the way to 100. If you can find a champion hell hounds to pen train on that would be ideal. Greenish trolls, raging trolls and fierce trolls all having higher damage output so that means your shield will go poof quick. Invest in about 10 shields with 90+ coc. Good luck gamer
  5. as the title says. no extra traits just the speed traits, no cap on how many I'll by so line em up.
  6. 40kmh? Husain Bolt up in here too? Good lord lol
  7. As someone who has worked in construction irl off and on since my teenage years a 5 gallon bucket full of rocks or sand is probably close to 70ish pounds. I'd like to see someone "sprint" with one in each hand. I would consider myself pretty stout and walking with a full 5 gallon bucket of sand/water/rock ain't easy lol. My character can carry almost 500kg which is 1100lbs, the current world record deadlift by a human is 500kg and Eddie Hall (said record holder) nearly died from it. Yes this is a game but I believe Rolf said somewhere he would like to keep a hint of realism. Be a good guy and suffer like everyone else and use a cart or horse.
  8. Man oh man.. forget the free faith transfer I want a free PMK paper since Libila is op again
  9. I'd been looking for the first MP3 for quite some times lol thank you for this.
  10. Or come to the Chaos server and use the artifact itself! The full version of Wurm awaits you on Chaos