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  1. The Chaos stories are better then the epic stories.. I’ll save those for when Chaos dies lol
  2. You are talking about bringing armor values from epic to Chaos. Chaos is a PvP server, so *insert PvP stuff here* and if you’re only aware of the bug where your horse gets caught in the corner that’s been around for years and not the million other ones, I feel sorry for you bb..
  3. Dont get me wrong, I would love to see different types of armor be viable, it won’t fix PvP though. Updates are inconsistent and game breaking bugs take forever to fix, no matter how many things you do whether it be a new server, new map or a fresh start all of the buggy mechanics will still transfer over. I guess I’m looking at the bigger picture and not tiny bandaid fixes.
  4. *devs fix armors and people still get wrecked* you cant fix bad players, they’ve changed armor values a handful of times and the dominant people still roll and the scrubs still get scrubbed. At this point armor values won’t bring anyone over to PvP servers, it’s too late. Beep beep boop
  5. If you step back and look at Wurm as a business, why would they change anything? Players will still keep coming back and dumping loads of money on premium and not to mention personal investments which some take to thousands of dollars in characters and items. Once someone is invested they won’t go anywhere and will just wait it out for better days. If I’m managing this game I’m winning either way if I make changes or not, so why risk even more criticism and hate? From a players perspective it’s almost like you’re being teased constantly with overhaul nods in the weekly update that keep you clinging on with hope that one day it’ll turn around. Weeks, months, hell years go by before you see anything remotely PvP related and it’ll just be a bandaid like before that will eventually fall off. Wurm PvP is in a state where it needs to be completely shut down and re-evaluated so Devs can come up with something and not create knee jerk reaction content that isn’t fully developed or functional. I would much rather see PvP be shut down and have a time table given to players on what is going to happen and where they plan to take it. Wurm player vs player servers are literally what a sandbox MMO is about, I feel sorry for new players who are getting the 10% treatment on PvP servers that just started out. Whoever decides what happens with Wurm PvP, the ball is in your court. There are plenty of good suggestions in this whirlpool thread. If ideas are lacking, I know the suggestions board has probably about 200 good ideas. It would be a shame to think you would let a loyal portion of players down by not supplying updates that are severely needed to the full experience of Wurm. *end dodgy rant*
  6. I haven’t had a red stone work since 2010 so it’s like they don’t work already.
  7. I want the thongs back +1
  8. I sat down about a month ago and figured out what it would take for me to be competitive in WO pvp with absolutely no help from a kingdom or any players. I have this thing called time and I waste most of my work time thinking about Wurm scenarios because I’m a sad third shift brained peasant. I played about a month ago before real life obligations got in the way. I thought “I’ll start a new character and do it the right way” we’ll that turned into “I can’t even ride a horse what is life”. So after being discouraged for a few days I hopped back on to try and get a set of tools made so I could get my body stats up. After an hour of searching for an iron vein that wasn’t fenced in or deeded I found one kind of in the middle of no where. I made bricks, gathered clay and 30 minutes later I had a forge. So now I’m up to about 3 hours total gameplay and I’ve barely scratched any resource gathering skills let alone any PvP related skills. I play for about another 3ish days and realize that if you start from scratch not buying silver and P2W the whole way through, Wurm is terrible. The game is extremely unattractive in the sense that there is little to no direction for new players outside of CA chat and the wiki. The tutorial is awful, most of the player base isn’t helpful unless you find a person who speaks English and responds faster then every 10 minutes. (Only people who responded asked me if I was PL and never responded after I said no) If I was a legitimate new player with absolutely no knowledge of Wurm, I would quit and just go play a faster paced MMO with no P2W purchases or terrible skill grinding. The game is literally impossible for a new player to play or even think about PvPing. I know the game is a sandbox but there is literally no direction on what you should be doing.. you load up on a Freedom server and immediately your chat box is filled up with people trash talking others, terrible WTS spam and just garbage forum talk. To me the game is completely impossible to play unless you know someone who can help you as soon as you log in. Now that I got all that jazz out of the way here is my pvp rant. CLOSE. EPIC. DOWN. Why it’s still up is beyond me, it’s been dead for 3 years outside of the few months that have spiked due to people trying it out again hoping things were fixed and just leaving again or transfering to Freedom. Your player base went to Freedom besides the 30ish total active players that are hanging on for this great update that will never come to make Epic fun again. The developers have always had an issue with making the right decisions in these types of situations, instead of working with what is in front of them they make another pile of pretty painted turds to play with until they squeeze it and remember it’s crap.
  9. Cute stuff free bump
  10. Pretty sure he left Cliffside on JK home for this.. Didn’t see these logs until Gold 2 and it was probably the funniest thing I had seen in Wurm. Was this before or after the IS raid?
  11. 1ke would probably be accurate, little less little more.
  12. Glad to see suggestions from 6 years ago finally being implemented. Cool to see some smaller stuff being fixed/added. A small steer in the right direction, interested to see what the big updates are for epic and PvP.
  13. Jackburton taught me that you have to post on the first page to get a response. Or if it’s dodgy they won’t answer.
  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. Ohh you mean when the game had its best potential and had an active pvp server? I’ll take that again.