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  1. Should probably hitch them. Solves the issue. Also make sure all of your doors have locks and gates as well.
  2. If your going to remove shatter chance those 70 skills need to be changed to 90 imo.
  3. Did ya’ll raid the facepunch guys?
  4. My buddy and I used to play MU Online and someone there mentioned Wurm to us in late 2004. We had seen it before when we did the old “Free MMO’s” search lol. Aaaaaaand here I am 18 years later.
  5. Rare small cedar wood shield to Dridmar
  6. I would personally be a bit more frightened after fighting a bear than a human. You can also negate this by killing something else after this message.
  7. Like DrChese said, invest in a good 2h weapon.
  8. Adding bandits after dark would be cool. Have like a random loot pool such as coins, random armor with enchants, weapons etc.
  9. Low sickle skill and not using a shield with a 1 handed weapon would probably be the culprit. With 83 fight skill and the gear your using shouldn’t get you to half health fighting a greenish bear or regular troll. Put that shield on and fight in 1st person!
  10. What is your locksmithing and rarity of anvil? I’ve managed to make quite a few 98-99ql locks with 70 locksmithing and a supreme small anvil. Boat locks and lock picks will give you the hardest time. Out of 20 lock picks using 100ql ore I may get a low 90ql lock pick. That’s also using a 94ql supreme small anvil.
  11. Lock please

    Lock thanks
  12. The economy is strong otherwise people wouldn’t overpay. Just stop accepting bids and make a rule in your own auctions that you won’t accept huge bud increases unless someone meets a buyout option. You control your own auctions so make stipulations.
  13. WTS black drake set. No cap, rare sleeve. All parts are 90ql with 90+ AOSP. 1.8G OBO.
  14. Someone has too much time on their hands.. Only explanation lol