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  1. wow put your Wurm trading cards down you mouth breather..
  2. Come join one of the fastest growing groups on Chaos! We are a friendly experienced community wanting to give you the best Wurm experience possible. We are active on all timezones and we're waiting to enjoy your company!
  3. After tons and tons of messages asking "how much for the account" it was in the main post. Account has been sold, sorry if anyone was interested and I didn't get back to them in a timely fashion. Please close.
  4. bump
  5. can close pming the winner now
  6. Hours 5 hours remain better get em while you can!!
  7. Humpty bumpty jumpty, better get on these gems before they go south for the winter!
  8. 380e-420e
  9. Wassup guys! So I'm selling Malyk because I bought a better pvp account, I'm looking to get 135e for him. If you guys wanna haggle you can but I'm not gunna flex that much. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Malyk He will be located on the east coast of Indy with a basic plate set/med maul and large metal shield. Sicko on the path of insanity [11:13:46] You have premium time until 10 Apr 2017 16:28:32 GMT Comes with no silver and no deed. Thanks for the look guys and gals!
  10. Bumpo! you have 99 problems but if you buy these gems they won't be one!
  11. Show daddy what ya got, pm me via forums pleeaassee
  12. Bump only 2 days left!
  13. I fixed it thank you for the heads up!
  14. Starting off a 3 day auction here with 5400.48ql worth of gems (minus the star gems listed) Not really sure the worth of the star gems so if you wanna bid on those go ahead. 711.98 ql worth of rubies 764.75 ql worth of sapphires 1222.73 ql worth of opals 1269.15 ql worth of emeralds 1431.87 ql worth of diamonds Like I said its a 3 day auction, if I feel like its not doing well I'm going to stop the auction and try again another week. If I receive a buyout via pm and feel its fair I will accept. Starting bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: we can talk in PM's Have fun and thanks for looking!