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  2. Moonmetal items

    13s for the addy axe? If so COD to Holare
  3. WTS Rares *Updated*

    2s for the LMS? If so COD to Holare
  4. [SOLD]WTA 90ql Rare Huge Axe

    Holare @CIRAY
  5. WTS Rare Tools, Moon Metals and Bloods

    1s each for the hammer and chisel? if so COD to Holare
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Another great person taken away by a nasty disease. Rest In Peace Tich.
  7. WTB builder account

  8. WTB builder account

    Looking for an account with 80+ woodcutting, 90+mining, 90+ masonry, 90+ digging. Show me what ya got, price isn't an issue.
  9. Improve the Battle Rank System!

    I think the titles should be removed except warrior, no one playing now will ever hit 1900 rank let alone 1100.
  10. PC Account

    Angel is an idiot and so are you. Go back to the pit of eternal stupidity you climbed out of.
  11. Selling All items

    5s for the 10k glimmer axe? cod to Glasse if so
  12. Update Creature Spawners

    Spiders, scorpions, wolves and “domestic” animals spawned anywhere. Trolls, goblins, unicorns were spread out on Wild/Chaos and JK home. So instead of seeing a little bit of everything like now, you actually had to make a trip on foot across a huge map to fight certain monsters. Made adventuring fun and pvp interesting.