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  1. Switched my Shares

    I see a lot of “there’s hope” posts. Welcome to the 2010/11 hope train, still hasn’t reached its destination.
  2. Switched my Shares

    Hopefully this will give current Dev's and individuals involved behind the scenes some more hope. Player morale has been low for some time so I can only imagine dev's and staff feelings. One can only hope that this new company will make suggestions for staff adjustments so the game can flourish and not be held back by certain deadlock community representatives and moderators. I truly hope the game can get a big push over the hill and have a long way down before it gets back to this state.
  3. 1v1 Challenge

    lucky I aint around no more. you could catch these hands real quick boooiiieeee
  4. Eir

    Someone had told me about her passing in a private message and I was saddened to hear this. It's such a shame that in the past few years we've lost some great people that have shaped Wurm and the players in a positive way. Find peace in sanctuary Eir.
  5. Kind of my insinuation ?
  6. You just need to have a server that is reset yearly, new map and skill wipes and content updates will keep it fresh. If people know they can jump into a PvP server with little to no risk they’ll do it and you’ll even have people who are strictly freedomers try it. I feel like the challenge server went fantastically and you hear that brought up constantly. What keeps a Challenge like server from happening? Too much work? Not enough resources? Please enlighten someone like me who has spent thousands of hours of playing and invested countless dollars just into premium and store bought silver who is waiting for a new alternative of pvp besides a map reset on a server where characters are stronger then NPC dragons.
  7. Yeah, valuable time that could’ve been spent on pvp fixes... jk don’t ban me
  8. Is it legal?

    Wurm, the only “sandbox” game that requires you to grind for 10 years to actually play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.
  9. He lived across from us on The original Elevation and his deed got plowed by the mongols ?
  10. Thought about tossing an offer but the game is too crap rn. Hope you got a fair amount for it!
  11. Would’ve made the buyout more. Steal of the week!
  12. Damn.. this makes the game less appealing to me. I had huge hopes that there would be a big pvp rewrite and something viable for new and old players would come up. That has just been shattered. I hope Sindusk leaving will open certain eyes and appropriate changes will be made.