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  1. Boots with knives on the ends pls and thanks
  2. Uninstall your nvidia drivers and reinstall. If that doesn't work reinstall java, that's the key to everything lol.
  3. Secret thread

    I remember when people got banned for saying Gary..
  4. Quick question, will you scale shield skill up then? Now it's based off of quality and how much damage you block. 20ql is too high for some skill levels, how will it scale now?
  5. This was a big reason for me when I played, the people. I was one of the "wurm will never be the same when *insert here* happened". I feel the majority of the playerbase is seeing what people who have been around for years have seen, change that effects a certain playerbase directly and there is nothing you can do about it except take it to the chin. I played a game called Eternal Lands for years. Account selling/trading was against the rules and was a permanent ban for anyone who sold accounts or currency. The game thrived for years because you had to work for certain skills etc. Well recently it was changed where account sales were made legal for both ingame currency and characters for euros or usd. Unfortunately the game has seen a huge drop in player count due to this. People scam left and right causing headaches for the staff and players because they had poor preparation and rule set. So instead of coming to a common ground with the players they made a knee jerk reaction and banned every player/character that was sold or traded. That being said, I'm for the current change that Wurm wants to make for account trading and currency sale. You have to give yourself a reason to stay or leave. No one else can convince you otherwise.
  6. Pre fight fix. Happened a long time ago. Essentially different skills allowed you to grind body stats "easier" then present grinding.
  7. I'm doing a semi backwards one. The original fight system. Meditation paths not being in the game. MR template not being in the game. Only 2 kingdoms instead of PMKs or Black Light. Tomes and stupid pvp spells not being in the game. Dragons respawning after a few short months of killing them instead of just having 1 actual set of uniques, making them actually unique. Aaaaaaaaaand ingame voice chat.
  8. The game is in the middle of transitioning to steam which will hopefully help the game immensely. I personally wouldn't recommend playing right at this moment. Come back when it's on steam and you'll probably have a much better experience.
  9. Yep and when SOTG was introduced.
  10. Lmao that's absolutely hilarious. Classic trolling.. if this bothers you then you dont read the forums enough.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    In terms of true MMO Sandbox games, yes it has been tapped completely. If you go to semi populated Rust servers and Ark server they know about the game. No one plays because you have to grind for 6 months or spend thousands of dollars to jump right in. The game is too slow and has zero reward in the long term views of things, you can't just pick up Wurm for 2-3 hours a night and jump into pvp. In Rust you can literally have a decent base setup in 45 minutes and go start harassing for pvp. 45 minutes in Wurm as a new player your lucky to even made it off of a starter town and if you do you'll probably die to wolves or drown.
  12. I think Rolf stole the thunder for the month
  13. Switched my Shares

    I see a lot of “there’s hope” posts. Welcome to the 2010/11 hope train, still hasn’t reached its destination.