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  1. Rare Golden Shield [SOLD]

    Would’ve made the buyout more. Steal of the week!
  2. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

  3. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Damn.. this makes the game less appealing to me. I had huge hopes that there would be a big pvp rewrite and something viable for new and old players would come up. That has just been shattered. I hope Sindusk leaving will open certain eyes and appropriate changes will be made.
  4. WTSOLD pvp account

    This account is sold. Thank you to who pm’d me inquiring about the account! I’ll be back once the direction of pvp is sorted out! I will return to my cave and appear when the time is necessary my sons.. until then, may your immies stay untustled and lawnmowers stay afloat..
  5. WTSOLD pvp account

    Bump! Selling this character to the public for one last day, get your hands on an ace pvp account!
  6. WTSOLD pvp account

  7. WTSOLD pvp account

  8. WTSOLD pvp account

  9. sold!

  10. Vale Wintersolstice

    This is absolutely terrible news.. My story with Winter is very similar as Rudies in the sense that he took me in a complete newbie from outside of Fathertimes old deed and gave me a home in West Haven. I know he always struggled with health issues but I hadn’t realized that he developed heart issues. People don’t realize how many players he had helped out over the years, whether if it was giving them directions or simple items to help them in their way. He never said no, it was always “I’ll see what I can do man”. Even though he wasn’t as active in the past few years, this community has lost one of the true original Wurmians and someone who had shaped the way for tons of players to continue on playing or hold interest in the game. Wurm has been an outlet for me for many years to enjoy the company of others and built friendships lasting over 10 years now. If it wasn’t for Winter I would’ve never stuck with Wurm and developed these lasting friendships. I’m forever in debt to him.. He never said bye in Ventrillo.. so I guess it’s fitting. Later dude...
  11. Please close

    Due to lack of interest I’m closing this auction. If you’re interested in the helm pm me! Don’t think there are too many of these floating around.
  12. sold!

    Sold my bb’s
  13. WTSOLD pvp account

    ty mi lady
  14. [Fixed] fireheart is op

    No to all that. Just gunna be funny to watch a low favor requirement that cost less than an arrow to kill horses in about the same cast time and damage as an arrow does in pvp