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  1. hello there I go by the name of Psisimian in game and would like you to pass a message on to Lunadew that I will be returning after a couple month hiatus as soon as I sorty out my internet connection.. RL through me a curve bell and my absence could not be helped.. maybe let her know I will login sometime soon and am happy to start over again as I assume my place has melding back into dirt and all I know is long gone.. so  be it.. but I had a pl;easant time when there and would like to return and my apologies as this could not be helped.. peace out.. />sisimian,, aka Psalamon

  2. Hi people! We had a lot of newbies lately and we're now looking for players who proved to have a strong commitment in one specialty. No need to be an expert in your discipline. The most important thing is to stick to it. In our village we have a core of new players who believe that multiple specialists helping each others is more fun, and we progress together faster. Wurm can feel lonely sometimes, that's why needing people who need you in return feels more like being part of a team. If you want to focus on animal husbandry but you need to eat from time to time, you won't have to cook, someone will do it for you! If you need a sword, someone will make it for you! Just give good horses in return and enjoy you job! Feel free to contact Yliandrian, Dinant, or Lunadew to join !
  3. Hi there, My Name is Yliandrian, I'm kind of new but motivated. I'm interested in joining a village for a deeper learning of the game, and for fun. I tried to find you in game without sucess.