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  1. Cloth is far away from being useless, you just need to widen your blinkered pvp view. And that's why I'm against the idea to reduce cloth to a pure ornamental function.
  2. It's the fate of all ponzi schemes: they all dry out eventually. You will have a hard time to make "some good dollars" now, as a new player.
  3. I have another problem with Keldun's statement: If this is true, how comes I'm currently imping ql53 cloth armour with ql60 tools (no coc) and a Ct skill of 50 and skill gain is still fine? I can hardly believe it's all the same with all professions.
  4. When it comes to production tools I can follow you, but what does it have to do with meditation? At least it's somewhat consistent. But what's surely not so consistent is the fact that rugs (and wooden tools) are much easier to degrade than metal tools. Also, are your statements still true with the FS-skill? Never heard about people using low ql weapons to grind FS so far.
  5. You just answered a question I was about to ask, thanks (about the "why"). It was easy to burn down my rug to 20 and after the second try I finally got my first tick after ages again. Now if I only would know a decent method to degrade my coc rake (thinking of bashing my bulls with that rake...) Thanks a lot, I was lacking these not quite intuitive basics.
  6. Sorry but that doesn't make sense to me. I'm using it for quite a while now and it was even higher when I started to use it while my skill was lower. Or is what you are trying to tell me that the ql of the rug needs to be lower the higher my skill is? Interesting theory, I'll check this out.
  7. But this here looks indeed like a bug: after getting no skill gain after at least 10 meditations I started to take notes. I'm now at 12 noted skill gain failures which makes 22 (again: at least!) failures in a row and I'm literally stuck at 42,97. I meditate on neutral fields with 10 tiles distance and don't get any suspicious messages that could point out what's going on here (with one or 2 exceptions where I deliberately tried to meditate during the 3 hours timer to check out how broken this whole thing really might be). I also refused to get my next question since I'm waiting for a friend to enlighten him. Several people on /ca assured me that both questions (level) and skill gains are completely independent so that can hardly be the cause (unless it's bugged). I'm using a QL53.68 exquisite meditation rug with COC84. This is on Deli, my account is 'Rubinstein', path is 'insane'.
  8. No reason to nitpick upon the term "finished". May I remind you that wurm still has some really ugly elements (e.g. avatars, standing riders) that look pretty much "early beta" to me and urgently need some love IMO. Better yesterday than tomorrow.
  9. The fact that some people have lag and discos and some have not points to a possible oversee connection problem rather than wurmcode. Some of the players that state not to have any lag are Europeans which supports this theory. A poll that tries to sort out such a possible conjunction to oversee connections would probably be more useful. But agreed: This poll here is a joke. LOL
  10. Not sure how much of you are actually able to use that stance so probably would be more efficient to let everyone use the most common stance that is available for most of you (e.g. plain right or left, important is that all would use the same side)? Again: idea is to give him severe wounds if possible
  11. I remember someone laughing at me when I mentioned wurm 2.0 some days ago. Hey, that wasn't a typo, that was a vision!
  12. Just curious and for those of you with very high weapon skills... do stances work? I guess no since no one has mentioned yet in this thread. Otherwise my next question would be: have you ever tried coordinated attacks to certain body parts to make him bleed?
  13. Some days ago (maybe a week?) it happened to my bulls, both properly fenced and on deed. I had to re-log to see them again. Both bulls were not hitched to a cart.