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  1. Um, An update to complete the thumbnails in Wurm. There's too many '?'s! A quick fix. I don't mind working with the developer on this to provide the images at the specified resolution! But I'm no scripter
  2. Firstly, if it's not already been done. The ability to craft a hand mirror. Secondly. an overhaul of the character! Add: Skins Animations Detailed Model (more polys) Hairstyles Clothes More Backpacks
  3. You're a star ! I'll join that and see how I fare... ta ra!
  4. ooo How many people active on this server? @TheHawkDawg
  5. How about the wealth I've accumulated when offering my 'services'. -wink- mmm.
  6. Even though I haven't played since Xanadu was introduced. Due to my personal life being taken up by other commitments. I want to say, I still miss Wurm Online Bye!
  7. Hi, I'm just checking out Wurm Online again after a long period of lull! This Wurm Unlimited thingamajig seems rather interesting. Out of interest, has anyone created a Roleplay server? i.e. modded Wurm to include quests, NPCs, storylines and races? If not, is there anyone working on such? <3
  8. Nice to see that this made me spit my tea out. Hilarious hahahah love the conspiracy jokes. They never get old
  9. Longsword, iron (Nimb 90, LT 70, C91, MS96) for 2.75s Rare Large Shield, iron for 4s COD to Kammerz
  10. Beware of Frox

    So if they care, why are YOU asking Froxx? My point is, the moment we make this forum into a place to name and shame, it's going to rapidly decline and become boring..
  11. Should rename the game to 'The Grind' or 'Realistically Unrealistic'
  12. Hmmm GIS at this basic form is not difficult and the work they already do is far more complex than GI Analysis (imo). If the Devs are reading this then please leave me a PM! I'll be happy to do some consultancy work on this or even test it on a small extract of data to prove the theory.
  13. Immersion

    I guess immersion is subjective.
  14. Fair point. Where distribution is not required then there's no need to change anything. Because it works. However in Xanadu it is clearly not working... in my opinion of not seeing a mob for at least 3-4 game tiles.