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  1. Cool jacket and shoes. Give me. I want.
  2. MIne, ofcourse, is the only one that matters.
  3. Back in 2009, before selfies were "hip."
  4. Exactly. The only proof i have of being a camel and it's too sexy for the internet. Wouldn't want to crash the forums now, would i?
  5. Lmaoooo. I would have posted what i *really* look like, but i deemed it too inappropriate for the forums.
  6. Druidnature almost won, BUT I AM HERE TO CLAIM THE CROWN.
  7. Have you tried something explorer related? "Magellan Racing" or something like that
  8. My Australian Hunnies. >
  9. Hmmm, I suppose I could join in on the festivities here. That's me in the middle, my brother on the left, and not my father on the right. We decided to spend a day in beautiful clearwater last week (even though we live here.)
  10. Everybody is a volunteer here, and most of us work or study
  11. Retrograde, I'm so glad to see you step up and take on the demanding PRO CRO Role. I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other PRA! CRA! As for Doc Cheese, you were always too kind to me and i appreciate that immensely. Thank you for taking the time to be an awesome person, an awesome PRA, and an awesome PRO.
  12. Oh Man that's dirty. Now i have to worry about people's alts running all over the place again.
  13. Thank you so much Alexgopen! Your advice worked splendidly! I appreciate the Help. Problem solved
  14. So, i recently did a factory restore on my PC and i would like to reinstall wurm. I installed Java 8, but when i download the Wurm Installer, the extension is a .jnlp. When i double click the installer in my downloads file, it says "how do you want to open this file?" And then tells me to look for an app in the Windows * store. How do i install wurm again >.>