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  1. I love this server. Very fun way to play wurm! The admins are very active and very friendly, we have access to the construction of every item, rift creatures run rampant, faith and meditation gain is insane, terraforming is a breeze, and everything is just tons of fun. This server is loaded with mods - turns the game into wacky wurm! Earn 5s a day for voting, deed tiles cost nothing, just upkeep (but you get 5s for free every day) and the best part? the server is GROWING! More and more players are coming online each day and are actually starting to create a community. Very fun server, 10/10 do recommend.
  2. Cool jacket and shoes. Give me. I want.
  3. MIne, ofcourse, is the only one that matters.
  4. Back in 2009, before selfies were "hip."
  5. Exactly. The only proof i have of being a camel and it's too sexy for the internet. Wouldn't want to crash the forums now, would i?
  6. Lmaoooo. I would have posted what i *really* look like, but i deemed it too inappropriate for the forums.
  7. Druidnature almost won, BUT I AM HERE TO CLAIM THE CROWN.
  8. Have you tried something explorer related? "Magellan Racing" or something like that
  9. My Australian Hunnies. >
  10. Hmmm, I suppose I could join in on the festivities here. That's me in the middle, my brother on the left, and not my father on the right. We decided to spend a day in beautiful clearwater last week (even though we live here.)
  11. Everybody is a volunteer here, and most of us work or study
  12. Retrograde, I'm so glad to see you step up and take on the demanding PRO CRO Role. I wouldn't have wanted it to be any other PRA! CRA! As for Doc Cheese, you were always too kind to me and i appreciate that immensely. Thank you for taking the time to be an awesome person, an awesome PRA, and an awesome PRO.
  13. Oh Man that's dirty. Now i have to worry about people's alts running all over the place again.
  14. Thank you so much Alexgopen! Your advice worked splendidly! I appreciate the Help. Problem solved