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  1. Thank you Yes mail to Millammber plz
  2. You can either take it unfinished to have your signature on it, or I can finish it and imp it to 95ql. Pick up from Absolution P9 Xanadu, or delivery can be arranged. Happy bidding! Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: Offer via pm Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  3. No idea if you're working on my order or not, but a quick message to tell me what's going on would of been nice. A bit of courtesy goes a long way. I found another supplier, so you can cancel my order.
  4. Excellent Service, polite and courteous I'll absolutely be using Rotgut's General Store in the future
  5. 100x Support Beams - 4s 300x 93ql Logs - 3s 300x 95ql Logs - 5s (1 Crate Left) 300x 98ql Logs - 8s (1 Crate Left) 4k Favor (200x 99.99ql Cordage Ropes) - 75c/k 2k Mortar - 2s/k 5k Dirt - 70c/k Rare Oakenwood Creature Cage (90ql) - 3s Crates Included Preferably pick up at Moonhollow Cove - P9, SW Xanadu (All except creature cage can be sent via Wagoner on Xanadu) I will also deliver anywhere for 1-2s, depending on location. Any questions please PM Millammber, in game or on Forums.
  6. I would like to order 10x 95ql+ 10kg pizzas plz. Also, 100x of each Herb, Spice, Cereal and Veggie sent via Wagoner. Thank you