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  1. 2x named Daffodil (different parents, born within a day of each other) also an honorable mention for my Mule called "Donkey"
  2. Can you please add - Absolution [935, 5917] Thank you
  3. Such a cute name I'll start it off with 2s
  4. Please Close
  5. Well that’s good news for sure, I hope you get a response soon. Just curious, are you the original owner of the chest? Because if you are, you should be able to load it into a large cart and/or boat. If it’s my perimeter that is preventing you from loading it, then I will gladly help you get the chest out, I just want the building gone If you are not the original owner and just want a free chest, then that’s most likely why the team aren’t responding. In my experience, they usually respond to issues very quickly. If you contact me though, I’m sure we can work something out, like I said, I really just want the house gone
  6. Thx Spacy, I didn't know that about the ritual of the sun, but alas there is no mag altar . The whole area is in the domain of Fo.
  7. Like the title says, I am looking for the owner of the 2x3 half wood, half marble, roofless building in the cove at P9. It’s sitting in my perimeter and is decaying extremely slowly, so I’m guessing the owner is still around somewhere. I would very much like to expand my deed so if the owner could please contact me, I would be very grateful