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  1. +1 for removing timer. or just remove the timer from turning off sleep bonus and have a 1 minute timer only if you want to turn it back on again. this way you cant really abuse it, but you can still go afk whenever you want without having to risk losing sb
  2. can someone explain to me please why stamina drain is so important to pvp, im genuinely interested. i get that its a common tactic, but if nobody can use this tactic doesnt that balance it out?
  3. what i meant is you didnt explain why this mechanic is there in the first place, you just told me how players use this mechanic to their advantage. im sorry but i dont get what you mean, doesnt improving drain stamina?
  4. remove stamina drain on all mounts and vehicles. this just feels like some mistake in the coding that never got fixed. secondly, allow crafting and improving and everything else for captains and passengers of any vehicle.(not mounts).
  5. well, i tried making an archery range in a cave and when i shot it from a boat it seemed like it worked but the troll wandered through the deep water when i left it untame. also you can command it to go through water aswell in a cave but you cant lead it through. above water they dont seem to do this so its definitely a bug
  6. thanks for the read i was actually looking for something like this because most of the tests i found arent done properly, which is probably why i thought what i thought. the reason we dont have all these roles in wurm is mostly because plate is so easy to get/make. i mean, nobody wants to be the poorly equipped frontline infantry guy if they would have a choice. in medieval times they didnt have a choice, if you had money you could afford a suit of plate, if you were poor you would enlist in the army and be placed in the infantry. atleast, thats roughly how it went i think. nerfing archery was a half-done job, like you said every piece of armour should have its own effect on the body. too bad most people would prefer a fantasy game over a historically correct game, so its probably not happening.
  7. sold, close please
  8. i can agree partially. you could say poi is clearly better then pok in a combat situation for example, but pok is clearly better if you're just grinding skills. Should all paths give the same abilties so they are all equal in every situation? i dont think so. as for the artifacts, one-hit kills versus a guy in full plate armour should be impossible. it has been suggested before but instead of just giving them huge amounts of damage output, which is pretty weak in terms of creativity, give them unique and permanent enchants. Example for any of the weapons: throw it at your enemy and watch it comeback like a boomerang. medium wound(?) short range and an hour cooldown or so
  9. i dont get why we should be buying stuff like this in the shop... instead, why not add different kinds of plate armour and hemets for example. helmets with a face or helmets representing an animals head would be awesome. if stuff like this would be added i think they should be very hard to make, so that such a plate armour would still be unique heres an example of gotic plate (top) and maximilian plate armour(bottom). these german masterpieces would also be alot more expensive then your ordinary plate armour. and if im not mistaken the so called fluting or ridges in the armour would strengthen the plates, so they could also give some more protection then the normal plate