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  1. Picture also contains a blue butterfly for reference
  2. Most of the MMOs out there impose this artificial limitation (inventory slots, bank slots, ship slots, mount slots etc) just so they can sell you more slots. Wurm does not. It just has this limitation since forever, supposedly because more slots uses up more database. While probably a legitimate reason 20 years ago, this is ridiculous these days.
  3. Good to see this vooching along nicely this year too. I can do Blacksmithing, Carpentry and Leatherworking to 70. Probably going to stick my nose in Shipbuilding and Fine Carp too for skill increases.
  4. Sorry, there isn't a specifically black one, they both look the same. The original image was just the promo picture I linked to on the wiki. And yes, the chests must be picked up.
  5. yes mail your sword to Perji
  6. //SOLD// ancient chest skins - 5s each //SOLD// 1x zweihander skin - 3s (goes on two handed sword not on longsword)
  7. This small section of highway completed
  8. You can already destroy or replace catseyes planted by somebody else. You can also destroy waystones planted by somebody else. Just not replace them. The griefing potential is already there. This changes nothing. How is destroying waystones a better idea than simply replacing them ?
  9. This currently works but only if the waystone was planted by yourself. The artificial limitation makes no sense and forcing us to destroy 2link waystones to replace with a catseye is madness.
  10. I came back and re premed not because of anything staff did, but because Virus' Impalong started. I wanted to do the imping and get my crap imped and fight in the arena and play the events and fish slapping and all that. How is it that players can and have been organizing these things for years, out of their own pockets, and yet the wurm staff can't get a clue?