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  1. Vote Nat Subs because pharmacist Madnath will sell you all the feel good pills
  2. When you say digging, does this include dredging as well ?
  3. Is it possible? Yes Is it needed? No Would it be wasted effort? Most likely The only real cost to such a project is man-hours, since dirt and rock are free. Unfortunately the usefulness is questionable at best. We already have a pretty robust highway system, at least in the South and SE parts where I live. The fact that it usually needs to go around bodies of water instead of through because there aren't enough long range bridges is just one of the quirks of Cele. There's plenty of other islands with a large landmass dumped in the middle of the map. I came to Cele because it isn't.
  4. The backpacks are on their way to the next in list Chromega So long and thanks for all the fish (and chips)
  5. Guess I'll have to drag myself over and slap people with a large trout again...
  6. I've just picked these up from the mail. note it's saturday the 5th of march.
  7. please message me on the forum if you mail things to me ingame. there is no way to get notified otherwise.
  9. No. We are discussing PVE, aosp is trash. But Lib priests do have Web Armour, so your point still kinda stands. You also seem to have forgotten the main use of Fo priests, which is farming rift points for metallic liquids.
  10. Imping keep net with string of cotton uses up the entire string 0,10 kg Imping with combined string uses up 0,50 kg of string for each action
  11. My very first home on the hill East of Newtown Tower guards owned by scorpion on Jenn Kellon Home. This crossroads was 5 tiles away from my home. Very old Terraforming. Or... wurmaforming ? Album of a hunting event on Jenn Kellon in May of 2008. The thread that organized this event is here and you can find more pictures of the event in it Images from GV around 2010 - 2012 A tower guard I built on Independence Kyklops hunting event Red Dragon hunt on Independence, 2014 Gurubear's Crater Random images off Independence Solar Eclipse 2016 Solar Eclipse, 2020 Light token spam at Tap Dance on Celebration, 2018