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  1. Last Post Wins
  2. There's been a cave in on that side and the canal is almost closed. I guess I can get there and mine it out next week, if nobody deals with it over the weekend.
  3. Could you please note how fresh the map dump is, thanks. It would be nice if you could pull your end of the highway somewhat along the coast towards Sunset Canal. That way we can connect and avoid stomping around blackwidow's place. Something like this but not necessarily exactly like this Either the eastern route or the western route or both
  4. is this H 21 on the game map ?
  5. had the same issue dragging a catapult, the model "lags" behind the player movements
  6. It is overly complicated and probably serves well to pander to some people that would enjoy it, imping their reels and hooks and sinkers and going out with a tacklebox. What I can't understand is why the old method was completely removed. You don't always need hundreds of dollars worth of competition equipment to fish. Sometimes just a stick with a line and a hook does the job just fine. Not everyone is an enthusiast fisherman, some people are just trying to survive.
  7. Dredge keybind

    Dredge keybind not working with tile border highlighted. Major annoyance when trying to dig and keep an eye on the border at the same time.
  8. fix released guys and it works
  9. works, thank you for the prompt fix.
  10. both of you have ATI cards?
  11. Here's the error Exception in thread "Job executor 0" com.wurmonline.client.fgtPPuD8uC: Binding float uniform size mismatch, wanted 8 elements, buffer has 16 This is the full log just in case
  12. Video of the fireworks from Perihelion's twitch channel. Jump forward to 26:30 when it starts.