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  1. Forum Bugs - Issues since the transition

    Ever gonna be fixed?
  2. Forum Bugs - Issues since the transition

    Still the same. Tried logging in/out. Not working.
  3. Stamina regen and swimming

    Question. If I log out whilst swimming, 25% stamina left, will I still have the same amount of stamina when I log back in? Cheers
  4. Forum Bugs - Issues since the transition

    Unable to access account settings. The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  5. Name and Shame

    Imagine the outcome had you of kept your passwords private!
  6. Review of Wurm Online

    Big call mate! I tend to agree with the protectionist analogy, although not the assumption that the majority of Wurmians are cut from the same cloth. Now i'm off to check those Lime pies.
  7. Review of Wurm Online

    Some good points by the OP, some not so good. Pay to play? This could not be any further from the truth. It is about the only game I have played that, when played right is literally the exact opposite of pay to play. in fact, it can be "PAYED" to play! Wurm is Niche. You either love it or you don't! There are no inbetween's. I'd give it a 10 just for the soundtrack alone. The best of Tom E Morrison.
  8. Please Close

  9. What are you reading?

    They are certainly a good read! Didn't he finish writing the last Robert Jordan book?
  10. What are you reading?

    I like books. I'm always after that next great read but given that my time is, or seems rather precious these days, I find it it frustrating that I need to sometimes toil through a quagmire of shite to reach the golden chest. Just about to start Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Anyone read it? Thoughts? Really enjoy Tolkien, pre LotR especially. Few good reads of note... David Gemmell, anything... Driving over lemons... Iggulden's Emperor series Alexander of Macedon by Peter Green Anyone recommend a good read?
  11. -

    Unless you've the only 3 legged unicorn in Wurm, looks to me like they're only 5s per piece. Not to bad for a bit of rare bling!