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  1. Sigh. Now I'm forced to log in and play with my dyes more. As if Misfits isn't bright enough already lol.
  2. I'm not sure how it works on a Mac, but on PC when I've had similar issues the fix for experimental files worked. Also there's an issue I've had before where I had unsigned certificates. There's a fix around for that as well forcing them to download again to be signed. That's a Java issue and often it's Java and not the game itself preventing you from playing.
  3. Awesome. I'll get on soon and make it on deed.
  4. My pretty misfits highways all through the steppes lol. I really need to spend time online and do more work around Misfits. If you need catseye stuff let me know. I have a few hundred eyeballs on deed.
  5. That will nicely connect a better road to my highways. Myself and boriso have made the roads that connect the North to south highway to the west passing misfits to the oak trees. Also the one from lodge south to the mountain tunnel south. And also the road you will be connecting to that goes up to the mountain for the pass.
  6. I still need to spend time on my paving project XD. Still half done re paving lol. But yes if you find your way to the steppes, I'm around O-15/16. Can't miss the lodge. Just look for the giant pink colossus in the middle of nowhere.
  7. +1 With the limited graphics thing, I think making it like a container would work. Open up and place a certain item in for it to look full. We already do that for so many other items.
  8. While showing a friend how to look things up in wurm, I noticed the find on wikipedia feature is messed up. Image is attached for reference.
  9. Welcome to Cele. I'm Wikidvudu from Misfits Hunting Lodge. Around O-16. I have 2 deeds over there and lots of supplies if you need help with anything.we also have a few market stalls with tools, etc.
  10. I'll have to log luv in this weekend to check horse pens. If I can sail wikid home I'll go hunting and report anything wonky.
  11. I met up with pandy and Kris IRL last year. I took her Oreos XD
  12. Lol I have Wikidvudu on pvp atm making support beams. It's so much fun *eye roll*. I'll be back to cele soon tho.
  13. Sigh, looks like I'll be doing many projects in the mines.
  14. pffft he just wanted to come over for tea.
  15. Let's not start a fight please. It's a nice thread among old friends. So play nice children or I'll send my vicious attack chickens over.