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  1. Griefing is basically non existent as you would think of it on a PvE server, at least in HoTS where I live. Kingdoms are by design here to work towards common goals. On the very rare occasion that someone is caught stealing or doing something uncouth, they are usually killed and removed from the alliance after a short "trial" by their village if it is a severe infraction. Villages are created mostly on the basis of strategic importance, placed in areas to protect choke points or have a safe spot to retreat to. We do have "Freedom Deeds" but they are mostly found on the starter island where that playstyle is safer. As to the mentality, we have all kinds. The worst "toxicity" I have personally experienced is the min-maxing, which is basically never forced on others. Largely those sorts of things are given as advice rather then demands (unless you are consuming a lot of someone else's resources). In my personal experience, PvE servers are far more toxic on the day to day. There is a lot of smack talk on PvP servers, but most of it is in good fun. You have the occasional salty salmon, but that is going to happen basically in every game.
  2. Basically, Emoo is a very high profile player on a very old server. This is a one time issue, that while extremely unfortunate, isn't going to happen to the average player. Sadly, this is still the mindset of some players on Chaos, that winning is the only object no matter what the cost is. The culture on Defiance feels much better, players are here to enjoy the game, nothing more. Part of it is a lot less investment, some characters and deeds on chaos are literally a decade old, so there is a lot of personal attachment. Defiance is a lot more laid back. If you are interested in PvP, seriously go for it. As noted with the above, using steam makes your account safer then ever. Edit: He is back on Chaos btw, the little MRC comeback tour
  3. "Escobar probably has a meaty bum" Chev - 2020
  4. oops, the formatting was not what I was expecting and missed the item names. My bad. Both of these are already sold though it seems, and no comparable items available
  5. 1ql 60CoC 1s0c 33ql 53CoC 0s65c COD To Bengorgon please
  6. [06:53:53] A short but sturdy axe with a thick blade specially designed to cut down trees with but poor in combat. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [06:53:53] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [50] 10s Start 1s Min Bid 25s Buyout
  7. He specifically listed 2 features of artifacts that already exist in game.
  8. Fundamentally that is kinda shitty for the person who made a fantastic item for it to disappear after some time. I urge you to read the actual mechanics behind artifacts first. You do not get to keep it indefinitely.
  9. I like this idea better then player gods for a valrei reward. Artifacts are one of the few things that are removed from the "all things player driven" mechanics of Wurm. Adding some amount of agency to the system, along with immortalizing important or active players with it, would be amazing. As it stands, artifacts are game changing, but not completely insane in power. Maintaining that balance with player made artifacts being slightly weaker would make this system fun, game changing, but not intensely overpowered.
  10. Create a WU server with these changes and see how well it all goes over. After all, that is what WU is for.
  11. No zone in Eve is strictly pve in the way Wurm is. Highsec is a retributive npc justice system, it does not protect you via game systems from someone killing you. If you are using that as a basis for your argument, it is already flawed. Eve has no "safe zones" where someone can't just kill you because they feel like it.
  12. Please no. There are enough "safe zones" on Defiance as it is. Even there people don't want to interact with most of the PvP systems. If anything we need greater separation between pvp and pve areas.
  13. This goes both ways. The scale, drake, tomes, and large amounts of building materials bought by PvPers and brought to Chaos massively changes the flow of the game on our side as well. It is not a one way economy. How many PvPers do you think pay for full drake sets, or scraps gathered on PvE servers, where there is no risk in capturing and killing them? When RMT was an option, many exclusively PvE traders made hundreds of euro off of people looking to gain an edge in PvP. I have not seen a whole lot of complaining from the PvPers I interact with about non-transferable items because it upsets the balance of both sides of the world.