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  1. Wurm is just a game. I have seen far too many people tie their self worth and lifestyle to it, wasting away because "wurm is real life." What is undeniable is the connections you make are very real, but far too frequently people are having a hard time divorcing the two concepts. Eating in Wurm does not satiate you, the person, nor does any other activity in the game. This kind of obsessive attachment to any game is not healthy, both physically and mentally. They are just pixels. Those pixels can be important in the structure of the game, but it is important to step back and remove yourself from time to time. Perspective is everything, and staying to close to something breeds insanity. Not the fun, goofy brand of insanity Wurmians like to joke about, but dangerous mental health issues. When all is said and done, the servers shut down, and the moons of Wurm rotate their last, it won't be the roads, or bridges, tools, or houses that remain, it will be the people you have talked to and touched. Keep it in perspective, don't grow too attached to the pixels, in the same way you should not become too attached to your car. This way lies the road to madness.
  2. This is my jam. A lot of my issues with epic seem to be getting a look, if only on elevation (the only place I have ever lived on epic tbf.) I will be coming back for this to be sure. The biggest question is whether it will keep me around until the next epic overhaul.
  3. carving knife (iron), BOTD74: 21c saw, BOTD73: 19c trowel, BOTD78: 27c COD: Gorgonkain Ty much!
  4. Can confirm, this is still happening
  5. Just a lazy source above, but saying a sickle isn't/can't be used as a weapon is just objectively wrong. As far as duel wielding is concerned, I would like to see it scale with Body Control, as a big part of why it is not effective irl is the coordination required.
  6. Grats Gary!

    \o/ The day has come. Gratatos!
  7. You the best Finndar, thanks for the info once again!
  8. Willowfen Downs X11 Y45 Has a mailbox
  9. @Arkonick So I exagerated a bit, but when a developer says something will take x amount of time, it is safe to just double that for an accurate estimate.
  10. That is a problem caused by a veritable mountain of issues, none of which have anything to do with Java. Some may have a bit to do with the engine, but part of the beauty of a ground-up engine, is that it can be modified to suit new mechanics (if legacy code doesn't get in the way and break everything).
  11. This has been argued to death and the fundamental truth behind this fallacy is this: A different engine wouldn't change anything. Wurm is a ground up engine created for java. Whatever "issues" you think are present because it is a Java based engine are just not there. If anything, the game is created with more specific intent then a licence engine could allow for. The problem you have with Wurm is it is old. The only benefits a new engine could potentially bring is a reinvention from the ground up of what you consider to be dated. We are talking about a decade of legacy code written by some people that don't work for the company anymore. Whether that is good or bad, who can say, but it would likely be a fundementally different game, with a different development vision. Additionally, it could allow for a slightly more streamlined development cycle, after everything has been rebuilt, but the time it would take to do that could be 5+ years.