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  1. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    carving knife (iron), BOTD74: 21c saw, BOTD73: 19c trowel, BOTD78: 27c COD: Gorgonkain Ty much!
  2. Creature Movement Feedback

    Can confirm, this is still happening
  3. Just a lazy source above, but saying a sickle isn't/can't be used as a weapon is just objectively wrong. As far as duel wielding is concerned, I would like to see it scale with Body Control, as a big part of why it is not effective irl is the coordination required.
  4. Celebration Map

    Thanks m8!
  5. Grats Gary!

    \o/ The day has come. Gratatos!
  6. Rift for 17 Aug / 18 Aug

    You the best Finndar, thanks for the info once again!
  7. Celebration Map

    Willowfen Downs X11 Y45 Has a mailbox
  8. 45 Item Auction (20c starting price on everything)

    50c on 26 and 30
  9. 45 Item Auction (20c starting price on everything)

    30c on 25-26-30
  10. Wurm in Unreal Engine?

    @Arkonick So I exagerated a bit, but when a developer says something will take x amount of time, it is safe to just double that for an accurate estimate.
  11. Wurm in Unreal Engine?

    That is a problem caused by a veritable mountain of issues, none of which have anything to do with Java. Some may have a bit to do with the engine, but part of the beauty of a ground-up engine, is that it can be modified to suit new mechanics (if legacy code doesn't get in the way and break everything).
  12. Wurm in Unreal Engine?

    This has been argued to death and the fundamental truth behind this fallacy is this: A different engine wouldn't change anything. Wurm is a ground up engine created for java. Whatever "issues" you think are present because it is a Java based engine are just not there. If anything, the game is created with more specific intent then a licence engine could allow for. The problem you have with Wurm is it is old. The only benefits a new engine could potentially bring is a reinvention from the ground up of what you consider to be dated. We are talking about a decade of legacy code written by some people that don't work for the company anymore. Whether that is good or bad, who can say, but it would likely be a fundementally different game, with a different development vision. Additionally, it could allow for a slightly more streamlined development cycle, after everything has been rebuilt, but the time it would take to do that could be 5+ years.
  13. Allow Kingdom Tabard's on PVE

    While I don't totally disagree with some of your points on the matter, there is something to be said about having to defend the kingdom and its' lands in order to get these aesthetic features. If model and art changes were not limited to PvP servers, there could be a serious issue with overloading custom art assets for a single person's use. Now, I have seen some suggestions for fixing this issue, but as it stands with the present system you need to shoulder the risks to get the benefits of custom art assets. It also does directly influence PvP, as it adds an incentive to playing on those servers. I am sure you know this, but to those with similar arguments, you don't just "upload and wait for approval." You spend 1 gold to create a custom kingdom, which must have a certain number of characters active to found, then you must hold at least a capital deed for your kingdom to remain. After that, you can consider adding custom assets for your kingdom. At any rate, I would like to see kingdom tabards allowed on Freedom servers, but... I am a little afraid of the interpersonal backlash, both between freedomers and chaosians, and other kingdoms.