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  1. New permissions system Amphoras, smelters, marble statues Removed 5% decay in Bsbs, Fsbs and crates Burying improvements Plotting course between servers Worst memory leaks seems to have been fixed. Rookies get some q30 armour and a q50 sword. New keybinds Fog spiders Transmutation liquids (make / remove clay, peat and tar) Wurmpedia update notes stop here at June 16 Rolf stepped down and the game's being run by the devs.
  2. This is all from the top of my head. I'll add more later. Renamed X14, Y11 Jotunheimer to Roans Retreat Disbands X10, Y4 Charlston Harbour X11, Y10 New Stonewood X9, Y12 Gallows Rock X14, Y14 Stellaris X16, Y21 Darksun X5, Y28 Emerald Cove X25, Y5 Dunkelwald X22, Y15 Aleu X39, Y17 Utopia X36, Y27 Gulasch Hill
  3. Put my name down. Especially as it's five minutes ride for me, I suppose I ought to put the effort in.
  4. I'll be flailing about with my maul trying to get a hit.
  5. I will be there.
  6. Thanks again. I can plan interior walls with no problem. I removed the sub-roof and built a floor opening for the base. Now I find I still can't plan that wall, but I can plan one of the two walls, the other (highlighted) gives the same 'does not allow' message. The building as a whole is within the deed, so it's not a perimeter problem. Although my deed and the deed I'm constructing this building for are not in the same alliance, it hasn't stopped me building everything except this section. Unless anyone comes up with a bright idea, the priest I'm building this for will either have to file a /support or take a faith hit and plan this part themselves.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm 100% sure the border's highlighted, I can see that easily enough. I even have the option to build fences on it, just not a house wall section. I'll chip away at the roof and see what happens.
  8. I'm currently on the first floor of a building. All walls sections have been constructed except one. Whenever I try to set a plan, it tells me the deed does not allow that. I have all rights on the deed, I have the building writ, I've planned it all, I've built every section. I'm just unable to build this section. I can however plan the floor above, which I don't think i ought to be able with a missing wall. Any solution or will I have to demo the entire building?
  9. I'll be heading over too. It'll be my first Dragon fight. Edit - [17:07:16] You are currently using the title [Mercenary].
  10. That'll certainly make my local look a little different. Could you COD one to Carrera please?
  11. I've used Nicknoltes services a couple of times. He's a sound guy. No complaints whatsoever about his service.