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  1. Druidnature then I suggest the following rules: To make a free-upkeep deed: - 1 free-upkeep deed per person - one must not be the owner of a regular deed - one must not be member of any existing settlement - alternate characters may not own a free-upkeep deed, only main characters. (This can easily be avoided, just like spy protection i guess you can even program something which prevents this)
  2. Ganken I agree. The need for this is much more on the pvp servers.
  3. About rolf, this may encourage more players to actually buy premium time, which is income. I think that just the benefits of respawning at the token, banking at the token, and deed permissions are a fair deal. And just because it has so few benefits and that much limitations as stated in the first post we won't see many (read: none) regular deed owners rush to disband their deeds and buy a minor settlement form (the form as stated in first post). Also the cost of the minor settlement form I have left this debatable to consider income balance but I guess 2 silver or less will be fair.
  4. Rakki that shouldn't be possible of course. I didn't list it because it is obvious enough you couldn't drain a free-upkeep deed
  5. Vroomfondel are you calling me a liar?! Cut the crap man and get a life. And the benefits of a free upkeep deed are: respawning at deed, banking at deed, deed permissions.
  6. I would like to add that I have been playing wurm as a premium player for almost 1 year.
  7. Hi, I would like to suggest the ability to found free-upkeep deeds. We are already paying to play as premium, so I think it would be fair to have an option to make free-upkeep deeds but with certain limitations like: - Must be a democracy - No deed guards - No perimeter - No reduced decay - No instant log-out on deed - No branding animals - No acquired knowledge - No enchanting bonus - No alliances - Not convertable to a regular deed. - A size limit - Will be automatically disbanded if the mayor has been inactive for 1 month Advantages: - Free upkeep - Perhaps also available for free to play?* I suggest this will be foundable just like a regular deed by buying a 'Minor Settlement form' from an npc trader, which will cost 2 silver or less (preferably less than 50 copper coins) The reason why I suggest this is because I find wurm rather uninhabited, especially when america sleeps (I'm european). I really think this option will improve the player count and playability, because the more options people have, the more fun the game is for everyone. I also think the most important thing is that a free-upkeep deed MUST be a democracy. This will also mean that if the mayor has been inactive for like 3 weeks the other citizens can prevent the settlement from being automatically disbanded by electing a new mayor. This will also dramatically improve the number of democracies on wurm. (I love democracy but come on if I'd pay 10 silver for the settlement form and then also the deed upkeep on top of paying for my premium time I would surely make my deed a dictatorship. And I think that's exactly the reason why most settlements are dictatorships.) *This will especially improve player count if this will be made available for free to play. I think the skill limit of 20 brings enough incentive to become premium. I even think this will add more incentive to become premium, and will also keep free players from leaving the game, which statistically increases the chance they will become premium. I'm sure my suggestion will be a vast improvement for wurm.