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  1. if you have armor, a horse to ride, cotton, and a tent, sure, why not.
  2. Please add Rusty Ranch [696, -7038]
  3. Same issue, reloging does not fix the lights.
  4. I bet you every other online game you played was fully developed with the exception of expansions. Wurm is far from fully developed and thus needs downtime to fix bugs and apply updates.
  5. Wurm Meme?

    Lol this is mine I made a few years ago for my wurm meme thread. >.< There was a lot of good ones in there.
  6. Do you have any left? If so can you COD one to Raykow?
  7. If it's still there in 8 hours after I'm done work I'll pop out and kill it, Already killed several solo, they're not even a challenge for me. Edit: Sailed around for a bit seems to have been killed or moved somewhere else.
  8. I can do it, but I'm not on until after work, usualy on around 1am - 7am EDT send me a pm on the forums or ingame and we can arange a time.