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  1. Ah, the ones that make the same load give it less of an encumbrance penalty thanks to strength boosts. Indirect effect on speed. Thanks.
  2. Side note, what do people mean when they say a 5 speed + spark as the ideal bred traits? I see spark of vitality on there for +50% life, but I only see 3 traits related to speed: "Fleeter movement", "Lightning movement", and "very strong leg muscles". What are the other 2, or does 5 speed mean something else? Thanks.
  3. Very late and I'm not the original responder, but I work with grep a lot at work. It seems like it would be rather a pain in the ass if you're not familiar with it. If you look at server.log, it looks like these are the relevant lines for people coming and going: [06:47:55 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler: /,Rickart successfully logged on, id: 19865600. and [07:59:32 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.players.Player: Rickart lost link 5 secstologout. So you would extract the names from the login lines to get a list of everyone who has been on your server, and then to find out who's on right now, you'd compare that with a list of the people who have logged out. It's actually a bit complicated since you will likely have people coming and going and you have to check for whether there are more login lines than logout lines, for example, or check for whether their logout line is more recent than their login line to find out if they're still on. I don't know how often the server refreshes server.log, but if it holds months of data, your script to extract this info will also run slower and slower as it has more lines to work through. As for the DB, it looks like there's a HISTORY table inside wurmlogin.db, but it appears to have no entries in my copy, and I didn't see anything in wurm.ini that seemed like a way to turn that on. In wurmplayer.db, there is the LASTLOGOUT column inside the PLAYERS table, which might update each pulse, or it might not update until they properly log out, in which case you can't use it. There's also PLAYERHISTORYIPS in wurmplayer.db, and its LASTUSED field which might update also. Your best bet might be PLAYER_LOGIN_EVENT_LOG in wurmlogs.db, except it once again appears to be blank right now. Note that my server is currently offline, so these blank tables might be populated when it's actually running.
  4. I started up my local server again after a long time being offline...probably 9 months. Things were mostly where I left them, except my deed disbanded as soon as I logged in. It must be timestamp based rather than server powered on tick based. Anyway, I went into my mine and tried to pull out a shaft to make a deed stake with from the BSB I keep there, but I couldn't pull anything out of the BSB. I just kept getting errors about "No item found with ID 10......." and about 10 more numbers. Anyone have any idea what that is? I'd prefer to save my progress and items from when I was last playing a long time ago if possible but I'm not sure how to address this. Clearly it thinks they're there since it will list the contents. Maybe it's already scheduled the BSB for deletion from decay and my client hasn't updated to make it disappear from the screen yet?
  5. Right. I don't mean that I left it too long. If you fail to check it in time, it's on you for not harvesting. But the bug was making harvest time completely unpredictable. If you know you have a 4 hour stage timer and there are 6 stages, then it should be harvestable anywhere from a 20-28 hour window (thanks to having two ticks before weeds). However, with the bug I was getting some fields go from planted to rotten after the first 4 hour tick, and others after 10 hours. It was just random, but seemed to get progressively worse as the server ran on. I should update this: I removed beta status and validated my tool cache, and the problem was solved. Apparently the beta branch that was out at the time I posted didn't include that fix for some reason, despite it being live. I don't think Wurm will implement a no-rotting option because abandoning your fields is a realistic risk and a balance against people not logging in, just like upkeep etc. The problem was when it was completely random when your fields would be ready.
  6. Hey guys. I was playing on a server (Olympus Group) that implemented the beta branch a few days ago, and the farm fields worked beautifully after the patch. However, I am now playing "single player", that is, a Creative Server dedicated instance running on the same PC that my client is on, connected via the LAN tab, and I just noticed this morning the same problem, where some fields were in stage 2 or 3 and others were already in the "dried up cotton" appearance. I noticed that this fix was released to live recently. Is the problem perhaps that I am still set to "beta_branch" on Steam, and for some reason the current beta no longer has that fix? I've recently (past 1-2 days) used a Verify the Integrity of your Tool Cache and not done any modding of the server.
  7. screenshots: download: (109MB) these are the map files only, you have to follow these steps to make them work: the wurm unlimited dedicated server tool database (standard is creative) 3.on the bottom click on copy(rename it however you like) unpack my zipfile into the newly created serverfolder (the copy you made) 5.then open the sqlite folder and search for rebuild-dbs.bat, use it and press y when asked if you want to rebuild the database 6.start the new server to test it You have to close the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server program before step 5, otherwise if you look at the text, it says Error, in use and it does not properly rebuild the DB.