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  1. It can help to reference the first map dump to get an idea what an area orginally looked like (November 2016). I used that to guide restoration of part of the Esert desert and unflatraising at the Pineview Canal a few years ago. Good luck.
  2. Linked is a video tour of a Hetzner facility in Falkenstein, Germany. Guided by techtuber Derbauer (camera by Marry Fox, probably). Possible Wurm server hardware sighted near the beginning of the video. :P Hetzner tour
  3. Client crash

    Oi Saroman. I had this error today (but never before) when logging in to a server and your advice fixed it. It is true that there was also a Mesa update since the last time I played Wurm. Cheers. Edit: Wow things are snappy today. I assumed from the name that Ambient Occlusion was a good thing, but I'll be keeping it right off from now on, unless I decide to test it later.
  4. [17:44:48] You bandage the wound with a square piece of wool cloth. Thank you Wurm team.
  5. Why would they have to test new maps? If it is northern hemisphere they can just reactivate Jenn-Kellon and Mol Rehan home servers.
  6. As of today, this issue no longer occurs.
  7. Thank you for the thought, but that was not the case.
  8. I attempted to place two different objects a total of five times today. Each time selecting Place resulted in an instant CTD. The object outline never appeared. Four times the object was in inventory, once it was on the ground. I was on Exodus. A player on Xanadu said he was having no issue placing any number of items. I don't know when this might have started exactly, because I only place an item every few weeks. There was a Java crash log:
  9. Thank you for the information. I suggest it be added to the wiki also. Cheers.
  10. No, not old and shriveled. The one that can be harvested is 'planted', but that must have happened by accident, since I don't like to plant items in general. The other is not. They are both the only trellis on their tile. (Wall on east and west borders, a bush, and a trellis on each tile).
  11. This bug is still current. I have one hops trellis that I made originally which I can harvest from. I have a second added some time later that has never been harvestable, even though the other in the next tile is.
  12. Greetings. I have a house (with one door) and a farm shed (with three doors) on my farm. When I open any of those doors from the inside of the building, the sound always plays from the opposite direction of the door. (Door on the west border of a tile, opening sound plays from the east). If I open the doors from the outside of the building, the sound plays from the correct direction. All four of these doors face different directions. I have tried flipping the doors' facing with pliers, but the sound is the same. The door closing sound plays from the correct direction no matter inside or outside. This is the only directional sound bug I can remember, I don't have any general sound issues. This is an old but current bug, and occurs on Windows and Linux clients, at least for me.
  13. While this is overall an excellent update, please consider removing the damage malus to bronze. As shown here: ...medieval bronze was harder than iron, not softer. And it's harder to make in Wurm, just like steel. I don't see a reason for a penalty. I shamelessly ripped that chart from an excellent explanation of steel and bronze here: https://www.chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/8225/crafting-complexity-journal-4-metalworking#post106176 As for silver... someone's been playing or reading way too much Witcher. But remember that the basis for the idea of effectiveness of silver in those and other novels is against magical or unnatural creatures. Even in the Witcher, Geralt would say that steel was more effective against a bear or a wolf. It's to do with suspension of disbelief. You can state that silver is better against vampires and get away with it. But everyone knows that steel is better than some soft silver weapon against the mundane creatures of our world. Further, it just promoted silver to the absolute best PvE weapon metal in the game. Instead of promoting diversity via tradeoffs, which we have without this one bonus, we are upon the age of One Metal to Rule Them All. Please consider removing the silver effect at least against black bear, brown bear, boar, cave bug, crab, wolf, whale, croc, dog, dolphin, forest giant, goblin leader, goblin, gorilla, hyena, mountain lion, octopus, rat, scorpion (regular), shark, spider, troll, Troll King. If that is not feasible, please remove it entirely. I can buy it, grudgingly, against hell creatures and Valrei creatures and summoned creatures, but the others, please leave it without. Thank you.
  14. With the recent attention to allowing tools, weapons, and armour to be made of any metal, I hope the devs will consider this similar idea again. Three year bump.
  15. Very good news about metals! Bronze may be the most useful. I have always thought bronze should be represented with half of steel's hardness bonus, and all of cedar's decay bonus. Being as weapon's grade bronze was harder than iron, and didn't rust. Historical note: The Iron Age succeeded the Bronze Age not because iron was a superior metal, but because it was easier to get iron ore than to acquire both tin and copper to alloy bronze. The same will generally be true in Wurm. (With the bonus that iron does not fall under Metallurgy, which is classic Wurm Logic )