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  1. Thank you for working on the Traps page. I created a hay-drying tile today, and one tile corner had a total slope of 11. I experimented to try to understand the rules, but I was unsuccessful. Perhaps someone less fuzz-brained could pick the information from the data I obtained. Presented with Slope: North-East-South-West, along with whether a tile could sucessfully be made or the error message was given: 0-0-0-0 yes 1-1-0-0 yes 2-2-0-0 yes 3-3-0-0 yes 4-4-0-0 yes 5-5-0-0 yes 6-6-0-0 no 0-7-7-0 no That's fine as far as I am concerned, but some of the rest of the numbers spoilered below do not fit with a simple tile-corner rule. I am particularly interested in why: 7-4-2-1 is a no but 7-4-1-2 is a yes, when 5-6-1-2 is a no. I also planted pumpkins on tiles of 7-2-1-4 and 7-1-6-2, suggesting that regular crops also don't abide the common wisdom of 'tile-corner slope cannot exceed 8', though maybe the pumpkins won't grow. I'll check later. Cheers.
  2. I see that you have edited the Traps page, but I should have elaborated on the information. In the Freedom Isles, if you plant a stick trap and then lure a mob such as a mountain lion or spider over it, the trap will spring and the mob will take damage. This has worked every time I have tested it over the years, including just now.
  3. Two corrections for Wurmpedia entries: 1. The slope limit for hay-drying tiles is currently 10, not 8. 2. Traps work in the Freedom Isles. Cheers.
  4. The trees of the fourth planting are still alive, so whatever was going on seems to have stopped. I utterly reject the idea that some player was invisible in local and cutting down trees the first time, or that anyone would come to the area twice more and cut down only the trees I planted and no others. Also, trees I planted slightly outside the apparent rift zone were never killed. I may investigate after future rifts, if I care to, because while the rift graphics are interesting while they are in progress, the bushscape that results after multiple rifts in an area is butt ugly.
  5. Greetings. For the past few days, I have been attempting to clean up an area on Exodus that's commonly a rift site, and was probably the site of the last rift. This is the area near the southern border of L21. However, every time I plant trees, most of them get turned into woodscrap or logs after some time. The first time it happened, I was still in the area, though not looking towards the saplings, so I know no player was in local. There was no sound or message in logs, just almost every planted tree had a woodscrap on its tile instead, and one apparently had grown a stage and left a log. After the next two times I did leave the area, but I doubt some player is coming by and cutting down these saplings and no other trees. I planted almost exclusively on dirt tiles at first, and I believe all of those trees were scrapped (the grass that comes with planting a tree remained). I cut into an area of bushes that is usually in the rift zone and planted there as well on the third attempt, and those trees were also scrapped. The affected zone is at least 64 tiles East-West. I can't tell the N-S dimension because of the bushy areas on the south side. I was not at the last rift, so I don't know if there was any oddity in shutting it down. A stone pillar was left, but I mined that out during my first attempt to replant, and as far as I can tell, the area is fully cleansed of rift materials. This is what it looks like with the detritus of three planting attempts making boxes on some tiles in the area: Good luck.
  6. Greetings. I am looking to acquire about .15 weight of Drake hide, some of which must be green. I will pay the going rate of 55 copper per .01, or 8 silver 25 copper for the full amount. Contact me in forum or ingame if you wish to make a transaction. Thank you.
  7. That explains it, thank you. I expect that because picking a sprout is a Forestry action, and sprouts can be used to make items and not just more plants, most Wurmians consider sprouts a 'Nature Product' nonetheless.
  8. Greetings. I would like to note the following issues: 'Basic Training: Nature' in the Journal has a goal for 'Find a rare Nature product'. The hover text says: 'Find a rare item when botanising or foraging tiles, or when harvesting a tree, bush, or trellis.' I just saw this: [17:59:02] You start cutting a sprout from the trellis. [17:59:05] You have a moment of inspiration... [17:59:05] You cut a seedling from the trellis. ...and I have a rare seedling, but the journal goal did not trigger. In personal goals: The goal for collecting honey will not trigger no matter if I use a domestic hive or wild hive, or more than one kind of container. As far as I can tell, this is broken. The goal for equipping an enchanted weapon did not trigger for equipping a sword with Animal Demise. The goal for creating a bear rug is imprecise. If I recall correctly, has to be a brown bear rug, but the player has no way to know that. I also note that Wurm 'forgot' a great many things I have done in the past, but that is at least partly a separate issue. Cheers.
  9. Horses are moving well. It's the best experience since turning was first slowed, and not slowing down when turning is nice. So, good work.
  10. Greetings. I have been experiencing crashes on taking a screenshot sometimes, but not every time, since about July. Today I got an error message in the console for it: Error: System information:
  11. My framerates were about 25% lower than expected today. Nothing changed but the Wurm patch, so I suspect that. Nothing horrible in the way of hitching, though. If you look at the timing for the Exodus rift (11/16), you will see that it completed in 39 minutes. Making that faster, we had two top tier warriors among the dozen rifters and top-tier healing, and the Warmaster was only Mature. But we never saw any turrets, and someone rumoured that they were removed to make rifts faster. It was certainly faster. Better, I don't know, but faster. When I returned from the rift, Wurm was up to 12.2 GB RAM usage, and the game basically stopped sending data to any right-click input. I couldn't get make a heal cover for 5 minutes and gave up and quit from outside the game UI, though it was interesting the game knew this and the F12 quit notice came up and worked when I told it to quit. I thought maybe the apparent memory leak was the source of the problem, but when I logged back in, it took Wurm at least 5 minutes, in stages, to accomplish parts of getting the character fully logged in. Eventually it seemed to return to normal again. I saw nothing odd in the console output either time. The last message before shutting down the first time was the usual 'SEVERE: res/missingsound.ogg'. *shrug*
  12. Client crash

    I accidentally logged into Wurm without using MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.2 the other day and the game did not crash. Until recently it would. I don't know who changed what where, but I can now run Wurm with ambient occlusion set to 'Medium' without tweaks.
  13. I assumed he was named after Gilgamesh's comrade Enkidu.
  14. If you build a wooden plank fence/gate out of QL 1 materials, it generates at QL 2. I used to do this at rifts, so the enclosure would decay quickly without me needing to bash it. I've never seen a Jackal bash, so the quality level seems to have no effect on function. Enclosures also leave the terrain as is (no flattening). I agree the higher quality enclosures that stick around are an eyesore.
  15. I was mounted near one end of a marble bridge, and came under attack by two bears that were fully on the bridge. An anaconda that was off the bridge but nearby also seemed to slither into the bridge railing and joined the fight. I killed the two bears, but although the anaconda's portrait was up and it kept striking at me, the fight window wasn't up. I tried retargeting the snake, but nothing changed. The anaconda was able to damage me, but my character made no attempt to swing back. When moving around within fighting distance, sometimes the fight window would flicker on screen for a split second, but I couldn't get it to stay up. I tried moving out of range, still on the bridge, and back in, but it did not help. The snake did not follow me when I retreated, which seemed odd. I was not able to kill the snake until I left the bridge and lured it off, then the fight went normally. There were no error messages at that time in the log. I wonder if the bridge parapet has collision, and Wurm thought the snake was inside of it?