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  1. Like those: rare iron lump 1.16 kg, 7.67 QL rare iron lump 1.00 kg weight, 2.50 QL, (36 DMG) rare silver lump 0.1 kg, 2.50 QL rare rock shards 20.00 kg, 23.28 QL (20 DMG) rare rock shards 20.00 kg, 4.09 QL (10 DMG) rare rock shards 6.00 kg, 2.00 QL (60 DMG) supreme clay 2.00 weight, 15.29 QL no dgm written = 0 dmg Please PM me offers in-game or on forums PM. Better price selling more than one possible. Cheers.
  2. Already have, before writing this topic, thanks
  3. Looking for any work to keep my hands busy, living in Plattekloof near FM so I prefer working in these areas, but I can consider further ones as well. I'm open to discussion so don't hesitate to ask/offer. I am also willing to take up creating tasks including: bricks mortar planks support beams shipbuilding parts carpentry items masonry structures others These are just few things I can do, I'll accept almost every task I can handle so again - just pm me and I'm sure we'll come to terms. I usually have some materials on stock so it might also be an instant-buy of materials. Contact via PM ingame and forums. Game nickname as on forums: Thys.