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  1. wtb account

    re editing to maniken
  2. wtb account

    looking at anything so if you have an account you want to sell pm in game and dump skills in pm ty pm to maniken preferably starter with prem time taking all aspects of this sort
  3. PC/WTS Smith

    wat server can u pm maniken in game pls n ty
  4. i have same issue and when i can play it crashes while minning so it isnt the 64 bit at all HELP
  5. first off this wurm is based off the 18th century of which back in those days there was no such thing as elves and or dwarves now to make up such things some players quit w.o.w to come to a relaxing game if this is implemented a lot of uproars will occur as well as people leaving wurm until they r removed so this isn't of the best interest in wurm
  6. first off I want this whole argument over mocking players off the table we aren't talking about players getting mocked an as far as I have seen in the posts there has been no such action so knock it off pls
  7. that is why u have gotten the /ignore system and snipe system it works try using it seriously this is the best idea to come up with - for the fact being that we as players have to run to the player location and get lost in the woods etc. but if we had this system we could easily type in a command add them to friends and bam done so we don't get lost lose all our items
  8. if there was a way you could come to release and hand off silver that b nice lmao
  9. I don't get your issue with the BL etc for the fact what if you or a new player was to deed than they as you are simply putting it wont be able to put a altar down however if this deed was to put a altar down they could make a church with 3 altars
  10. I don't want to loot items no I want to be able to expand a little bit on the deed resizing but having to wait on trying to see if a CA has the writs to the structures seems like it will be a week when really the buildings are just sitting there undeeded etc really think there should be a way were we can deed over these buildings I don't care what is inside the buildings just want to resize
  11. thing is lets say the person is a CA for ex: than the structures haven't fallen due to the said Ca undeeded n of which buildings haven't fallen and of which means u cant take over a tiny plot of land nor access the said structures
  12. ty lith for the chanted grass at four seasons tyvm