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  1. Willing to travel just looking for someone to help me out with priesting up my Alt. account. PM me here on the forums or in game @Crystallee Thank you in advance
  2. Is this still happening?
  3. how much for the two handed sword?
  4. Looking for a Tosiek follower or priest to do a convert. If anyone on Pristine is available, please contact.
  5. Hi I just sailed over 2 of my priests. And I found some of the above names in my local but didn't know where to go from there as I assumed most were AFK.?
  6. Hmmm personally no matter who your trying to attack on chaos i think you have already lost the élément of surprise. posting this in a forum everyone including chaos people can see. but i wish you all good luck chaos and freedomers who join in.
  7. Ummm why the neck are you making it worse for PVE trying to PVP better. Also the léading one horse while riding a vehicle seriously????!!! Are you trying to make people quit the game ?
  8. Y18/x6 gateway to the gods (disbanded) Y10/x8 port havensmead (disbanded) Y16/x16 whitemane hall (disbanded) Y15/x17 New Cordova (disbanded) Y16/x14 Hilltop (disbanded) Y14/x13 Rockytop (disbanded) though junkkman may still live there
  9. Lock thread please
  10. Im very sorry to anyone who does not believe me, This is the first time ive found one and had it on my deed. would appreciate any help given just want it gone
  11. Here on Madmountain in game coords of Northwest Exodus (9 H) the Dragon was last Seen. All 70FS+ fighters who are interested in helping out with this problem In 3 HOURS . will extend if we still dont have enough people Meeting at Port Sativa, around 8 H block on exodus map Butcher: will be needed Rolls to be done by item. and on site. No repeat wins (to be fair) [14:06:45] The venerable red dragon moves in to attack you.
  12. Also mailing bug pretty sûre is fixed now
  13. Hello can i have 1 banner sent to Crystallee please
  14. I like the colors and such. Want to have à collection of all the banners on deed. In need of Old Jk, old Hots banners. And the new versions of the same. 1 of each is suffiecient anyone willing to help me with this collection?