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  1. sickle, iron 70ql WOA82 - 65c Cod to Fooli please, thank you very much
  2. close plz

    Any skills other than the 78.93 channeling, such as HFC, Farming, etc or is the character just channeling?
  3. If the epic map was remade to be either a single PVP map or PVP map with smaller home servers around in this style. I would likely port my character over to partake in base kingdom PVP. Grudges are great for encouraging play in PVP afterall.
  4. I'd love to see a very simple version of the game for PVP, that is easy for players to get into and involved in and this would be that mode. I would argue about either removing drake/scale or making unique spawns abundant enough that they are not such an expensive commodity. The emphasis being on armour variety such as chain, plate, studded leather and weapons from mauls to swords enabling different play styles.
  5. Why not introduce the old skill decay system if an account is no longer premium for skills above 70 unless used? This was in the game a long time ago, but as people say old accounts simply get passed around and left inactive for periods but never leave the game. It'll ensure Wurm retains players with premium costs to prevent skill decay, and those who don't will reduce the high skilled accounts exisiting in Wurm so you can't do everything. Another idea is limiting the number of skills above 70/80/90 you can have if we don't remove skill decay? Meaning accounts must be specified for a role/task and can no longer be a JOAT with 90+ in all skills? The issue with the market isn't the items directly, but the accounts around to make the items surely?
  6. Some Epic Things

    I'm curious if it is being made possible to move from the Freedom and Epic clusters (subject to skill mergers). Is there any benefit to having Affliction, Desertion, Serenity and Elevation AND Chaos? Would this not be the ideal time to have a single PVP server, similar to the currently proposed new Epic map with increased action timers (Benefits to playing in PVP similar to the ore cap's of old). This single map could be accessed via portals or server crossings so the community can FINALLY play together, with the PVP servers not feel so empty and lackluster. I imagine alot of the PVP community wish to have more people to fight against and with? The only thing to consider are players that skill up/craft on the PVP server who bring items to Freedom, but this could be countered by limited item transfers (e.g. 100 items) and the risk of pirates at sea.
  7. You mean I can finally be a male character again??? OMG!!! After all these years, where my character was made female after someone used /gofemale on my toon, I CAN CHANGE! Welcome to 2017 folks.
  8. How fast can a Trebuchet fire now though, I believe it was every 10 seconds though that may have changed. typical raids don't use a single siege weapon, and this increased radius/damage for Trebuchets and Catapults will mean repairing and defending will become impossible from what I've gathered? Seeing as you have a minimum of 30 seconds to repair 10 damage, a single trebuchet can deal significantly more damage in 30 seconds than a repairer could fix. I'm curious what goal you actually have for raiding mechanics, and if rather than altering just siege engines, it would be better to modify both siege engines AND defense mechanics. EDIT: Such as adding more defensive items to be used, high end archery towers for example, or reinforced walls that take reduced damage. Everyone know's raiding is a slog and should be made better, though that shouldn't mean they have the clear advantage over a defender otherwise there would be no point.
  9. Perhaps having a default tower influence regardless of QL that is 50 tiles (The same distance between towers) while increasing QL of a tower will expand this influence by a fraction of the QL (e.g. QL/2) to a maximum of 90QL might be nice. The option to summon guards would be a lovely feature to add to remove issues with missing tower guards. I would like to see the chaining of influence by towers/deeds in some mechanic for a strategic warfare rather than dropping deeds anywhere a small gap in influence may exist (such as bashing a single tower)
  10. All Money Sold, Please Close.
  11. Now have 101s left to sell!
  12. Looking to sell 108 silver coins. I'm selling at 1s:1e via paypal. Pm me or message here if interested.
  13. Happily pick up all the non-enchanted plate, (and maybe the plate with <69aosp thats free?)
  14. Want to be involved from the moment you step foot on Chaos with an eagerness to PVP? Join JK today, our seasoned crafters will gear you up for your first adventure!
  15. +1 for making it easier to do, not sure if it should be a reusable item, or the seal is "fixed" to the sealed container and has a limited number of uses on that specific container.
  16. Bump! With changing times on Chaos, join up now and make your mark on this world!
  17. All sold sorry. Thread can be locked.
  18. Would it be classed as meta gaming when you buy accounts from other kingdoms with the hope of stealing anything possible before you get caught, and inviting players to the deed to destroy them or convert deeds that would otherwise not be possible? Or finding out someones job and harassing them about it both inside and outside of the game at their workplace? Where do you draw the line? What those 3 players did is inexcusable, but do not say all of JK did this. Doing such is simply trolling and aiming to incite a reaction, and is against the forum rules. It is a shame to see Emoo go, though I hope you can find something enjoyable in Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited!
  19. Map dumps!

    Beautiful, thank you so much! OMG TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP!!!
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