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  1. Thanks so much Ajala, That's beyond a kind thing to do. [21:29:51] Your request for playing time is being processed. It may take up to half an hour until the system is fully updated. [21:29:52] You now have premier playing time until 25 Oct 2022 18:01:21 GMT.
  2. Playtime is a great person to hang out with. I would recommend anyone looking for a new home in Wurm to consider joining his deed.
  3. Wow, it's really sad to hear the Market has disbanded. Glasshollow Market is a part of Xan history and I spent a good amount of time there in it's heyday. Glad to see there are efforts to maintain it. When I can I'll sail up to see if there's anything to do to lend a hand.
  4. Hi, Please add: Aztarian 3394, 2522 Thanks.
  5. I play on this Deed as my new Toon Leordin. Very good Mayor, really helpful and friendly. Would recommend to new comer and vets alike.
  6. Hello all. Looking to sell 18 sleep powders for 1s each. Can meet at any starter town but would prefer Vrock. I don't mind if you want one, some or all of them. Many thanks Cal
  7. I do get an amount of Lag at Glasshollow as @Eobersigmentioned. However I do most of my bulk shopping with you guys. I like the layout of the bulk market and the system you have there. Rocky has always been very helpful any time I've ever asked a question.
  8. new rift?

    Hi all Aztarian is my deed. Feel free to stop by on the way to rift. I'll try and head up there and some point and see what's going on. Update will come soon Update: I've checked out the area and built a path as close to rift as I can. If you follow the road along the coast past my deed then head uphill this will get you close to rift. The rift itself is situated in the middle of a big peat field.
  9. Great marketplace. Ascorbic is a helpful patient seller. Looking forward to buying some more bricks mate
  10. Hi there I have 8 SP I'm willing to sell. Send me a PM if you want any and we can arrange meeting.
  11. 13a) File, iron (CoC 50) ql68.55 50 copper to Callius please
  12. Xanadu Map

    Hi could you please add Aztarian to H-15 its on the the coast west of Black Flag Harbour and south of the small green hill. Thanks very much.